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Kynslóðum saman hefur hin vellauðuga Sachs Smithsfjölskylda haldið því kyrfilega leyndu að í hennar fórum er aldagömul og ómetanleg steinglersmynd; Dauðaengillinn Það er því áfall þegar myndin hverfur og ekki bætir úr skák að lögreglan tilkynnir fjölskyldunni að lát móðurinnar nokkru fyrr hafi ekki verið sjálfsvíg heldur sé nú til rannsóknar sem morðUm sama leyti vinnur Louise Rick að máli konu sem týndist í sólarlandaferð og lögreglan telur jafnvel að hafi látið sig hverfa til að hefja nýtt líf Þegar svo önnur kona hverfur á sömu slóðum er Louise ekki lengur í neinum vafa; konunum tveimur hefur verið rænt eða þær myrtar Smám saman rennur upp fyrir henni að mál Dauðaengilsins og hvarf kvennanna tengjast

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    The Stolen Angel stands alone as a fascinating police procedural set in Cophagen The story starts with stark horror dressed as art and the reader knows at once that darkness will cover the mystery A girl is missing She can only be returned in exchange for a valuable secret glass panel But the panel is missing Lives money and art hang in the balance Greed both sane and insane rules the road and vacation spots And Louise Rick needs to keep her own life on track while struggling to resolve the mystery expanding around herThe Stolen Angel is a novel whose split plots twist and combine offering curious secrets and lies and the sort of haunting darkness that readers expect from Scandinavia It’s not a fast read but the characters are absorbing and the complex plot keeps you glued to the pagesDisclosure I got a copy for my birthday

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    I discovered Sara Baedel a couple of years ago when only a handful of her books were translated into English and fell madly in love I started reading crime detective novels in elementary school Holmes Encyopedia Brown Christie and later read the whole series by Cornwell Patterson Kellerman Ludlum Connelly Deaver and oh too many to name and I can tell you as a female author Blaedel is second to none Her logic and plotting is blemishless A true master I'm hopelessly addicted

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    This book was nothing special I didn't like the whole storyline about some rich spoiled Danish aristocracy so greedy that they would actually betray their whole family Also the whole mystery with that Death Angel was annoying and not particularly interesting The only interesting part was with that missing Scandinavian girls from their vacations in SpainI absolutely love Jonas he is such a sweet kid He is so caring and gentle boy he's always there for people who need comfort like Louise or Melvin even though he is the one that suffered the most I hope that missing person trilogy will be much interesting I expect a lot of intensity mystery and secrets unexpected twists and turns etc

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    The Angel of Death a stained glass icon taken generations ago from the Hagia Sofia in Copenhagen is the required ransom for the release of a young kidnapped girl But the icon disappeared from the Sachs Smith family home leaving negotiator Detective Inspector Louise Ricks to match wits with a criminal mastermind who will stop at nothing to own the AngelWell developed characters and an intriguing premise keep the pages turning although the side plot involving Louise’s family is less compelling and not fully resolved as the narrative draws to a close In addition plot revelations early in the telling of the tale keep the suspense from building; astute readers will identify the culprit and deduce the ending long before the not so surprising reveal

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    The Stolen Angel entails several mysteries with many different componentsLouise is a Police Dept hostage negotiator she has a foster son The story lines include missing persons murder murder investigations abductions theft job politics and foster care issues I think the foster son was brought into the picture to humanize Louise's character but along with all of the plots and sub plots it seemed unnecessary and really muddied the storyBeing a Danish to English translation the names of the characters areas and places almost drove me nutsMuch of the story was very predictable except for one ah ha moment where the worst villain was revealed There were than one unsavory characters which again muddied everything there were loose ends not tied up and the ending came about quickly like how fast can I finish this novel? with Louise put into a neat box for the story to end There was just way too much going on in this book none of which was well developed

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    I've become a big Sara Blaedel fan This is the fifth Louise Rick her novel's detective book I've read three within the last week This one may be the most suspenseful yet because it involves the kidnapping of a young child The villain of the piece also buys murdered women's bodies and preserves them in silicone We met the family of the victims in Blaedel's last book one of the wealthiest in Denmark The adult children in this family have taken over the business and are now trying to sell an ancient artifact that has been illegally in the family for generations All of this intrigue involves both Louise and her friend Camilla a reporter who has discovered that the matriarch of the family was murdered perhaps by one of her own children If all this seems too much for one book it's not; it's so tightly woven together that the read is smooth and delightful

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    This was a good read when you focused on the developing relationships between Louise and Jonas Camilla and Frederick Louise and Camilla A lot of ground was covered and they’re developing very realistically The Angel of Death just wasn’t as interesting an artifact as I wanted it to be and I didn’t think the guilty party was that hard to spot Tying the two stories together was the entertaining part for meWorth checking out if you like mysteries

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    Overall I enjoyed this one about as much as the rest of Blaedel's books I've read but at times it seemed like there were too many story lines going on Granted Blaedel wrapped them together nicely and toward the end I put off making dinner just so I could finish the book I didn't want to put it down but for a bit it did seem like she was trying to tell one too many stories within the pages of one book

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    I enjoy this Louise Rick series This book carries on directly from the previous one in the series The Running Girl with carried over story linesThis one focuses mostly on the perpetrators with much less focus on Louise and her familyfriends Made for a very tense and different plot though I wanted to find out about what had been going on with Jonas Louise’s foster son