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When hell claws its way up from the dark depths of the earth and the dead begin to walk again for several people the zombie apocalypse doesn’t just mean the end of the world as they know it it is also the beginning of a brave new life for them For some it offers freedom for others a deeper torment and unforgiving life than they ever thought possible The Bimbo The Book Nerd The Hero The Friends everyone has their place What really decides their fate in this new existence nature or nurture? Who they become when the world goes to hell is the true decider on their own humanity and will ultimately decide their fates Forever changed they have to learn to adapt to this dangerous and dark new world before they become one of the living dead themselves Odium Origins is an accompaniment to the full length novel Odium II The Dead Saga It contains several short stories featuring some of the characters that you loved to hate This novella can also be read as a standalone book

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    Be nice karma might be a blondeSo you ready to find out where some of your favorite people or not so have come from? Well these beginnings were kind of dark some even before they were faced with the apocalypse Imagine just hanging around the carnival then seeing the girl of your dreams then saving her life then seeing her die Or how about the abused wife who has made excuses for her husband for a little too long A husband who shows just how little he cares when the chips fall Gives new meaning to the phrase “I can’t wait until you are a zombie” And what about Karma is she really a blonde and why does everyone underestimate the blonde? All this and for your reading pleasure I guess it is enough to hold me over until the next installment of Odium So this bundle of fun is served up in usual Claire Riley style With a little bit of giggle factor and a lot of things you just did not uite see coming Oh yeah and all the blood and gore you can stomach You get to keep guessing about how everyone gets together but you can see some of the correlations in this book I love how you get to see what makes everyone develop into the person they are and how it happened Ms Riley does not just get to think up her backstory to each of her characters she gets to blow it up and put it on the big screen of your mind for you While this is meant to be the origins of some of the characters of Odium Origins II this can be a stand alone book as you do not need to have read any of the Odium series to understand anything If this is your first venture in to Claire Riley’s books I think it will encourage you to read

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    A fun novella filled with clever zombie anthologies A nice intermission to the Odium series

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    Wicked good counterpart to Riley's Odium Series One of my pet peeves when reading a full length novel is lack of backstory I'm a fan of characters realistic ticks traits the 'ugly' side of a person the 'attractive' aspects of a person Riley does a bang up job of keeping her characters real within Odium 1 2 the full length series books but what she does within the Origins books is something I find often lacking in a lot of novels especially in this genre ie horrorzombiesapoc She gives us the 'why' behind the characters what turned them into 'crazies' or 'victims' or 'fighters' Don't go into this novella thinking you're going to get some happy go lucky drivel that you'd feed your toddler for noontime snack This is unattractive humanity at its very basest but within that daily horror is levity relief and 'beating the odds' There are enough good 'feels' to counteract the 'I want to punch that character's face in' but not so many instances of levity that you'll come away smiling with warm happy thoughts More than likely if you come away smiling it'll be because a complete jerk got his just rewards Now that is worth buying a book for All in all I feel this second installment in Riley's Origins novellas to be right up there with some of her best work It keeps you reading I would have finished in a matter of hours had 'real' life not knocked on my proverbial mental door

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    Once again Claire C Riley has blown me away with her ability to make me actually FEEL while reading It would be different I suppose if she were writing in a dramatic type genre but no She writes HORROR I’m not used to feeling so emotional while reading a Horror book It’s a surprisingly pleasant feeling to be honest In this installment we learn the back stories of Matthew Susan Max and Anne and Dean These characters have each been through Hell and we learn a small portion of who the are in the Dead Saga though not nearly enough I can’t help but feel sorry for them each for different reason I want to hug every single one of them and then cook dinner for them You can tell they are mostly all good people at heart so it’s extra hard to read about bad things happening to good people On thing about Claire’s word choices is that she makes you WANT to get to know them better In Odium Origins 2 the intensity is almost overwhelming but absolutely in a good way It’s so intense that you can’t help but feel the character’s emotions as they are experiencing the zombie apocalypse Confusion panic fear sorrow and eventually hope You can feel the confusion and fear when everything first goes down and the disbelief when they finally realize it’s a nightmare come true When they get angry that the world has come to this you can feel their desire to destroy that which has caused them such pain Every swing of a bat or machete is felt with such strength and intensity you can see the blood splatter it causes You can feel when the character’s weapon sinks into a skull When a character dies there is such sorrow at losing one of the few who have not yet been turned into zombies; and eventually the hope that someday either they will encounter those who they haven’t been able to locate or the hope of being able to successfully destroy the “things” that their loved ones have become I seriously love this book I love the characters as well as the feeling that Claire puts into them She really knows how to bring them to life in ways I have never encountered before She is very obviously growing as an author While her first few books were also really good you can see the progression in her talent as she releases and stories for us to devour like a zombie with a plate full of brains I would recommend this book to everyone If they were to tell me they haven’t yet read The Dead Saga or the Obsession series I would insist they pick them both up right away The Dead Saga books is still one of the only zombie series that I think has enough going on to set it apart from the run of the mill survivor stories we get in most zombie apocalypse books Claire’s books are anything but ordinary but I guess you will just have to find out how when you read the stories yourself

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    I was given an ARC in return for an honest and fair reviewOdium Origins II is yet another great book from within the Odium SagaWorld In this book we get the backstory to a number of characters that were in the background in Odium II Theses stories bring us back to the very beginning of the apocalypse And show the perspective from the eyes of these individualsOdium Origins II deals with then just the horror of the apocalypse it deals with issues within the lives of these individuals before the apocalypse Some of which is heart wrenchingly sad The characters are bold and strong whereas others are the lowest of the low scum of the earth The author Claire has managed to capture these characteristics to aplomb Where you are really rooting for some of the characters and with others you'd kill them there and then if you couldThe world is dark horrific and disturbing Yet it keeps you hooked to the last page Every story shows humans at their very best and worst A brilliant read and a must for zombie horror fansThe Odium universe just got bigger and better I highly recommend thisBring on Odium III

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    Maaan oh man I got sucked right into this one I lovelovelove this second foray into the Odium Origin stories This group is all about the underdog The put upon beaten down looks stupid so its a fact doormats Claire C Riley has done a splendidly gross group of stories here with the perfect set of surprises in each story I won't rehash each plot because I'm sure someone else will but if you like come from behinds zombies and blondes you will love this novellaAs an aside and I'm not sure why but after I finished this Simple Minds' Don't You Forget about Me was stuck in my brain Thank you Claire C Riley

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    I was given an ARC for a fair and honest reviewWOW I think this was the most intense reading for me I found myself clinching my fist not breathing laughing and crying all at the same time Claire's characters are so real that the reader becomes one of them After reading Origins I actually looked outside to see if the apocalypse had started I like Origins because you get to know some background on characters from Odium I strongly recommend this book and any and all of her other stories too

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    I love these glimpses Claire C Riley gives us into a characters past the beginning I always love reading about who what why where the characters are when the apocalypse kicks off how their journey takes them from living everyday life into survival mode crossing paths with Nina gang The stand out feature of this book is in the action based pacing The narrative is once again brilliant I could really feel the characters going through the stages of emotions As with the rest of the Odium series the Origins part 2 also includes the essential zombie story elements monsters trying to eat people people becoming monsters tragic loss Relationships love hate world full of tragedy and disaster I definitely recommend this one It's a great read The entire odium series has got me hooked every character every story the author has a way of making her readers live the apocalypse I'm really looking forward to Odium III especially after Riley left me exhausted breathless speechless in Odium II in Odium origins part 2

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    I almost love to hate reading The Odium novellas because it makes the characters that much real The glimpses we get into their past of where they were when it all started of who and what they lost hurts I mean why would it matter there’re alive right? Well it does it matters greatly For if we weren’t privy to them we would just see the person they are now who they became after the apocalypse almost a shell of who they once were We wouldn’t have gotten to see the hopeless romantic who got the chance to look into the eyes of uite possibly his true love a woman that was set free from one to hell to be thrust into another but or less on HER own terms an underestimated blonde although unfortunate circumstances got to show what she is actually made of and the highs and lows your everyday teenager goes through Each character in OOII has shown – you can be your own HEROEeeeeek Can’t wait for book3 #Mikey

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    Odium Origins Part Two contains back stories from the Odium Dead Saga Returning to the start of the zombie apocalypse we see it from various points of view whose lives are completely different It is those differences that define how the individuals react to the start of the apocalypse in very different waysWhile I was rooting for the demise of certain heinous characters and not by zombie others I just felt sorry for and worry about their mental health in the months and years to come My favorite characters were by far Max and Constance These two kick ass partners will survive no matter whatI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review