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The first book to offer a comprehensive view of Maurice Merleau Ponty's work The Merleau Ponty Reader collects the essays necessary to understand the core of this critical twentieth century philosopher's thought Of great interest are the previously unpublished working notes found in Merleau Ponty's papers after his death and several essays that appear here in English for the first time The editors also have provided an introductory overview of Merleau Ponty and the works included herein and have updated all English translations By situating Merleau Ronty's writings on the philosophy of art and politics within the overall development of this thought this volume allows readers to see both the breadth of his contribution to philosophy and the convergence of the various strands of his reflection

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    260215 this is not exactly a lesser merleau ponty collection it just contains work i have already read or have little interest in and with no new commentary or other authored essays on the work presented if this had been my first m p collection i think i would see it a five but some i read here again as 'what is phenomenology?' twice 'cezanne's doubt' third time 'eye and mind' third time some are perhaps reuired engagement of politics for mid century philosophers on marxism politics in 'human engineering' 'man and adversity' epilogue to 'adventures of the dialectic' but i am always already uninterested in politics through philosophyon the other yes these are great works by m p listen to him in conversation with other philosophers on 'primacy of perception and philosophical conseuences' give a good sketch of his thought even an unpublished prospectus of his work to which he is faithful and a great exploration of what painting is to m p in 'indirect language and voices of silence' and it is not difficult but engaging stimulating and always a bit sad to read and know it as his last work promised in 'chiasm' 'notes' or published in 'eye and mind'

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    Read Cezanne's Doubt