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From four of today’s best selling manlove authors Delve into a paranormal world of destiny and desire love and lust and shifters so sexy they make your teeth ache Savor four intertwining stories that take you from Bear County to Montana and the wilderness beyond as you become engulfed in the flames of romance LYNN HAGENCOWBOY FOREVER Bear County 12Simon had his heart ripped out by a man he thought he could trust a man he'd fallen in love with But when he finds out that his ex lover is nothing than a piece of dirt Simon decides to swear off menfor a little while at least That plan is put to the test when he runs into Mason and JeremiahWhen both men claim to be his mate Simon thinks the two are running some sort of scam to get him into bed He turns them down flat but they won't take no for an answer When Simon is attacked and ends up in the hospital Jeremiah and Mason insist on taking Simon homeAs much as Simon wants to kick them to the curb he slowly finds himself sandwiched between both mountainous men Can Simon handle two sexy shifters or is his heart too battered to love again? STORMY GLENNPAPA BEAR’S PUP Papa Bear was president of the Blue Angels one of the deadliest biker clubs west of the Mississippi He answered to no one going where he wanted when he wanted When being on the road so much takes its toll on him Papa Bear heads to the woods to let his bear roam free Finding a man beaten and covered in blood was never part of that plan but turning his back on the wounded man just wasn’t possible especially since he suspects the little wolf might be his mate Bartholomew ‘Bug’ Matthews was on the run Finding himself rescued by a burly tattooed biker was not where he expected to be but he wasn’t complaining Papa Bear was the sexiest man Bug had ever seen When the handsome man claims him Bug couldn’t be happier But his joy is short lived when Papa Bear disappears leaving Bug alone and in danger than ever When a vicious attack leaves Papa Bear with no memory of his mate will he lose his one chance to find happiness or will Bug be able to protect himself and the secret he holds? BELLANN SUMMERFINDING CONN'S HAPPINESS Leaving the local hangout after a much needed drink tiger shifter Conn Caspian senses the bloody man stumbling down the street is his mate Taking him back to his ranch Conn is delighted with his murmuring little wolf But danger is coming Wolf shifter Aisley Matthews is on the run after managing to escape his father and the enforcers Hoping to find a place to hide in a small town he comes across his mate in the huge tiger shifter Conn Caspian Trying to do the right thing by leaving doesn’t work when the connection of their souls and Conn’s dominance has Aisley succumbing to the big cat’s mating rituals Confrontation is coming and rituals that can kill need to be dealt with Magic and turmoil abound for these two yet through it all love blooms and Conn finds his happiness But can he keep it?MARCY JACKSTHAT DEEP RUMBLING PURR Mateo Colt found something interesting while out for a run He found a rare golden tiger shifter stuck in a poacher's trap The problem is that Mateo is a mustang shifter and the sight of an animal that might very well try to eat him is as unsettling as watching the creature suffer He can't leave him to die however or to be picked up by poachers especially when the tiger passes out from the pain revealing a young man who doesn't look like he could cause harm to anyone When he frees the shifter he brings him home to his ranch where he cares for him but when the tiger awakens Ty is suddenly so delectable that Mateo can't keep his hands to himself The thing that might just make him run away however is learning that he is mated to him Mated for life to a shifter that could kill him if he ever loses control of his wilder side

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    One of the huge difference between other readers and I it's that I'm a HUGE fan of intertwining stories and I love this book for that reason also For me it was terrific and every single author did a great job with this anthology Well done

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    Cowboy Forever Bear County 12 by Lynn HagenIt was wonderful to see Simon get what he needed and Jeremiah and Mason were perfect mates for him Plus I got twins I love the little cubs they're so dang cute Simon was fabulous for these two giant bears and he definitely kept them in linePapa Bear's Pup by Stormy GlennPapa Bear it turns out is Travis Jeremiah's from the Bear County series' brother and it's his lucky day when he finds and rescues Bug Travis is the president of the Blue Angels the most feared MC west of the Mississippi Bartholomew or Bug had the misfortune of being born the runt of the litter sickly as a child and then perverted enough to prefer men His father is alpha and won't tolerate any of that so Bug runs but his dad sends his enforcers to kill himTravis and Bug have a chance to mate and then Travis is viciously attacked by wolves looking for Bug and left for dead Travis loses some of his memories and has no idea he's left his mate his pregnant mate behind Poor Bug He knows something must have happened to Travis but he doesn't know what so he gets a job to pay the weekly rent at the motel where he last saw Travis Oh the best ending ever This is why Stormy Glenn is an all time favorite Loved itFinding Conn's Happiness by Bellann SummerAisley who coincidentally happens to be Bug's brother has just gotten the same treatment that Bug did although in Aisley's case even his dad participated in his torture Luckily for him he meets Conn an alpha tiger shifter and they are mates I really loved the shifter lore the author created about tigers and their matings But even I loved Aisley with his habit of constantly murmuring what's going through his head he's adorableSuch a great addition Loved itThat Deep Rumbling Purr by Marcy JacksNow Marcy is going to introduce Ty who I met at the beginning of Conn's story Conn rescued Ty as an orphaned tiger cub and raised him Ty spent a hundred years there until it was time for him to leave Ty and ranch work didn't go well together at least not on Conn's ranch Unfortunately Ty is still very young in the tiger world barely an adolescent and he has a lot to still learnThis was an okay story although it would have been nice if the author had continued the tiger shifter lore from the previous story versus just using bits and pieces of itA very fun anthology that I enjoyed

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    I am so glad I read this anthology if not I would have missed a visit to Bear CountyLynn Hagen Cowboy ForeverI loved this one Which is Simon's story from the Bear County series I was a bit unsure about having this story in an anthology because it is part of an established series and there is so much a person will have missed if they are reading this without having read the earlier Bear County books It was really good fun Serious in some places snarky and hilarious in others I enjoyed it5 stars Stormy Glenn Papa Bear's PupNice enough but far too predictable25 starsBellann Summer Finding Conn's Happiness Was ok 3 starsMarcy Jacks That Deep Rumbling Purr2 starsI liked the way the stories linked with each other bringing all the different characters together I enjoyed Lynn Hagen's story the most but that's because I already follow that series All in all not a bad set of stories and a nice anthology for those people who like shiftermpreg storiesOverall 4 stars but only because of Lynn Hagen's story

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    Lynn Hagen Cowboy Forever 2 starsStormy Glenn Papa Bear's Pup 35 starsBellann Summer Finding Conn's Happiness 3 starsMarcy Jacks That Deep Rumbling Purr 3 stars

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    Cowboy Forever Didn't read I don't read mmmPapa Bear's Pup 3 out of 5 stars I enjoyed it well enoughFinding Conn's Happiness 3 out of 5 stars I'm glad we got to see what happened to Aishley I was hoping he'd get an HEA as well This world was a little weird though I'll have to go back and read her previous stories in this series I'm glad I read this though because now I have a new author to delve intoThat Deep Rumbling Purr Did not finish Bored me to pieces

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    I was skipping Lynn Hagen story because i don't like mxmxm Also i don't like Bellans author story because her writting style was not easy to digest like writing from Stormy Glenn and Macy

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    MY RATING IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST TWO STORIES LYNN HAGENCOWBOY FOREVER Bear County 12★★★★STORMY GLENNPAPA BEAR’S PUP ★★★★view spoilerBELLANN SUMMERFINDING CONN'S HAPPINESS ✄ Skipping because it's a part of a series I haven't read and don't really feel like startingreading right now MARCY JACKSTHAT DEEP RUMBLING PURR ✄ Also on hold because it's actually connected to the series above and well so I'm going to have to read it eventually but not right now hide spoiler

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    The intertwining of the stories didn't work for me because each world has its own 'rules' as I was reading each story I got frustrated because the 'rules' of the worlds didn't match up and the reasons the character gave were kind of flimsy and made little sense If the stories were not linked I think I'd have liked it better I just couldn't get passed the world rules issue

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    loved this 4 part story all combined into one sexy bundleIts a interesting concepts to have a base story and then have other authors follow up with further stories that feed into this one Its a great fluffy feel good read read this in one evening and it left me wanting to get to know these tiger and mustang and wulf shifters

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    Overall 225Bear County 12 Cowboy Forever by Lynn Hagen 35Papa Bear's Pup by Stormy Glenn 35Lubirea Mai 04 Finding Conn's Happiness by Bellann Summers 25That Deep Rumbling Purr by Marcy Jacks 15