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Love UnexpectedThere was something about the tall gray eyed stranger that caught her attention For a slave thought Bethany he had a most arrogant bearingThus begins this tempestuous tale of forbidden love of a wealthy young woman and a captured English soldier who had been condemned to slavery on her plantationOne night they were seen together and Bethany's world of wealth and privilege suddenly came crashing down

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    Another good read by little known historical romance writer ThorpeIn this outing Thorpe takes her readers to the West Indies during the late 1600's Jared Vernon escapes the English gallows for participating in the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion and is shipped to Barbados as an indentured servant for 10 long years Plantation owner Matthew Court is persuaded to add Jared to the ranks of workers by his headstrong daughter Bethany who sees something in Jared is it the initial stirrings of love? well of course it isThorpe obviously loves this time period and this locale as she has used it effectively in several other novels most notably The Sword and the Shadow and The Devil's BondmanI can't say enough how much I like Thorpe's writing Her books are fun to read clean and have a proper sense of historical place On the downside some of her characters especially the heroines suffer from being too melodramatic and weak natured I put this down to the time Thorpe wrote them 1950s 1970s and also to the time period of the stories themselves which cover the 1600s 1800s If you enjoy recently written romances be they contemporary or historical Thorpe will probably not satisfy For me however she's just right

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    35 starsI always find Sylvia Thorpe's books enjoyable and this one is no exception Set in Barbados on a sugar cane plantation

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    3 12 starsAnother fun romp by Sylvia ThorpeIn this story the heroine finds herself betrothed to a man she grew up with from a neighboring plantation in Barbados He loves her in his own way but is controlling and jealous Meanwhile a convict ship comes in and Bethany's father goes to check out the slaves for sale He finds a tall man of arrogant stature and cool gray eyes and buys him along with a few othersneed I say ?What follows is accusations of insubordination a flogging Bethany's virtue is called into question there is a show down a shipwreck pirates a slave uprising and a mystery involving a 'royal' birth Sounds like a lot but somehow Sylvia works it all outIt's not my favorite Thorpe but it's still a good solid 3 stars and I can recommend it to others who like a clean romantic adventure set in another time and placeCONTENTSEX NoneVIOLENCE A flogging not graphic and muted talk of rape among piratesPROFANITY Mild to NonePARANORMAL ELEMENTS NoneMY Rating G to Mild PG