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Note This is a sequel to Love with an Improper Demon It contains mm and ff relations scenes of a sexual nature male pregnancy and themes that some readers may find objectionable Corbin Kraus has braved the demon world to get his incubus lover Litu back by his side But now the real challenge begins Despite being thoroughly male Corbin finds himself carrying Litu’s heir and possibly the last hope for a dying race In the meantime he’ll have to deal with strange changes to his body a moody demon lover a snoopy coworker and an unhinged fundamentalist bearing doomsday prophesies And why is Litu acting so oddly? Does it have anything to do with the terrible and violent dreams he’s been having lately?

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    This review is going to be similar to my review of the first book because the same issues are present Again I did not hate it I thought it had an interesting premise I liked the plot It had a lot of fantasy taboo elements which can be fun And it had so much potential that I found myself wanting to finishHOWEVER the book needs A LOT of work This one seemed a little thrown together than the first book Lots of plot points that were not fully explore or developed The MCs still weren’t fully developed or explored Plus they were acting like petulant martyrs The rift between them was so contrite and then the ‘incident’ was so petty and random that I was eye rolling through it The flow of the story is still choppy There were significant spelling and grammar mistakes Just an exact replica of the issues in book one I liked that this was post HEA We get to see how a relationship could pan out with a demon—and as expected it’s not all butterflies and cupcakes I always like follow up books on romances Falling in love is easy staying in love is hard But the lack of depth in truly exploring the relationship what was happening and why it was happening was frustratingSpoiler This is not a HEA I actually don’t mind that Too often realism is sacrificed for sap So while most people will not like that aspect it doesn’t bother me The author has a good imagination some cool ideas but the execution was VERY poor A beta reader and editor were desperately needed I wish I could have gotten hold of this before it printed I would have whipped it into shape because the most upsetting thing about this book is that it could have been amazing But could have been doesn’t cut it so I can’t recommend