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Just two years ago Greece seemed poised to collapse under the weight of its own debt than 300 billion almost twice the country's GDP If Greece fell it would finish off the already wounded global financial system and could destroy the dream of a united Europe for good After months of weak proposals stalled planning and bluster from some of Europe's biggest egos the 200 creditors of the floundering Greek government were no closer to striking a dealJust in time Charles Dallara the chief negotiator for the world's largest banks and financial institutions during the crisis brokered a solution that may well have saved the Eurozone It was the largest debt restructuring in history requiring the combined efforts of a motley cast of characters from the regal German Chancellor Angela Merkel to anguished Greek Prime Minister George PapandreouDallara was in the thick of the negotiations and Euroshock is the first inside view of the Greek debt crisis Here he also moves beyond the events of those years to provide an informed vision for the future a detailed plan for preventing and treating further threats to the stability of the Eurozone and thus to the worldTimely insightful and thorough Euroshock is a book for anyone touched by the fate of Europe the character of its leaders the effects of globalism on the American economy and our ability to safeguard the world's financial future

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