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The work provides a unique study of superheroes and gods in literature popular culture and ancient myth The author selects a number of mythological figures eg Babylonia's Gilgamesh and Enkidu ancient gods eg Greece's Eros and Tartarus and modern superheroes eg the United States' Superman and Captain Marvel and identifies the often striking similarities between each unique category of characters The author contends that the vast majority of mythological superheroes follow the same archetypal character patterns regardless of each hero's unique time period or culture Each of the first nine chapters examines the heroes and gods of a particular region or country while the final chapter examines modern descendants of the hero prototype like Batman and Spiderman and several infamous anti heroes for example Dracula and The Hulk Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here

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    Great encyclopedic reference comparing ancient deities from Assyrian to Zoroastrian to contemporary superheroes Wonderful illustrations too I've used this as a reference for my English 4 Composition as supplementary to Mike Alsford's Heroes Villians What could be fun?

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    Resulta de particular interés el análisis de las características y perfiles de los dioses semidioses y superhéroes así como la comparación entre elementos de la mitología y de los comics destaca la lista de atributos de los héroes del pasado determinada por el psicoanalista Otto Rank aplicable a dichos superhéroes del presente

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    LOVED this book Highly recommend this to anyone that likes mythology and or superheroes It's a vivid journey through history and culture