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Ernest Bramah 1868 1942 born Ernest Brammah Smith was a prolific and popular English author who published 21 books and numerous short stories He is still well known today for the creation of the two fictional characters Kai Lung and Max Carrados He died at 74 a successful author Bramah attained commercial and critical success initially with his creation of Kai Lung an itinerant storyteller In 1914 he created Max Carrados a blind detective The stories of Max Carrados appeared alongside those of Sherlock Holmes in the Strand Magazine and frequently actually outsold those featuring the the creation of Conan Doyle although time was certainly much kinder to HolmesThis production of Max Carrados stories includes 21 of the 31 cases written by Bramah They are arranged in the order in which they were published

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    Both a treat and a surprise to a devoted Sherlock Holmes fan These stories are certainly comparable to those of “the Great Detective” Great ingenuity in the plots and the language settings and situations no obscure—to the modern reader — than those of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle To be fair some story endings will leave you scratching your head Not sure if this is cultural the time period or my own dimness Cheap in a Kindle edition and worth giving a try

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    Very delightful stories