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Vertical Gardening For Beginners How To Grow 40lbs of Organic Food in a 4 x 4 space Without a Yard You're about to discover how to grow pounds of healthy sustainable organic foods to keep your family safe from the ever growing GMO epidemic and toxic pesticides even if you don't have a yard or just limited by space Vertical gardening just makes sense Think about it ‚ do you have enough space in your back yard to be able to cultivate pounds and pounds of precious fruits and vegetables? Even if you do are you able to keep the zombie population who will take advantage of your good sense in a crisis by raiding your garden and stealing the food out of your family's mouths ? This type of gardening has many advantages over traditional gardening and once you discover how easy it is to move away from a traditional horizontally planted garden to a vertical one youll be rewarded with a cornucopia of benefits Saving space is just one reason Imagine not having to weed till or hurt your back from constant bending over? Plus it's easier to control pests and harvest fruit easily It's also inexpensive You can use scrap lumber old gutters containers or just about anything laying around the house or yard More importantly you'll have peace of mind knowing your family won't be forced to stand in long FEMA lines waiting for government handouts when crisis strikes Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn How to grow enough food to feed a family of 4 with just 4 square feet of indoor or outdoor space How you can build your very own vertical garden from scratch How to build your vertical garden step by step Which plants will give you optimal efficiency for the space Everything you will need to get your garden set up in a few hours Growing hearty plants on a limited water supply Why vertical gardens are efficient cost effective and easier than traditional gardens Which plants produce the best yields and which plants to avoid How to scale your vertical garden to feed big families Much much

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    Good infoThis book provides you with good information and is perfect for the starting urban gardener I do suggest checking this out

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    Learned very littleBut I still learned some Took down notes of some companion plants but that’s about it Could have used info