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About the author Ole Olufsen 1865–1929 was a Danish military officer and explorer He made several notable expeditions in the 1890s to the Emirate of Bukhara including the Pamir Mountains1 He also served as Secretary of the Royal Danish Geographical Society Olufsen was a proponent of the idea that the people's of the Pamirs retained traits of Avestan culture a notion borrowed from the works of Wilhelm Geiger and Karoly Jeno Ujfalvy de Mezo Kovesd and that the region was still populated by adherents of Zoroastrianism During his 1898 99 expeditions to the Pamirs Olufsen was accompanied by Danish botanist Ove Paulsen From inside the book The following work on Bokhara to which I have given the title Journeys and Studies in Bokhara and in which I have endeavoured to give a survey of this country is one of the results of my journeys in Mid and Central Asia in 1896—97 and 1898—99 It does not claim to be an exhaustive work en this interesting Oriental realm but I have thought that some of the information given here might contribute to the knowledge of these regions which have been too little explored hitherto; even if Bokhara is now the vassal state of Russia it has up to our own time gone on in its own old fashioned ways and the European influence perceptible here and there is but superficial Contents CONTENTS Pages CHAPTER I Introduction — The Boundaries of the Emirate of Bokhara — Mountain Bokhara The Bokharan Pamir Mountains — The Bokharan Hissar Mountains — My Journey in Shugnan Roshan Darvas and Karategin CHAPTER II The Bokharan Level Country Steppe Bokhara Rivers and River basins — Desert Bokhara — The Loess — My Voyage on the Amu Darya CHAPTER III The Climate Spring summer autumn winter CHAPTER IV Vegetation in Bokhara CHAPTER V Animals in Bokhara CHAPTER VI The Inhabitants Races Types Languages CHAPTER VII Houses and their Arrangement Building Material — Furnishing and Embellishment of the Houses — Harems Serais — Prisons CHAPTER VIII Communication and Transport CHAPTER IX Religion Mosques Medresses and their Ecclesiastics CHAPTER X Tombs CHAPTER XI Amusements and Games CHAPTER XII Diseases the Sick Beggars Physicians Dentists Medicine men Apo thecaries CHAPTER XIII Articles of Food and Narcotics CHAPTER XIV Dress CHAPTER XV Agriculture Gardening Cultivated Plants CHAPTER XVI Towns CHAPTER XVII The Emir Government and Officials This book published in 1911 has been reformatted for the Kindle and may contain an occasional defect from the original publication or from the reformatting

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