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He smelled of leather wild sage and prairie wind His hard body pressed the length of hers sent heat raging through Mariah's veins Never in her wildest imaginings had she thought to be kissed like this so all consuming so full of passion and by Silver EagleReveling in the strength of his lusty body molded to her softer curves the familiar sounds of the woods birds chirping leaves rustling in a faint breeze faded away She brushed aside thought of the danger to them if caught like thisAll she wanted all she needed was right here in Silver Eagle's arms in his delicious kissHer fingers sank into his thick coarse hair as he slanted his head to gain better access to her mouth She found her tongue boldly dueling with his and felt the evidence of his desire against her soft flesh The stiff coils of the bullwhip anchored at his side rubbed her pelvic boneShe gasped at the thought of making love with him

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    RecommendedGood story Kept my interest I recommend it Writing is done well too If you love westerns you will not regret buying this one

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    Didn't likeThe Indian although around white people constantly spoke like a 2 year old The courtroom scene and tanners friendship seemed very shallow and that annoyed me