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★★ Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE ★★ Don't spend another day IN MESS Get Things Done with Super Effective and State of the Art FREE software EVERNOTE Ever thought of just extracting all your thoughts and storing them somewhere safe? Evernote presents a way to do just that Now you can transfer all the things that you need to remember store or save for the future to one platform In this powerful and comprehensive guide you will find the solutions on how to make yourself productive and pro active Evernote comes to the rescue Are you ready to redesign your life with Evernote? Fasten Your Belts ★A Preview Of What You'll Learn★ ✓Why Evernote? ✓How to Find Anything Anytime Anywhere ✓How to Email All Important Documents Photos from Evernote Easily ✓How to Have Access to All Your Stored Documents Files Wherever You Go ✓How to Leave Voice Notes ✓How to Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook ✓How to Store Synchronize Your Browser Bookmarks ✓How to Share Notebooks ✓How to Install and Personalize Your Evernote ✓How to Create Reminders in Evernote ✓How to Use Evernote On Apple’s iOS ✓How to Add Multiple Types of Media to a Single Note ✓How to Save TWEETS ✓How to Create a TO DO list ✓How to Do a Researches with Evernote ✓How to Use Skitch ✓✓✓✓oh and much in this book ✓✓READY FOR BONUS? INCLUDED Download your copy today © 2015 All Rights Reserved Tags Evernote Evernote Essentials Evernote for Dummies Evernote App Evernote for Beginners Productivity Time Management Time Management Skills Time Management Tips Time Management for Dummies Success Personal DevelopmentEvernote for Dummies Extreme Productivity Evernote Essentials Evernote Bible Evernote Notebook

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    Heavy on fluff and filled with adsVery little in this book it is incredibly basic and misses a lot I'd say the whole book takes about 10 minutes to get through Plus tons of ads for other books at the book Disappointed