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Book 1The wall was put into place to protect the rich and the privileged from the fallout of a catastrophic natural disaster that destroyed half the world The world outside the wall was left to the lawless while behind the wall the class system was only fair to those born in the upper districts They ruled the lower class with fear of the being forced into the lawless world outside of the wall Molly Daniels a mechanic living in the Slum district is convinced she’s found love or maybe just a way out of her servitude Instead she finds herself abandoned by her lover and her family and thrust into the world outside the wall Fearful and alone she tries to find her way in a world that’s filled with unknown dangers Only to find that the world outside might just be better than the one she was forced to leave behind Lucca “Bone” Brighton is the president of the Red Devil MC His only family is his MC When Molly ends up in his town sick he saves her life and decides to keep her only Molly doesn’t make life easy Not getting what he wants isn’t making him happy But when a rival club kidnaps Molly he realizes that he’s not letting her go without a fight This Prez isn’t lying down anytime soon and he’s not allowing anyone to take Molly from the Red Devils until he’s dead Book 2Living with the Red Devils MC is a new start for Slum mechanic Racheal Trenton Having suffered at the hands of an evil man she’s ready for the change of pace Devils Fall's offers Struggling to find a way back to herself Racheal can’t seem to stay away from handsome dark haired Tiny who’s kindness seems to heal her broken soul Being part of the Red Devils MC has been enough for Tiny for nine years but meeting Racheal Trenton made him realize that he needs Obsessed with her he finds that her broken pieces heal his own He knows claiming her won’t be easy but he’s never backed down from a fight Book 3Having loved Trick desperately for four years Katie Mathews wants nothing than his touch Only Trick thinks he’s too old for her Deciding that she’s waited long enough she plans to find a man who isn’t afraid to admit that he wants her Only an old enemy has surfaced and it could end in a deadly confrontation Derick “Trick” Tannon burns with desire every time he sees Katie Only he knows that he’s too old and too hard for a young woman like her Thinking that he’ll never be what she wants or needs he forces himself to stay away Only she’s being threatened and he isn’t going to stand by and watch it happen He will take out any threat to her with single minded precision Nobody who threatens Katie will be breathing when he’s through with them Warning Hot alpha males all MF pairings and some light bondage

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    Pretty good seriesThis book needed some MAJOR Editing It wasn't really enough to ruin the story but it would have made it easier to readTaming Lucca 35 starsPlotAI liked the premise of the story and there were some kind of humorous partsCharacters BI disliked BoneLucca and Molly at the beginning I thought that Bone was a huge jerk and Molly was a whiny crying mess But both evolved during the book Bone became crazy hot possessive that I love and Molly developed strengthSex CClaiming Rachael 35 starsPlot BThe plot was pretty good A little bit of club business I didn't like how the story ended on a sad noteCharacters ABoth characters were really interesting They had really interesting and complicated pasts Tiny was AWESOME He had me when he said but he wanted Racheal He wasn’t a fan of fucking one woman when you wanted another He hadn't had sex with another once he met RachaelSexCCatching Trick 25 starsPlot CI saw who the stalker was from the first time they were introduced Not a lot of club business it was all in the background Tedious dialogue at some pointsCharacters Trick was a grade A jerk He kept hurting Katie time after time And he kept saying she would find somebody but kept running men away while screwing anybody he wanted Kept saying he didn't want to hurt her but did it again and again I really didn't like him I liked Katie ok liked that she had a bit of backboneSexCI may read the rest if the series if the price is right