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Five weeks into his first mission aboard the International Space Station Ryder Avery receives an alarming communication from his wife Attack Dead Careful That's all he could make out before the call dies Communications with Houston were lost too but not before Avery and his two fellow astronauts heard what sounded like moans and screams for help Their only hope to get some answers rests on the incoming Russian crew But when the Russian Soyuz finally docks Avery's nightmare is only beginning 10593 words or about 30 pages A quick but enthralling read

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    A well written zombies in outer space story Pretty unique as I've only read one or two other stories that had a similar set up and this one is nicely done I enjoyed the various levels of anxiety the astronauts felt as they lost communication with Earth and of course as a reader I just knew that the Russian shuttle about to dock at the International Space Station was infected How could it not be? The anti gravity zombie battles were well done also in my opinion and I am looking forward to from this author Well done