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Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison have collaborated on an electric bridge enabling colonization of Mars NLF's Native Life Forms are accidentally freed from Caverns in the course of mineral mining unleashing cannibal attacks on the colonists Meanwhile religious fanatics infected with mind control parasites are preparing for what they believe is the 2nd Coming of Christ What is coming? Teddy Roosevelt Jack Clayton son of the Lord of the Apes and other historical heroes rise to the occasion THE MONORAILS OF MARS explores the uestion of religious hallucination mind control and the impllications of surrender to Theocracy Mutant aliens KALIBAN are being steered toward a take over of two planets using the faithful Who can stop the invasion and how? THE MONORAILS OF MARS has many mysteries and hidden puzzles along the way For fans of Jules Verne HG Welles and Edgar Rice Burroughs This is satire allegory and great fun exploring strange worlds and insidious conspiracies in every branch of Government Military and Religion

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