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Are you tired of being broke? Do you want to revive that dream of being financially successful? Yes? Then take the Vow of ProsperityIf you are one of the millions who are living beyond your financial means scraping to get by every month allow Noel Jones and Scott Chaplan to redirect your focus and your finances toward successBoth authors are experienced and successful in their chosen fields and they share their expertise with you because they want you to succeed to be the person God gifted you to beVow of Prosperity provides solutions that will bring financial freedom to you andor your faith based organization You are introduced to both spiritual and practical solutions to attain financial security first by establishing your core values then by following step by step guidance regarding budgets credit cards taxes and much Scripture says that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just but how do you go about accessing it? Specific ways are given so you can acquire wealth while at the same time using your God given gifts and talents to fulfill your goals and destiny

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    Read the original manuscript in 2006 Get it Everything you’re learning now about “Missions Money and the Marketplace” and how to use your gifts the GODLY way without tricking people is inside this book based on Matthew 25