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Part 14 of the Alliteration Verse series a Derek Stiles from Teen WolfTV fanficThe pack finally finish with the baby making Includes Pregnant Allison and Pregnant EricaWords16863 complete

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    Scott is in for a surprise when his newest edition is born Erica also ends up having her first baby and Boyd ends up in the 'doghouse' so to speak shortly thereafter Poor Scott he is in for a few surprises with his babies but regardless he LOVES them allAlso Jackson and Julia's marriage is coming to and end It is very rocky and things are not working out very well for them especially when Jackson breaks the news which is good and also badJackson loves his children and will do what is best for them even if it means their mother is no longer in the picture He is a very loving caring dedicated father Cora has been keeping a secret She didn't want to break the fantastic news until everything was finalized Her pack especially Derek and Stiles are very happy for herview spoilerShe adopts werewolf twins She is finally a mother hide spoiler