The Rise of Big Business 1860 1920 The American History

The fundamental and explosive changes in the US economy and its business system from 1860 to 1920 continue to fascinate and engage historians economists and sociologists While many disagreements persist about the motivations of the actors most scholars roughly agree on the central shifts in technologies and markets that called forth big business Recent scholarship however has revealed important new insights into the changing cultural values and sensibilities of Americans who lived during the time on women in business on the ties between the emerging corporations and other American institutions on the nature of competition among giant firms and on the dawn of modern advertising and consumerismThis vast accumulation of notable new work on the social concept and consequences of economic change in that era has prompted Glenn Porter to recast numerous portions of The Rise of Big Business one of Harlan Davidson's most successful titles ever in this the third edition Those familiar with this classic text will appreciate the expanded coverage of topics beyond the fray of regulation and the political dimensions of the emergence of concentrated enterprise namely the influence of the rise of big business on social historyAn entirely new bank of photographs and illustrations rounds out the latest edition of our enduringly popular title one perfect for supplementary reading in a variety of courses including the US history survey the history of American business and specialized courses in social history and the Gilded Age

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    Note This review is of an earlier edition The Rise of Big Business 1860 1910 and does not reflect any changes contained in current editionsThis was a fantastic overview of the beginnings of big business in the second half of the 19th century with well placed insights regarding a few decades before and after Porter expressed all of his ideas concisely but still repeated them as little reminders as needed so that I never felt lost The writing was exceptionally engaging and I now feel that I have a wonderful foundation on which I can build by reading other books about the time period The bibliographical essay at the end contained a number of helpful resources including a few books which I know I'll be reading in the future I would highly recommend this to someone either starting studying this period of history and to those who may know some details but want a larger picture

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    A fine if all too brief history of how the most nefarious manifestation of shitty shitty capitalism came to be You'll be surprised The legel shenanigans aside a sober reflection on the evolution of the corporation is a lot less malign but not much than you'd think More a primer on the subject than anything else

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    More like the rise of BUG business Ha cha cha chaAll history books should be this long unless granted special dispensation by a committee of non academic laymen

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    I liked this book because I am interested in history I would not recommend this book to everyone however it would probably not be interesting to someone who is not a history nerd The information was solid and interesting not so much the plot or lack of plot but this can be forgiven by me as it is a quick read

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    Short accessible to the point My go to reference for Victorian Era business history Thanks Glenn

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    read this for a class of the history of american business short and excellent book

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    Into about the rise of big business and the environment and technologies that lead to its riseScope scale communication separation of ownership and management