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In the perennial best seller Art Fear Ted Orland with David Bayles examined the obstacles that artists encounter each time they enter their studio and stand before a new blank canvas Now in The View From The Studio Door Orland turns his attention to broader issues that stand to either side of that artistic moment of truthIn a text marked by grace brevity and humor Orland argues that when it comes to art making theory and practice are always intertwined There are timeless philosophical questions How do we make sense of the world? that address the very nature of art making as well as gritty real world questions Is there art after graduation? that artists encounter the moment they're off the starting blocks and producing work on a regular basisSimply put this is a book of practical philosophy As a teacher and working artist himself Orland brings authentic insight and encouragement to all those who face the challenge of making art in an uncertain world The breadth of material covered is reflected in chapters that include Making Sense of the World Art Society The Education of the Artist Surviving Graduation Making Art That Matters The Artistic Community and The View From The Studio Door is the perfect companion piece to Art Fear and will appeal to a similar and already established audience of students working artists teachers and professionals For students' benefit The View is also modestly priced with wide page margins for easy note taking and annotation

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