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For those about to rot I salute youYou’re listening to WZMB Zombie Radio your personal soundtrack to the end of the world The Zombie Radio DJ is back and this time he’s got the power of metal on his side Joined by the Milwaukee metal band 40ozFist the DJ fights his way through zombies snipers stalking fans and maybe just maybe a new love interestTune in turn it up and survive the apocalypse

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    This Book Will Rock Your Woirld The adventures of DJZombie Radio was a fun read Told through the eyes of your DJ of WZMB Zombie RadioYour personal soundtrack to the end of the worldHere you find how music is the universal language even in the last daysHow it brings people together to support each other and help to surviveHow commiseration and sharing information can unite the last of human kind even with just a voice on the airwayDJ's voice I will do everything within my power to unmake that which has unravelled the fabric of mankind I will use all the means at my disposal to bend and break the will and lives of the cowards that unleashed the beastDO NOT UNDERESTAMATE THE WILL OF THE LISTENERSYou find out what pet name the DJ has given to his micThe DJ is no longer alone he is held up with Trinity Dan Jay Burney Sean and Doug grab this book to find out who they are and the precise skillset of what they bring to this party Here there are threats to the DJ by ZDC Zero Day Collectiveif they are able to locate him a second time In this book besides the Zombies and ZDC the small group finds they have a criticheckler of the broadcast and whom may be a little unhingedFind out what was tossed through the DJ's living room window and what response the DJ so kindly returnedNot LOLThe DJ also reaches out the the ZRT Zombie Response team To help get a very special VIP to safety a man who may be the Survivors only hope to turning things aroundgain Jack Wallen will ROCK YOUR WORLD with his realistic and inventive storytelling abilities Be amazed be very amazedPick up your copy today

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    Jack Wallen's books are always stellar and this one is no exception It was a fun and quick read I read it in one day while I was trapped on a plane to Dallas Amy the Zombie Clown asks that you read the first Zombie Radio read this one and then go get the rest of Jack's titles All of them Thanks Zombie King \m

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    The DJ returns for another rather humourous jaunt through the apocalypse This time he's joined by Metal Band 40 Oz Fist and together they crank it up to 11 and beyondI found this sequel really enjoyable and am looking forward to the next release