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10 thoughts on “I Never Called It Rape The Ms Report on Recognizing Fighting and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape

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    While it may have been revolutionary for its time this book has some victim blaming in it and quite a few outdated views involving sexual violence I read it for a class to be certified as a rape crisis counselor and my classmates all urged the professor to remove it from the curriculum next year and find something recent and better overall

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    'I Never Called It Rape' by Robin Warshaw was a seminal book of it's time and for that it must be given credit 'I Never Called It Rape' contributed to a process of changing the very cultural lens through which the most common form of rape that between people who are known to each other is viewedSeen as either 'honest mistakes' 'seduction' 'provocation' or 'miscommunications' acquaintance rape has historically and remains a 'less serious' form of abuse than stranger rape This despite the fact that acquaintance rape survivors as Warshaw points out experience just as much post rape trauma and anxiety as stranger rape survivors In fact due to the disbelief and doubt the social denigration and belittling of acquaintance rape and the confusion caused by someone you trust abusing you survivors of acquaintance rape often experience longer and intense bouts of trauma according to Warshaw In society stranger rape survivors are most often accepted as legitimate victims and often start the process of recovery sooner than acquaintance rape survivorsThere is a bitty irony and gross perversity then in the disbelief of acquaintance survivors under the guise that it's 'less serious' This trope actually causes acquaintance survivors to suffer on average longer term trauma than victims of 'traditional' violent stranger rapesThat said the book read by a committed feminist today reads like feminist 'common sense' And actually in some places it reads in quite a reactionary fashion; perhaps another mark of its ageFor example there's an entire chapter dedicated to advising women on what behaviours they should adopt or do less of in order to minimize the chances of being raped Now on the one hand this seems to make sense Around 40% of acquaintance rape survivors were intoxicated when they were raped according to the book Surely it makes sense to tell women to drink less then?In fact this misses several important thingsBut what actually bypasses Warshaw is that there is reactionary ideological import to the kind of narrative that advises women to alter their behaviour It completely skirts the question looking at the social conditions under which rapists themselves are created and reproducedWe recognise this narrative everywhere we look in neo liberal austerity Britain If you just work harder you'll be able to overcome poverty If you just ignore it racism will disappear If you just drink less you won't be raped All of these ideas are part of what I've called elsewhere the ideological emporium that gets us individualising our oppression rather than understanding it's context and challenging the hegemony that apologizes for and reproduces rapeThis omission shows in Warshaw book More concerned about advising women what they can do the reduce the risk of rape she ignores the plethora of ways a violent greedy capitalist society itself creates the conditions for depressingly high levels of rape in all countries Hence the book totally fails to even begin to address longer term solutions that seriously challenge the roots of rape While I don't pretend to have high knowledge of what those roots are and how we challenge them Warshaw ends up relying on piecemeal strategies of education and 'teaching people not to rape' While education is important it doesn't offer a strategy for destroying or even challenging the social relations that reproduce misogynistic violenceResisting this narrative is deeply important especially in a context where immigrants black people and the working class as a whole is being blamed for it's own oppression Resisting this narrative allows us to centre our anger on the structures of power and social relations under capitalism that make rape a continual part of the drudgery of our lives

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    Robin Warshaw clearly outlines dateacquaintance rape in this book funded by the Center for Antisocial and Violent Behavior of the National Institute of Mental Health and executed under the banner of Ms Magazine While a bit dated published first in 1988 this book captures the emergence of dateacquaintance rape as well as what that has meant to US American society at largePart scientific study journalistic expose and self help book I Never Called It Rape has much to offer It brings impressive statistics and thorough research to the table to help solidify the existence of dateacquaintance rape and the writing style is nonacademic so it is very accessible Additionally Mary P Koss' work heading the study that would birth this book is groundbreaking and soundBe warned this book relies heavily on relaying personal stories of dateacquaintance rape and as such it can be very difficult to read However a book on a subject so grave doesn't need to be enjoyableI found this book to be a little repetitive although I am certain this was a tool often used in certain kinds of philosophical arguments purposely employed to impress ideas on the reader Equally some of the personal stories might work to discredit some experiences of rapesexual coercion that were not so extreme or that were fuzzy Also regardless of Warshaw's disclaimers that dateacquaintance rape happens throughout diverse communities she tended to focus on dateacquaintance rape the college experience Warshaw does write that her focus reflected data found on where dateacquaintance rapes are most likely to occur and she writes about non college aged women who have survived rape but ultimately this focus made the book feel a little one sided to meEven so I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in rape sexual politics sociology psychology gender studies or really anyone who is interested in having a fuller understanding of what it is to be human

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    I cannot begin to explain how important this book is to read Although it is fairly old the statistics are still relevant and the topics need to be looked at and discussed Rape is still a some what hush hush problem because it's a difficult topic to discuss Aquaintance rape is misunderstood or not understood at all which is why I loved this book It explains all the many different types of aquaintance rape from that one date guy who rapes the girl to the case of a husband who rapes his wife Just because a woman or man is dating someone it does not give the significant other the right to rape them Just because the victim knew their attacker doesn't make it less of a rape I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE Men and women alike as well as rape victimssurvivors It has a section on how loved ones can help someone who has been raped as well as people who have just been raped I really like this reportbook and it is a short read so there really is no excuse not to pick it up and read it

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    This is a difficult subject but extremely importantI wasn't surprised about the statistics and saddened by how the victims are treatedexperienced many of these things first handBe careful if you have been through this as the material may bring up body memories and emotions I had to tread with a light foot and swallow bite sized pieces in order to protect myselfI'm greatly inspired to continue writing my own memoirs For it is in sharing our stories that we are able to heal not only ourselves but othersPlease read this

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    24 years later it's disappointing how timely this feelsAnd I do wonder if the survey were taken again if we would find that some of the numbers have improved but there is still too much evidence that too many men do not see that women should be able to control access to their bodies The material is handled very well and the suggestions are pretty practical I can imagine some criticism of the emphasis on self defense but even with that the book does talk about teaching men not to rape and the merit of that has been pretty well established by now

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    This book isn't what generally comes to mind when I try to think of four star reading but it's a fair assessment for the subject it takes on and the sheer volume of information it attempts to convey The downside of reading it in 2010 of course is that the information is dated so some of the recommendations that it stressed as critical such as greater education on college campuses of the dangers posed by binge drinking frat parties or even walking alone at night are now common The writer clearly has a bias which is something I tend not to favor in books But I respected her perspective and her attempt to educate readers about the volume of acquaintance and date rapes the impact such attacks have on women how hard it is for victims to speak up and what typically happens when they do It's really too bad there isn't a current volume

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    Quick easy read but very heavy I appreciate how many stories this book had making the content very accessible and understandable You can read rape theory all you want but it doesn't click until you can imagine the details of the situation unfolding and realize situations in your circles where this might haveis happening The one thing is that they present their statistics as hardcore fact which is a little difficult to swallow I know it's not meant to be a totally scientific statsy book but I think you always need to be careful about stats Additionally be a little careful about dismissing all rapes other than male on female rapes as a infinitesimally small likelihood and not worth talking about because that's a sweeping dumb assumption and if you're going to use the sheherhers series throughout the book you've gotta do a better job defending your reasoning

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    This took longer than it should have to finish I guess because I didn't connect with the author’s writing I found her language polarizing problematic and patronizing For instance there’s a part where the author mentions that most women think of rapists as strangers that are “black Hispanic or other minorities” and then are shocked when it turns out to be “regular guys” Then she goes on to say “where once they feared strange men as they were taught to they now fear strange men and all the men they know”Even though 57% of rapists are white men somehow white men are still regular and minorities are “strange”In another passage where she discusses preventative measures when you’re being raped you could always pick your nose belch and fart 25 stars

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    This is a good book for anyone who has survived sexual assault or rape from a friend or acquaintance I highly recommend it as part of the healing process of a double betrayal not only the physical attack but also the loss of trust of a friend