Bad Husband Great Concert Rock Star Revenge Book 1 PDF

When faithful black Jacky finds out that her studly husband Jeff has been cheating on her she sets out to get revenge With her freaky best friend Amanda guiding the way Jacky is ready to mend her broken heart with the hottest white guys she can find But these ladies set their sights high with famous alpha billionaire rock stars their ultimate goal The rock stars they seek are not only rich and charismatic but well endowed and dominant Naughty Amanda even brings a camera to record every dirty deed she and Jacky do as they use their tight bodies to score the rock legends they yearn for Along the way Jacky and Amanda are eager to explore each others' bodies in ways they've never done before When they meet some friendly guys they aren't shy about having fun in public and on film And they always play rough and without protection even when it's sex with a stranger who is sneaking in the backdoor They love to feel every inch of manhood the way it was meant to be felt hard raw and to the finish

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