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The beloved and bestselling author of Inkheart returns with a chapter book full of mischief heart and hilarious illustrationsRuffleclaw is a furry red monster who lives in a burrow under a toolshed When he decides to move in with a family of humans he climbs right into bed with a boy named Tommy Tommy wants to keep Ruffleclaw as a pet but it won't be easy Ruffleclaw makes huge messes he spits he drinks shampoo and he eats everything in the fridgealong with the plates Can Tommy teach his monster to behave?

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    Introducing Ruffleclaw who despite the adorable name is one of the most unpleasant main characters I've had the unpleasure to meet The book started out well enough We learn that Ruffleclaw is an earth monster who enviously watches a human family He doesn't want to live like other earth monsters going to far as to line his burrow with stolen sweaters instead of woodliceAnd then the book takes a sharp turn when Ruffleclaw decides he wants to move in with the humans One night he climbs into the child Tommy's bed one night and refuses to leave He's rude messy and probably covered with bugsand he eats everything from Tommy's toys to shampoo He continuously acts like Tommy owes him something and when that horrible monster finally leavesTommy misses him? What the what? I'd be dancing a jig and then flying the family out of the country via witness protection Tommy then manipulates his family by moping around and refusing to eatuntil his parents let him keep the earth monster as a pet Hold up That is a fully sentient creature there's no way Ruffleclaw is a pet And did his parents really just give him a pet cause he was moody?? That's not how parenting works Tommy is going to turn into a real monster in a few years Okay Okay I get that this is a kids book and I finally taking up the role of the grumpy adult here but I did not enjoy this bookYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    Ruffleclaw is a furry red earth monster who lives in a burrow One day he decides to move into a house full of humans Though no one invited him Ruffleclaw lets himself into the house and climbs into bed with a little boy named Tommy Come morning Tommy is shocked to find a monster in his bed but decides to keep him Tommy soon learns that earth monsters are messy creatures and he must teach his monster to behave if wants to convince his mom to let him keep Ruffleclaw Like any other earth monster’s burrow Ruffleclaw’s home smelled of earthworms and millipedes but the floor was covered with soft sweaters and piled high in the corners were all the human things he had snuck away with over time Ruffleclaw is an irascible monster His hobbies include eating earthworms and collecting human things He loves the sound of Tommy’s mom playing piano and the taste of shampoo And he conveys his enthusaiams by using words like slimalicious and creepy crawladociousHowever Ruffleclaw is also something of an insufferable child But in return Ruffleclaw had to promise again to stay put The monster licked his claws and chuckled quietly What a pity the earth monsters never kept their promises Never Ever He burped and patted his belly Ruffleclaw spits green slime that stains the walls and loves chewing on Tommy’s toys He eats all the soap in the bathroom and steals all the cake from the fridge He makes messes wherever he goes and smells of moldy things In comparison Tommy is not much better He has no qualms about making demands of his pushover mom “I’ll only eat when I get my monster back” “That is simply not an option” his mother hissed angrilyTommy crossed his arms “I’m officially on a hunger strike And I won’t go to school either Final The end” “But that’s just silly” his mother whined She was fiddling with her earlobes something she only did when she was nervous In the final chapter Ruffleclaw pushes Tommy under the bus metaphorically of course yet the two remain friends Clearly these two brats were made for each other Ruffleclaw features cute illustrations and two protagonists whose behavior no parent would want their child to emulate

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    Sweet fun book that allows kids to play with their imagination while boosting their love for reading a total win Appreciate getting an advanced copy of this to check out

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    When Ruffleclaw an earth monster moves into a human house he destroys everything smells awful has bugs in his fur eats the humans out of house and home and disobeys whatever the human boy Tommy tells him to do Yet when Ruffleclaw leaves Tommy misses him Really? I don't see much evidence of an actual friendship there and the novelty of a pet monster would wear off very quickly in light of Ruffleclaw's awful behavior But the ultimate stretch of credibility comes when Tommy's parents agree to let him keep Ruffleclaw as a pet despite his father's allergies and his mother's ruined piano

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    It's a cute book but the part where the boy whines abd acts stubborn to manipulate his mother to get a pet made me uncomfortable Perhaps it's the translation? Would be curious to see the He version

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    This was required reading assigned by my 7 year old Ruffleclaw is a fun whimsical book in which a mischievous monster gets into trouble and complains a lot The story lacked a compelling reason for why Tommy and Ruffleclaw want to be together I wish they would have developed some sort of friendship rather than wanting to be together because “having a monster would be cool” or “yum food” Otherwise fun to read and the mischief and mayhem thrilled the 7 year old

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    Ruffleclaw is an earth monster who loves to eat worms and is fascinated by humans He decides he is going to move in with Tommy and his family mainly because the mom plays wonderfully jingly music on the piano I was not impressed with this book I found Ruffleclaw offensive and thoroughly unlikeable I couldn't understand Tommy's quick turnaround of being scared of Ruffleclaw and then wanting to keep him forever The mom even gives in fairly quickly simply because the monster likes her piano playing and wants to learn how to play Ruffleclaw is nothing but insults and bad behavior I can maybe see boys liking this story but I don't think it will sit well with parents or most readers

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    I loved Cornelia Funke's Inkheart and thought I'd read this because I'd heard good things about it and my stuffy nose was demanding something I didn't need to think too much about It was not good Characters were annoying and the story seemed to say hey it's cool if you're an unwanted ungrateful guest in someone's home As long as you do one thing right they will let you stay What kind of message is that for kids?

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    I preferred The Pirate Pig to this one mostly because I wasn't a huge fan of Ruffleclaw as a character I could see the right type of kid being into it though It had a bit of gross out humor spitting smelliness etc that I'm not a huge fan of But there was something Roald Dahl like about this that I liked

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    102 pages GREAT story Boys will love this one Ruffleclaw moves into Tommy's house and takes over He spits is greedy eats all their cake and drinks their shampoo but he is the BEST pet EVER Highly recommended Gr 3 5