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Brandon Devereaux is a former football star who’s back in his hometown building a new career as an architect Jeremy Thompson writes a column for the local newspaper and is an aspiring authorBrandon and Jeremy’s story began just before Valentine’s day It’s Christmas now and their relationship has progressed to something that Jeremy hopes will become permanent Due to a relationship that ended badly for Brandon Jeremy isn’t sure his boyfriend’s ready for that type of commitment yet but he’s willing to waitHe’s surprised and pleased when Brandon asks him to move in with him as soon as he completes renovations on the old Victorian house that has been in his family for generations Jeremy definitely wants to live with Brandon but not necessarily in that house There’s something strange about it that makes Jeremy uncomfortable Even Sam Brandon’s Border Collie doesn’t like to go inside the houseBrandon doesn’t understand Jeremy’s feelings declaring that he never senses anything eerie there He insists that it’s just Jeremy’s imagination working overtime but Jeremy knows that it isn’t that it’s something Will Jeremy’s aversion to the house ultimately end their relationship or will they have a spirited Christmas and come to an understanding?

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    I'm a real sucker when it comes to Christmas romance stories I can't get enough of them I want them soft and sappy not much angst but most importantly of all a happy ever after I've read some real bummers so far and been really disappointed this one however restored my faith It gave me a real good warm fuzzy feeling exactly what I was looking for Now it's very short 41 pages but it's what the author puts in those pages that makes it a bit special It was just so easy to read the words flowed freely and the sex scenes were the icing on the cake sensual and sweet all at the same time Even considering the length the enjoyment factor it gave me when reading which was a lot I'm giving 5 hey it's Christmas

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    Susan Scott has brought us us a short sweet Christmas love story with a bit of a twist Brandon and Jeremy are getting ready for their Christmas dinner at Brandon's childhood family home that he was renovating so he could move intoJeremy always felt strange over at the big house and never knew why until an accident occurs and there is no doubt something ghostly is afootI loved the chemistry between these two and how the story behind the spirit and how it was all brought together

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    I've never read anyting by this author before and this story was a nice surprise Jeremy and Brandon are a fairly new couple they're spending their first Christmas together Brandon has been fixing up a home that has been in his fanily for years He's always felt very safe there but its not the same for Jeremy After breaking his wrist there he decides to look into the possiblity there is something there than meets the eye I liked the mystery in this short story and the MC's were likeable and very sweet to each other Nice short read

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    Hot cute and quirky little Xmas time read The two males were endearing and a pleasant to read Nice Christmas spirit spanner to keep the mind going about the houseWill be seeking out from this author

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    Lovely sweet short read with a difference

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    This was an ok story but I didn't write anything when I finished it and now I can't remember any of the details except the Spirit part