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A Novel in the Long Pass Chronicles Six foot seven inch 300 pound Jamal Jones loves football so when he finds out the ultra conservative owner of his new pro football team fired their current center because he’s gay bisexual Jamal decides to stay in the closet and hang with the females Then at a small drag show he comes face to face with his sexual fantasy in the form of Trixie LaRue a drag queen so exquisitely convincing she scrambles Jamal’s hormones—and his resolve to nurse his straight side Trevor Landry aka Trixie LaRue hides than his genitals A mathematician so brilliant he can’t be measured Trevor disguises his astronomical IQ and his quirk for women’s clothes behind his act as a gay activist undergrad at Southern California University To Trevor Jamal is the answer to a dream—a man who can love and accept both his personas When he discovers Jamal’s future is threatened if he’s seen with a guy Trevor becomes Trixie to let Jamal pass as straight But Trevor risks his position every time he puts on a dress Is there a closet big enough to hold a football pro and a drag queen?

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    4 45 STARS “Canning the Center” is a lovely story about friendship and love loyalty and honesty and accepting who you really areWe meet both main characters in the first book in the series Jamal as Will’s friend and Trevor as Trixie the drag queen who was manipulated in ruining Will’s future This is not a sequel so you can read it as a standalone Jamal’s dream was always to be a professional football player He’s bisexual but he knows not everyone will accept this like his family When he finds out one of his team mates was fired because he is gay because the owner is a conservative prick he decides to stay in the closet and fallow his dream even if he knows this is not the smart decision Trevor Trixie has a shitty past With a father who rejected and never understood him he suffered a lot His brother is worse rejecting him and trying to intimidate him Both men told him since he was just a kid he’s a freak so he doesn’t trust easily His mother was the only supportive figure especially when it comes to his sexuality and his only friend but not any because she has Alzheimer Trevor succeeded on his own He was able to receive a full scholarship because he's a genius He plays many instruments and he studies mathematics being even smarter than his professors Trevor became Trixie because he loves singing He performs as Trixie a popular drag queen in a local bar but nobody knows that because he’s ashamed by this side of him He doesn’t want to be rejected again so he lies his friends about who he really is Jamal and Trixie meet when Jamal and his two friends are in the bar when Trixie performs Jamal is attracted to Trixie immediately He loves her voice and her angel face not knowing at first if she’s really a woman or a man But he doesn’t care not when Trixie is the most beautiful person he’d ever seen TrevorTrixie likes Jamal of course but he doesn’t need any complication At first he wants nothing to do with Jamal until one night when Trixie decides to take a chance on the gorgeous big guy Jamal tells Trevor what’s going on in his life and that he can’t come out at the moment so Trevor accepts to date him as Trixie Things get complicated for them when Jamal finds out Trevor is in charge of “You Came Out for Us” campaign when one of Jamal’s team mates sister tries to ruin their lives and their relationship and when the management of Jamal’s team finds out about his sexuality and about who Trixie really is I really liked this one In my opinion was better than the first book in the seriesBoth Jamal and Trevor were great and both were great developed They were very likeable the entire time and I really felt for them I loved how supportive Jamal was with Trevor and how he accepted both Trevor’s sides He loves Trevor and he loves Trixie He’s an honest guy at first maybe not but when he decides that his morals are important than anything he is ready to do something He’s a great friend and son and I loved his relationship with them and how at some point he wants to sacrifice himself for themTrevorTrixie is sweet and sensible and he was such an endearing character He never accepted who he really is He didn’t truly accepted how smart he is or that he liked to wear women’s clothes not entirely but Jamal with change that and everything else for him He is a good guy he helps other and takes care of his mother even if he’s not the one who pays for her treatment He gives her what is important love I enjoyed how in the end Trevor is a changed guy He accepts who he really is – a genius who occasionally loves to wear women clothes With Jamal's love and acceptance he is confident he learns to trust himself and others The fact that he wasn’t completely honest with Jamal didn’t bother me because I really understood why he did it The sex scenes are great and I loved the sweet moments between them even if at times were a little cheesy I expected Trevor’s lines to be like that but not Jamal’s However I enjoyed all their moments together Their chemistry is fantastic from the beginning and I liked that it wasn’t insta lust or inst love If there was some insta lust I didn’t see it because there was than lust for both Jamal and Trevor from the beginning Jamal’s family was so great They are supportive and accepting and not only with Jamal with Trevor as well I also liked some of his Jamal’s team mates and how accepting they were with both Jamal and TrevorTrixie Overall “Canning the Center” was a great read with a solid plot engaging storyline and endearing characters

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    Can authors PLEASE for the love of maple bacon cupcakes stop naming their Black male characters Jamal Leroy Darquan or whatever ethnic sounding name in their limited vocabulary? We DO have Black men named Steve John Robert Michael and Kevin and some of them are actually FOOTBALL PLAYERS Really it's okay to name a Black hero like you'd name a White one I really wanted to read this and I still might though I'll grit my teeth but the stereotypical name fail just ruins what sounds like a wonderful story Not to mention I really want to support PoC in MM romance but not when authors pull this kind of outdated backwards ish

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    So much to say about this one I have to just start spewing things out before I forgetI want to talk about the narration of the audiobook first because I think that that was key to my overall feelingrating for the book This was a very difficult book to narrate both because of the range of voices required and how much they needed to differ in tone John Paul Barrel did a very nice job differentiating between voices In fact I was really impressed how he managed to go from the super deep voice of six foot seven inch 300 pound Jamal Jones to the higher register of Trixie LaRue This narrator tried soooo hard to get it right I want to really applaud him on his effort However though his range of voices was really good I didn't really like his cadence The narration was very choppy feelings with lots of pauses and hesitations It didn't sound like normal conversation like someone trying to read a book if that makes sense I like when my audiobooks sound fluid and less forced I think I would listen to this narrator again if only to see if the way he narrated was due to the difficulty of this particular book or if that is his style In terms of content I partly loved the story partly hated it I love the theme of closeted jock and femme guy so based on that alone I was biased towards it I liked how Jamal fell for Trixie and Trevor and how supportive Jamal's family was It was a sweet story and I was rooting for all the MCs I also didn't mind Jamal being in the closet because I really understood his POV But some of the parts of the story just irked me I HATED the character of Lavinda who was the typical EVIL with horns female character It was sooooo not what would happen in real life Girl was legit insane and I had no idea why anyone hud her I also HATE when author's use a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING as a plot point Just NO It is one of those things that makes me want to bash my head on a wall That coupled with the I'm breaking up with you because I know what's best for youI don't want to communicate is just the worst This book also had a lot of plot points that sort of trail off into nowhere's land Some peter out but others feel like ideas that the author just threw in there but didn't fully flesh out Things like Trevor's family and Jamal's teammates could have used depth Overall I enjoyed this book but recognized its flaws But that cover tho me likey Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    425 AFREAKIN'DORBLE Drag Queen Lov'in Stars Jamal and TrevorTrixie together OMG LovedThis writer has a way with her flamboyant characters And I have a very BIG soft spot for cross dresser's for personal reasons So for me this book was a win win This writer IMO did Trevor good❤️ In this book Trevor was my flamboyant wonderfully written cross dresser And he was written to perfection Smart A mathematician FunnyTalentedbut I wished view spoiler the writer used common up to date songs for Trixie to sing or even stated who sang the song she was singing Then I could have y tube them because that is the fun in reading being able to feel the song and relate to them The choosen songsI could not relate hide spoiler

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    375 ⭐️ It was a entertaining read Sometimes I little chaotic It would had be nice if there were space between chapters It was somewhat confusingTrevorTrixie a sweet and high math intelligent drag queen And there is Jamal so sweet and endearing giant with a poetic heartWhen he sees Trixie performing it's BAM Jamal had made the decision to come out to his football team But then his teammate gets dismissed when he told the coach that he was gay Jamal decided not to say anything about him being biBut the Trevor and Jamal connect the he wants to outThere are some dirty things happening in both Trevor private life and Jamal's sports life With all the shit going on Jamal retreats from TrevorBesides the somewhat chaotic writing and the lack of space between the chapters it was a nice entertaining read

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    OMFG what a lovely great story I didn't read book one but it didn't mater at all in my humble opinion this sequel stand aloneI don't know shit about American football but it didn't mater that I din't know about the sport either I think both the plot and the characters in this book kept me interested Jamal and Trevor are one of my favorite couples

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    I was able to beta this story and I loved it I love all of Tara's work for her quirky sense of humor and way with steamy scenes As usual this is a fun and sexy story that nevertheless has some serious dollops of angst and deeper meaning Recommended

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    A story about a hot football star falling for a gorgeous cross dressing genius? Oh hell yeah I Am Riveted Add tons of humor and sexiness with the delightful narration of John Paul Barreland you have one happy girl here I really enjoyed John Paul's narration There were a couple of breathy points and some editing drops but they go by quickly and don't make a great many appearances certainly not enough to diminish the enjoyment of the storyUnfortunately my Big Pet Peeve Miscommunication makes an unwanted appearance view spoiler I hate when one character breaks up with another in order to save their partner without any proper communication What can I say it's a thing that makes me rage every timeFrankly there was than enough necessary drama in the story so in my opinion it would have worked just as well if not better if Jamal had just gone to Trevor or hell his father right away with what Arondel was doingAlso what was with only finding out about Trevor's childhood etc 91% in??? Man I would have liked to have had that explored better and earlier than it was pouts hide spoiler

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    The Blogger GirlsTara Lain knows how to bring a story to life; she knows how to make football palatable to those who are not fans of the sport; and she knows how to create a smoking hot couple that blows the top off with their compatibility and smexinessWe met Jamal in the first book Outing the Quarterback and he was such an amazingly good guy in that book that I was super excited to learn he was getting his own story and his own man Jamal is surrounded by his incredible family and friends so it’s no wonder that he not only accomplished his dream but also got his dream guy in the process But it wasn’t just handed to them oh noTrixieTrevor turned out to be one of the best characters I’ve read about this year I always say I am partial to the big sexy alpha males but for some reason this amazing drag queen stole my heart He is not a woman in a man’s body and he doesn’t want to be a woman but he is very happy being a man who loves to sometimes wear women’s clothes And that is HOT to me and to Jamal tooTrixie hits every one of Jamal’s buttons Being a bi sexual man Jamal gets the best of both worlds in the androgynous but super intelligent Trevor Trevor is so amazingly beautiful as a man but when he is in drag he is a very convincing gorgeous woman So much so that even the homophobic players on Jamal’s team are taken by herJamal and Trevor have a hard road cut out for them They both have secrets and they both have demons that plague them but together with Jamal’s family and friends they are destined to forge a path to that happily ever after that we all clamor for in our romance novels This book is very romantic this book is super sexy and their story is one that I will revisit when I need to get my fix of heart happinessHighly recommended to everyone because this book is simply marvelous Can’t wait for the next installment; I am super excited to see where Tara Lain takes us next

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    40 Fck yeah starsI really liked this book Was it perfect? No There were cliches and some cheesy parts There was a shtload of subplots and honestly some detracted from rather than added to the story But this book had what every good book has characters I fell in love with I absolutely adored Jamal and TrevorTrixie Adored They were so wonderfully real and imperfect and made for each other I couldn't put this book down I read this puppy in one sitting and that always counts for something in my bookBottom line Tara Lain hit a home run Recommend