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A simple story about moving past the terrible things that life throws at you and finding happiness on the other side Months after his breakup with a long term boyfriend Jacob Pierce is still than a little fragile he has withdrawn from life his friends are concerned and even he knows that something needs to change With the encouragement of his friends and a nudge from the newest member of Jacob's small circle he agrees to sign up for a film based photography class Elijah Fall a widowed photography teacher is exactly the man to bring Jacob back to life But while Jacob may have found the man of his dreams will Elijah someone who has lost everything once be willing to risk his heart again?

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    I truly wish I could tell you just why in the hell I liked this short story so much but I really can'tIt was light nearly conflict free and I just breezed through this free read like like a hyped up puppy through a half opened front door But when I finished? I was smiling and felt happier than when I startedSo if you're looking for something along those lines this just might be the one 425 stars The Goodreads link to this free read is broken but the direct link is here if you want it

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    3 starsA sweet and cute quickie perfect for in between reads I’m gonna sound like a broken record because I’ll say again I wished it would I’d been longer and that’s the only reason I’m giving it three stars other than that it was a good story just wanted to see this guys together at least a few chapters That epilogue was just lovely though left me smiling❤️Thanks for another awesome rec Selene 😍

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    This is a lovely slower paced story about two wounded men finding love again I was drawn not just to Jacob and Elijah but to the secondary characters as well particularly Evan There's not a lot of backstory filler but the details — Elijah's gentle touch in the darkroom Jacob's prints of his grandparents — really come aliveThis story is all sweetness no steam a quiet exploration of hurt comfort and friendship I love the image prompt and I like the play on Elijah's name in the title In the epilogue he's falling no longer

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    Actual rating 45 starsWell wasn't this quite the little gem This was a cute short story about two men working through their own heartbreakloss and trying to move onLoved it and a big thanks to Caz for the recommendation

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    What a wonderful little gem Going in I had no idea it would be so full of feels I read it last night but its melancholic yet hopeful tone still follows me “Sometimes it’s painful to let go

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    Beautiful Amy Thank you lovely gentle romantic story about two men overcoming disappointment and loss and being able to move onThere was a subtle build up of emotion and I really liked the way that this seemed to me realistic and genuine and probably from the author's heartI did not find this an easy story to read because of its subject matter but books are not there to be easy and nor is life This story made me feel and you can't ask for than thatI loved the writing the characters and the quiet hope

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    Calm down I'm not actually going to rate my own story if only for the fact that I my own harshest critic But since I don't have access to my Goodreads Author Page yet I wanted to share the cover design for Watching Elijah Fall for out of group downloadsI didn't think to create a separate cover until the last second so it won't be part of the mmromance initial download But this will be the cover used for downloads from additional sites where I plan post it as a freebie I'm than a little excited about it

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    45 starsThis was perfection The writing was very well done the style was wonderful and I kind of want to hug my kindle right now after reading itI loved that this was a story about moving on There were no miscommunications angst misunderstandings or big drama just a tender slow blooming romance The secondary characters were great and extra points for having a strong woman that didn't fall into the stereotypical characterisationMy only wish was that it were longer that we could witness of the relationship between Jacob and Elijah once they came together If this were expanded to a novella I would be absolutely giddy I also loved Evan; I wanted to hug him and would love to read his storyA wonderful contribution to the Loves Landscapes event Highly recommended

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    A sweet slowly developing romance with warm and beautiful flashes of family friendship and art plus a slight touch of humorRecommended

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    When five stars is not enoughI read five star stories all the time based on my interpretation of what five stars means to me captures me keeps me there and doesn't let me go until the story is done but Watching Elijah Fall?From the first time I saw the title it ensnared me Watching Elijah Fall repeat it to yourself a few times and feel it the gentle helpless fall to the knees of soul deep sadness captured in three words Now imagine carefully scooping that up into your hands and holding it as if it were the most fragile baby animal and only you can save itThe story itself I can't give words to I coveted this story I wished I had written it I'll admit it took me a few pages to get into it but that first connection between the main characters blew me awayTo suggest this should be a full length novel would be foolish on my part not least because it would deny the beauty of this story that is just about a novella in length around 17K It would also probably see me requiring resuscitation because Amy Spector's writing takes my breath away I am not exaggerating There are very few authors that can do this to me but what happens is I get so caught up in the action the chemistry the emotions the feeling believing overwhelming wonder of that magic happening before my eyes I forget to breatheI am a great believer in each to their own and all of us have stories that touch us or do not This for me and in spite of the verb to lay naughtily sneaking in a couple of times is perfection; you should read itWhat I would love to see is this story as part of a novel perhaps the opening section with parts to follow on the rest of the guys this would be what you call a not so subtle and optimistic hint at the author