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In Act III of Newbery Medalist Cynthia Voigt’s Mister Max trilogy the solutioneer sets off to rescue his missing parents   Ever since Max’s parents were spirited away on a mysterious ship he has longed to find them   He’s solved case after case for other people in his business as “solutioneer” And he’s puzzled out the coded messages sent by his father He doesn’t know exactly what’s happened but he knows his parents are in danger—and it’s up to Max to save them   Max and his friends and a few old foes don disguises and set sail on a rescue mission It will take all of Max’s cleverness and daring to outmaneuver the villains that lie in wait power hungry aristocrats snake handling assassins and bombardier pastry chefs And behind the scenes a master solutioneer is pulling all the strings Has Max finally met his match?   “Immensely appealing” — The New York Times Book Review “A perfect read aloud the story will appeal to fans of fantasy adventure mystery and humor” —The Christian Science Monitor

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    I thought this was just a superb book It's a little intellectual than the first two but really lets Max's personality come through and develop as he takes on a much adult job As an anthropologist I was particularly impressed with some of his reflections on performance and real life without being at all obviously didactic it conveys some very sophisticated and subtle understandings As with many good books for young people the kids are interesting than the adults and I'd love to see of his story and of Pia

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    I have not read the first two books in this series however this one can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone I don't read a lot of MG but this one was fun and it has a little something for every one to enjoy fantasy adventure and mystery There are also pictures which add to the enjoyment of reading

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    A little convolutedThis one was confusing than the first two I’m still not sure I fully understand what happened The series was still interesting in that it explored what could happen if someone could take on different identitiesAt the beginning of the book I heard myself shout “Plot twist”

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    I really liked this book and I wish there was a fourth I thought it was different and unique

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    Thank you to Penguin Random House for sending me a copy of this book for review consideration The Book of Kings was a wonderful end to the Mister Max trilogy Though I'm sad to see all the characters go I'm glad that it ended the way that it did It was quite a wonderful middle grade series and Max was such a great characterIn book three Max has finally found out where his parents are so he devises a plan to go and get his parents back I absolutely loved how his grandmother was involved in this plan He has to make his way to Andesia with everyone as his father was named King and his mother the Queen This book was just as amazing as the first two Once again I love Max's acting skills He does anything that he has to do in order to get his parents back so he's a pretty awesome kid Also I found it so cool that Joachim helped Max with his Andesia plan I think that's why Joachim was my favorite character That and he's an artist; who doesn't love artists?I've also just realized that I've yet to mention the beautiful illustrations in these books even though they were unfinished versions; they're absolutely incredible Drawings are one of my favorite things about middle grade books because they just add so much to the story I loved looking at them and seeing how the characters were meant to be seen and portrayed One thing that I love about this series was that I didn't really find any parts of it to be slow moving or boring at all I was always interested in each and every book That's why this series is highly recommended to all middle grade readers

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    I loved the adventure the build up to the rescuing But honestly because the parents were away most of the other books all of the second you forget how annoying the father is and I feel so bad for Max You love them but your parents are also imperfect with sometimes annoying traits But the ending She should totally pick up this book three years later with Max becoming a view spoilerspy for the king hide spoiler

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    I really don’t know how this series has given me such joy when reading but it has Again this book seems like a simple book one for younger readers and I guess if you read it without expecting much that’s the case But I found so much depth while reading it and it was amazingI had so many emotions throughout this book and at one point I wondered how on earth the author actually managed to create the experience like she did I don’t know how to explain it there’s just something about this book and it’s characters that is unlike anything I’ve read before And it’s greatThis book also subtly uses point of view in a way that makes the book so much interesting for the reader Overall you get a really deep insight into the main character’s mind and the human mind in general The one thing I didn’t like was what happened to Pia As in nothing happened As in she didn’t get an ending Pia is probably THE most interesting supporting character and after so much mystery and confusion and ambiguity she just kinda stops after Max leaves Queensbridge Her story was not at all wrapped up neatly she wasn’t even mentioned by name a the end upon Max’s return Maybe there’s a perfectly good reason but I was left wondering what happened to Pia even though from the book it’s plain to see that she is fine and just living as normal But that doesn’t fit her I was very disappointed that she didn’t get an endingHowever the rest of the book and it’s ending is superb in a way I can’t describeI definitely recommend this series

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    EEEEEE just finished this book The series is intelligent and well paced and one I'm always excited for I was finally able to get my hands on a copy after an exaggerated wait and I was not disappointedI don't know if there will be another but the possibility has me over the moon I would love to urge the author into continuing the series in any way shape or form but I'm also happy with the way things ended I want to know how his relationships develop and what kind of future is waiting for this solutioneer I haven't written a review in a while which I'm sorry for but this was too good to not comment Please write another one

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    A pretty satisfying conclusion The twist at the beginning regarding Max's parents really set the stage well and made the rest of the plot plausible It was refreshing to finally see some action after all that filler in the second novelI'm not sure how middle graders would find this series It's quite slow moving and I don't think the average middle grader has enough background knowledge to appreciate all the references to Shakespeare's works It's a decent middle grade mystery but not one I would be in a rush to recommend

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    This book gets a lower rating than the others for one reason I was confused most of the book Maybe it's because I was reading too fast or maybe it's because I stayed up until the wee hours trying to finish the book What can I say I was excited to find out how everything would turn out but I just couldn't quite follow all of the twists and turns the story took However it still had all of the magic imagination and humour of the other Max books and was good enough that I want another installment