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Why do so many new businesses that appear to be sure winners fail while others that looked much less promising succeed? What are the real reasons for entrepreneurial success and failure? The reasons are not limited to poorly capitalized companies or inexperienced management In fact even ventures with superb management teams solid products and ample capital flop every day How then can entrepreneurs small business owners and investors significantly increase their likelihood of success? While the questions are all too familiar many of the answers have eluded entrepreneurs for eons With over 50% of new businesses failing within three years there has to be a better way And now there is Charlie Goetz an accomplished serial entrepreneur and award winning professor of entrepreneurship at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University along with Michael Axelrod an attorney who found his true calling as an investor and an advisor to entrepreneurial ventures spent years in search of the Holy Grail of entrepreneurship The theories tactics and tools that make new ventures succeedBy analyzing hundreds of entrepreneurial ventures and interviewing scores of leading entrepreneurs they created The Great Entrepreneurial Divide The Winning Tactics of Successful Entrepreneurs and Why Everyone Else Fails Packed with easy to implement high impact and cost effective strategies this book is the entrepreneur's blueprint for building a successful business Further Goetz and Axelrod offer readers free access to their proven 100 variable proprietary online tool that they use to predict the probability of a new venture's success and to pinpoint problematic areas he Great Entrepreneurial Divide was developed to be a guide for first time entrepreneurs as well as sophisticated investors So come join Goetz and Axelrod now as they open the door to a new era in entrepreneurial success

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    An interesting read definitely aimed at B2B than B2C Also painfully obvious that this is written in the pre lean startup era Still some valuable takeaways