Backstage Bliss Rock Star Revenge Book 2 PDF/EPUB È

Jacky and Amanda have had their fill of handsome young millionaire rockstars and are ready to move up to the next level of fame and fortune They caught the eye of the legendary billionaire rock stars from the Gold Rocket with their skimpy outfits and sexy antics in the audience But they'll soon find out that a backstage pass isn't enough to meet the band They'll have to show their sexual skills and earn their way to the front of the line and they are willing to do whatever and whomever it takes to become backstage VIPs and complete their fantasy of rock legend conquest and revenge against Jacky's cheating husband Buff roadies and old managers are lining up for their turn with these ladies Do Jacky and Amanda have the goods to get the rock stars they crave? Will they get it all on camera again? Does guitar god Johnny Johnson really have a 12 inch hammer hidden under those tight leather pants? If you thought black Jacky and blonde Amanda got wild in Part One of the Rock Star Revenge series wait until you see the double penetration menages and bareback group pleasures they get into this time because the Gold Rocket always launches without protection And you'd better believe that when these alpha rockstars play they play rough with brutal caning part of the fun

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