Chaos Curves ePUB ð Kindle Edition

Mara just wants to get away After dealing with a messy break up and a dead end job she packs up and moves from the home she knew to start all over While working at a hole in the wall bar she crosses paths with CHAOS a motorcycle gang that plays by their own rules and gets what they want The leader Landon takes a liking to Mara and lets her know that she's always wanted a bad boy and has always wanted to be free but has been stifled by society's rules Will their chance encounter lead to something real or is Mara playing with fire? This 11000 word erotic romance story is the first part of the Chaos Curves trilogy

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    Ok hot little read 25 starsWhile I enjoyed this quick little read I assumed it was a standalone I know I know I should always check and it does clearly state it's part of a trilogy so that's on me anyway it's a hot little read which can be read as a standalone which is what I'll be doing since the next two books are 'Chaos and Curves 2' 99p for 38 pages and 'Chaos and Curves 3' £199 for 43 pages which is way too much for too little in my opinionMara decides she's not happy with her life the way it is so she gets rid of the deadbeat boyfriend packs in her job gives up her apartment and travels 3 hours away to start afresh new apartment and a new job waitressing which is where she meets Landon Landon takes her breath away not only is he hot as hell he also has bad boy written all over him and appears to be the leader of the Chaos MC

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    Boring to bad boy puck upTired of the same old same old Decided after a lame excuse of a boyfriend break up was needed Boring job leave it Move work at restaurant where biker gang comes check fall into the lead bike dude check