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Surviving the journey is just the beginning The last two months have brought nothing but death and destruction for Emma Rossi She survived the initial zombie outbreak with her husband Jake and their dog Daphne but the cost was steep Sanibel has fallen In a world where the only constant is change the group is pushed to their limits before reaching the gates of Asylum a coastal stronghold in Sarasota Florida Once again Emma must navigate an apocalyptic wasteland filled with relentless hordes of the undead and other menacing horrors that threaten her survival Only thing is certain No one is safe from what lurks on either side of Asylum's gates Sanity will be tested; and many won't live to tell the tale

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    I've mentioned what a big fan I am of Shana Festa's signature series Time of Death Induction was exactly the sort of breath of fresh air I needed after a series of increasingly dreary and grim zombie novels Horrible stories of survival and trauma are fine don't get me wrong but it seemed like that's all anyone was doing Time of Death is or less the Southern Vampire Mysteries of zombies following protagonist Emma Rossi as she meets the apocalypse with a can do chipper attitude This is contrasted to her husband who is unable to process how his wife is able to remain so calm and upbeat in the face of the world's end The premise of the books is Sanibel Island the refuge from the previous books has fallen Our heroine her husband her brother in law and sister in law all pile together in a boat to flee Searching for fellow survivors in Florida they hear rumors of a potential location called Asylum Meeting an oddball cast of characters they eventually arrive and try to deal with their new found home's peculiar rules It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize Asylum isn't going to end up all it's cracked up to be Shana Festa's avoids the common pitfalls of zombie fiction writers however by avoiding making them overtly evil The majority of people in Asylum are helpful friendly and interested in saving their fellow humans There's something evil going on of course but finding out what and who is involved is a mystery This is a nice contrast to The Walking Dead's Woodbury or Terminus where it seems everyone is a willing slave to the Governor or a cannibal The fact the survivors include many decent folk also prevents an easy solution like opening the gates to the undead No our heroine must convince her fellow survivors of what she finds or run the risk of being tossed out into the wilderness What's interesting is the majority of the book takes place away from asylum wandering around the ruins of Florida While other series would play on the horror of a now empty city this book takes time to show the upsides of the apocalypse Admit it if you were looking for shelter in the zombie apocalypse you'd probably go for the biggest fanciest and most well equipped mansion you could The fact some locations have working electricity and plumbing hint at larger survivors than we're used to in these situations to or just some houses are really well equipped This adds a nice little bit of social satire which has been missing from the genre since the Dead movies The social satire is subtle but it's there All of the money in the world can't protect you against a real disaster and people want comfort even in the face of oblivion The writing is sharp the scary scenes are scary and the funny scenes are funny There's a surprising number of well written characters in this book with all of them able to stand out as individuals before the inevitable grasping hand of death kills them off Despite being a lighter and softer series Time of Death still has a large number of casualties I can't tell who is going to live and who is going to die either which is new for me It's also the only zombie series I know to have a cute dog What's not to love? In conclusion this is an awesome sequel to an equally good book I hope Shana Festa can keep up the pace If there's one flaw it's the fact the book doesn't really so much end as peter out The book has a cliffhanger and I hate those Still I'd be wrong in giving this anything less than a 10 out of 10

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    Asylum's release date isn't until Dec and I pity the readers that have to wait that long Shana Festa's Time of Death series just keeps getting better Funnier snarky grosser it's just all the things The first book establishes the characters the end of the world and all the awesome that is Daphne The second book builds upon that while introducing and dangers beyond the dead things walking Asylum is a full throttle ride that picks up right where we left off in Induction If you liked Induction you'll definitely love Asylum I really wish I could say about this book but I'm super worried I'll spoil stuff and thangs so I'll just say this if you are a fan of zombie fiction pick up Time of Death

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    Budding zompoc author Shana Festa picks up where she left off with Emma Rossi and her family on the run from the hellscape Florida has devolved into after the undead rise to eat the living Together they battle their way through a never ending nightmare in search of someplace safe where they can catch their breath Festa brings a unique voice to the apocalypse one filled with colloquial humor biting snark and laser sharp insight into human nature Her characters leap off the page and into the readers imaginations and hearts not the least of which is Daphne Rossi's beloved dog Festa effortlessly holds the reader captive with an engaging storyline that picks up pace right to the very last page and leaves them hungry for This is a must read for zombie fans old and young alike I can't wait to see what she comes up with next

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    I came across SHANA FESTA's work not long ago So glad I did I would not guess that she's a newer author based on her writing Easy to read and near flawless Her storyline is believable and her characters likable well the ones who are meant to be liked ha ha ASYLUM is the 2nd book in the Time of Death series Just as good as book one Emma Rossi along with her husband Jake and his brother and sister continue to search for a safe place amidst a world overrun by the living dead Some characters were lost sniffle and some new introduced They make their way to ASYLUM where not all is as it seems FESTA's dead are gruesome and some seem to be a bit different in book two hmmm are some evolving a bit?? Little doggy Daphne remains with the group and is pleasant as ever Emma's husband becomes distant in this book and mean to her I found myself starting to really dislike him Likea lot A new character was introduced in this book and I desperately want Emma to go find him in book three and hook up with him FESTA has done a lot of foreshadowing for book three Not sure when she is releasing it but it will be a long wait as I want it right now My only complaint about ASYLUM was that it ended Sincerely it's hard to find good zombie books FESTA is a gem Her writing is edgy funny gory I received an ARC copy of this book not in exchange for an honest review but because I begged for it Nonetheless my review is honest and this book kicked ass M Lauryl Lewis author of the Grace Series

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    I loved this book so much The first in this series provided the back story and I became attached to the characters I read through Asylum and was on the edge of my seat terrified one of them would die New and interesting characters were developed with some I love and some I love to hate After the fall of government many issues and emotions still exist in the US such as jealousy greed and racism as well age sexual orientation and intelligence discrimination Just as life before the outbreak the existing political and military power is secretive untrustworthy and conspires with malice At every turn I experienced the same feelings as the characters and found myself happy hopeful angry scared confused and disgusted I enjoy a strong female lead and Emma is tough and vulnerable as well sarcastic and realistic in her responses to every ordeal I still love Daphne but Emma is definitely my favorite character as well a new addition Jasper I am already anxiously awaiting the next book

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    This is the second book in Shana Festa's time of Death zombie series It picks up where book one left off a couple of months after the first zombie outbreak The main character Emma is on the run with her family fighting for survival I really like Emma she is upbeat and tries to stay positive in the face of the world falling apart the horror she has seen and the gruesome things she has had to do She can also be snarky humourous and throw a tantrum She is devoted to her dog Daphne and has so far managed to keep her safe too Shana if you're reading this don't you dare kill off DaphneI was emotionally drawn into this book even getting choked up a bit over one of the character's deaths If I can care that much about a character who wasn't even in the first book then that says good writing to me There were also moments where I actually laughed out loudTuesdayI received a copy of the audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review Sarah Tancer continued to do a great job narrating book 2

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    Review copyRelative newcomer Shana Festa is back with book two in her zombie series Time of Death Asylum picks up right where Time of Death Induction left off BTW if you haven't read the first book get it right away It's one of the best works of zombie fiction to come along in some time and book two is just as goodTime of Death Asylum begins with a synopsis of book one just in case you have short term memory issues like me Then we continue following the four surviving members of the Rossi family husband and wife Jake and Emma Jake's brother Vinny and their sister Meg In addition Emma's little dog Daphne is back as the group struggles to survive in the weeks and months following the zombie apocalypseThe author is incredibly adept at mixing the highs and lows of surviving in the new world It's not easy loved ones are lost and relationships suffer Try as I might I just couldn't stop my brain from working overtime It kept analyzing our current circumstances We'd started that morning with eight and now we ended it with four We'd watched half our group die in the course of a single day The wort part besides the obvious loss of people we cared about was that we' had to kill them with our own hands What does it say about the world when murdering your loved one is the only acceptable optionThen there's the all important question of figuring out who to trust among survivor's you meet along the wayTake the people at the Asylum after a family vote the Rossi's decide to take a chance with a larger group of survivors What they find there is a level of security but at what priceTime of Death Asylum has everything the zombie reader could want; realism a story which rings true given the subject matter an episodic storyline pathos a touch of humor and one hell of a cliff hangerI'm already looking forward to book threeBTW kudos to Christian Bentulan for the outstanding coverTime of Death Asylum is available now from all major e book retailers and is published by Permuted Press who have the great tag line Enjoy the ApocalypseIf you love zombies you don't want to miss Time of Death Asylum

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    I received an ARC copy of this book for honest review 'Time of Death Asylum' is the continuation of Emma's story as she survives through a zombie apocalypse Finding a safe place to stay isn't easy when the streets are filled with the walking dead Emma and her family find out about Asylum and decide to make their way there Their journey is fraught with peril but for this group there are still things to be grateful for so there are also lighter moments The characters are amazing realistic and easy to sympathise with I loved the sense of humour and enjoyed the banter between the characters The story gets a bit darker towards the end of this book with new threats to the group as they enter Asylum and realise who it's being run by I found this book even captivating than the first in the series the horror hitting on deeper levels as there is now than just zombies to worry about The ending really took me by surprise and made me wish the next book was already out I look forward to from these amazing charactersOverall this is an excellent continuation to a fantastic zombie apocalypse series I highly recommend it to fans of the genre as well as to anyone who's never tried zombie books before Can't wait for the next book

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    I had the pleasure of reading an advance review copy of this book and having enjoyed the first one in the series i had high hopes fro this sequel they were met and exceededThis is a really good read and i think it is better than the first book You can feel the authors development alongside that of the characters and the environment in which they must survive there is a good mix of horror humour and realism and as much as ican't stand yappy little dogs the antics of Daphne made me smile there are some interesting new characters in this outing and i am curious as to how they will develop in the next installmentWell worth a read

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