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Destiny transported a black and white Paint from a dust filled hotter than hell feedlot in Texas to Marana Arizona and eventually into the loving care he would find with Deb and Bill Wood at Wood Haven where he would be transformed from Joey to Sir Joey After he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Joey found the author and assisted by Deb Wood sent her on a quest to discover and help promote his legacy Her welcome into the world of the horse was done without reservation or judgment It broadened her education not only about equine professions but about beliefs and views she'd not have known about or understood if it weren't for Joey and his friends You're invited to know and love him to share his life and times; to meet his friends his caregivers and the therapists two legged four legged and mini The people are real; the stories are real You may raise an eyebrow now and then; you may be asked to suspend your beliefs now and then Whether you do is up to you Anyone who’s loved animals whether their preference is canine equine feline porcine or those creatures without spines will relate to the love that bound a woman and a horse together; two souls who walked a journey side by side

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