Something Borrowed Something Blue And Two Pink Lines

SterekOn her third birthday Leonie ‘Leo Pie’ Hale has only three wishes a dog a fairy tale wedding for her Daddy and Papa and a baby brother Because her doting fathers are feeling generous she ends up getting two special presents this yearSequel to Stiles and Derek Have a BabyWords 32582 complete

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    How does a man grow a baby?Why with a magical uterus of course

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    Leonie is three now and she has some birthday wishes Ever since her cousin Mikey has been born Leonie wants her own baby brother She doesn't quite comprehend that you can't choose what the gender of the baby will be but hey she's only three Her parents through her a outside birthday and decides she wants her Daddy and Papa to have a 'Princess' wedding She also wants a dog along with her baby brotherWell Derek and Stiles might be the first in their pack to have a baby it jump starts other pack members into starting a family Jackson's biological clock is the worst He doesn't think he KNOWS he wants his own children which leads to a breakup with Lydiawho doesn't want children It is for the best but he is still very depressed over it all Luckily he becomes the most doting uncle of them all practically kidnapping baby Mikey and loves LeonieErica and Boyd decide to tie the knot in this story It is going to be one of the most entertaining memorable weddings of all times Of course what else would you expect when Stiles and Derekand Leonie are involved Leonie's passion is Peter Pan and insists that is who she will be dressing up as for the wedding But she is outdone with Derek and Stiles For Derek finds out his clothes aren't fitting him any Of all days the day of the wedding there is only one solution view spoiler They dress up as bears their costumes from Halloween hide spoiler