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In the summer of 1996 a father and his 13 year old son embarked on a 3400 km bicycle tour across Canada Affectionately known as “Manhood Training” this unique bonding experience became the inspiration for Ryan Correy to break away from convention and turn a passion for cycling into his purpose in lifeThe world’s most extreme cycling challenges serve as an evolving proving ground for the young rider – including self doubt on a solo tour to Arizona after high school falling asleep and crashing into a cemetery gate on the grueling Race Across America “The toughest sporting event in the world” murder and robbery along the Pan American Highway “The longest road in the world” a near mountaintop helicopter rescue while traversing the infamous Tour Divide “The longest mountain bike race in the world” cashing in after being hit by a car in California hallucinations and foot crippling pain on a six day 20 hour stationary cycling world record attempt and plenty A Purpose Ridden is an honest and often obsessive first hand account of becoming one of Canada’s most respected adventure cyclists Ryan shares in great detail the sponsorship woes the evolution of his ego an admiration for flawed role model Lance Armstrong the many accolades earned family tragedy and of course the evolving relationship with his father their fights and friendships lost along the wayThe path less travelled begins with a paternal taunt “We’re close enough to home If you want we can call your mother to come and pick you up now”

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