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4 4.5 StarsOh my facial hair, Batman How delightful was this little book of chin curtains rhetorical question alert L.O.L.Z.So, obviously, I wasted dedicated entirely too much time and had way too much fun surfing through the plenitude of wicked awesome beard memes available on the interwebs Either that or I have an unnatural and slightly creepy interest in Abraham LincolnBut I digress.Anystache, this is how you feel when reading Penny Reid You re having So Much Fun I mean just look at that guy Whip his Nae Nae And you are getting in some good exercise Some brain exercise, that is And by this I don t mean that my brain has to work harder to read a Reid bookbut rather, I am reminded that my brain actually does work pretty damn well and that it really can comprehend words bigger and complicated than, Oh yeah baby, harder, and p ssy In theory Now with the same breath I used to explain that little nugget of brain efficiency, I will now also endeavor to contradict it completely.Because the ONLY reason I didn t give this book a full 5 stars is because I wanted a little Oh yeah baby, harder, and p ssy sprinkled in with my goatee flavored witticisms Beard with me.I don t always need some snap with my crackleOh wait, yes I do Especially when the two main characters have as much chemistry as Jessica and her bearded hunk of man sexy But anyflavorsaver, aside from this book s smarty pants ensemble, did I mention hilarious Because HILARIOUS.Like, people giving you weird looks as you laugh randomly to yourself in public hilarious But above the hilarity and even than the jazzercise, is the writing itself Penny Reid is just an amazing writer I love her prose, her flow, and simply put, her style.Everyone has certain writing styles that crank their tractor than others And Penny Reid is my John Deere Can t wait for book two 4.5 Finding Your Siren s Song 1 2 Spoiler Free and Are You Kidding Me RIGHT NOW FREE YES, NO COST WarningDisclaimer It is important to note when reading this review, it was written by a reader who has great affection for the past works of the author It has been stated in past reviews but for complete transparency, it is repeated here.There, I have covered my ass.I happen to love the way Penny Reid thinks and writes She takes ideas, fleshes them out, gives them life and then adds her Secret Sauce. Secret Sauce, you say What the hell does that meanWell, it means if I were even to attempt to do a poor man s imitation of her style, I would have to do the following Create a female character who has a very distinct personality.One who is natural in her intelligence and beauty open in her curiosity and unassuming in her looks She would dance to the beat of a different of a drum highlighting her unique take on everyday things She would be accomplished in whatever career she was in however there would be to her then what she doesit would be who she is or what she feels may be missing in her life which would be the crux of the matter She would not always take things seriously and have a great sense of humor but she would see things with a discerning eye and be the one to look to if another opinion was needed In other words, she would be very special and others would see it even if she didn t.I would need a strong focused man.One who had past issues of some kind but not the violent or nonredeemable He would have all of the physical attributes a woman would wantBeautiful eyes which resembles some of nature s perfection, a chiseled face which could be on any billboard, possible dimples or cheekbones to wish for or a delicious beard to tug There would be broad shoulders, long legs and a muscular chest with a happy trail pointing in the heavenly direction of the promised landsorry, I got carried away in my mind s eyeYou get the idea the man could stop traffic But he was not just eye candy he would have a sly sense of humor which worked perfectly with the woman he pined for they would both have active minds and the banter would snap and crackle with undercurrents of amazing sexual need.But the best, the most important part of this man, would be his heart his inner workings of what he thought was rightjustand righteous in his path of living He would see the person he desired and somehow, some way have her understand the sun and moon were nothing compared to her He would fight himself to do right by her and be sometimes too sensitive in wanting to do the right thing and do the wrong hurtful thing thinking it was right.Surrounding these two characters, there had to be families and friends those who would be important parts of the story Those who would be sounding boards or Devil s Advocates or comic relief which would lay groundwork for surprises later in the story These other characters would keep the reader thinking and surmising as to what could be the idea down the line in the storyWould the twists and turns one thought they knew were coming, actual be exactly that or would there be that added twist to make it even better.And speaking of story it would make sense it would have a purpose not just something thrown together to keep the two main characters having earth shattering sexOhand the sex we might have to endure an amazing amount of mental and physical foreplaybecause the coupling of these two would mean something to both of them.The last part of this puzzle would be the location and community All of the descriptions of lakes, land, skies and stars The way the words would transport you to a place where you heard the gravel move when one walked it or feel the chill and nervousness of being in the woods when at any moment a bear or other unwanted creatures could make a showing This ability to have the elements described in a way where you may be sitting in the dead of summer but when reading this book, the winter s chill is on your back So with all of these elementsI could try to create a type of Reid book but then again it goes back to that missing element The Secret Sauce The mind of Reid and try as a writer might without the inner workings of how to add the quirk, which really isn t because it comes as natural as breathing to the character, or collect and use colloquialisms of regions or times or use vocabulary which just fits right but is than most it won t be done.That is not to say other books by other authors will not be quick, smart, unique, charming and winning Not At All They just will be their own special books, hopefully So, if you really want to know about this particular entry of the Winston Brothers I will quickly tell you it had it all.Smart endearing Jessica Check.Hot, Intense Duane Double Check.All of the other Winston Brothers around or in the book Check.A heart warming, sometimes very humorous, sometimes sexually hot, all the time thinking story check.There is plenty of Specific Reid all over this so if you are use to reading her it should be a no brainer If you loved Beauty and the Mustache , then you already know of the Winston Brothers and their ways, yum.This is a blatant love story, no shame in it being right out there We get all of it plus clues to More love stories with the Winston s secrets revealed and all the feelings of knowing they love loving hard and deeply Please Penny Reid, keep producing that Secret Sauce and sprinkle it all over your upcoming books Beauty and the Mustache Knitting in the City4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Truth or Beard Winston Brothers, 1 Grin and Beard It Winston Brothers 2 Beard Science Winston Brothers 3 Beard in Mind Winston Brothers, 4 Dr Strange Beard Winston Brothers, 5 Beard Necessities Winston Brothers, 6 Before Reading And the Clouds opened and the Bearded Gods looked down and said Give her the damn bookI can t listen to her whining any Thank you and I will shut up now DI want, I want, I want.And the amount of how much I want this.Leaves me a little scaredDoes that qualify me to have a Winston Brother experience I think, Yes.A gifted copy from the Author was received with gratitude in exchanges for an honest review.For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways I ve been meaning to get around to this series for quite a long time Finally, I downloaded the audiobook and decided to find out what all the fuss was about surrounding these bearded brothers I wasn t disappointed.In the first book in the series, readers listeners are introduced to the Winston brothers Listening to the Audible version, I couldn t help but envision the men from the Duck Dynasty which wasn t exactly sexy However, with time, I was able to overcome that and mold the brothers into sexier versions of bearded bliss Despite being rather over the top at times, each of the brothers stood out as being unique and loveable They were definitely a quirky bunch, but very endearing I think they might be my latest guilty pleasure.Jessica James is the leading female character in this first book in the series She is dying to get out and see the world, but her plans have been temporarily derailed She s returned to her hometown to earn enough money to pay off her student loans so that she can travel the world Long term relationships or any other commitment that would tie her down are not in her plans.When she runs into the object of all her young fantasies, Beau Winston, she acts in an uncharacteristically passionate way Nobody is surprised than her to discover that her impromptu make out session was actually with Beau s twin brother, Duane, her childhood nemesis She certainly wasn t prepared for the jealousy and longing that she felt toward her one time rival I enjoyed the progression of Duane and Jessica s story, from stand offish to inseparable This was a sweet, heart warming kind of story I smiled and laughed at the personality quirks of the various characters throughout this story There was just enough action and mystery to keep me engaged as well.Eventually, everything works itself out We get the HEA that we craved and are left feeling contented This story can easily be read as a standalone, even though it is the first book in the series.If you re in the mood for a sweet, humorous, feel good type of love story, then this is a great choice I can see why so many of my friends have fallen in love with the Winston brothers I will definitely continue this series I look forward to seeing what the other brothers have in store for me.Check out of my reviews at FIVE WINSTON STARSBeards, brothers, and bikers Oh myI m not convinced I have the right words to summarise how I feel about this book I ve said it before and I ll say it again Penny Reid is a complete word genius and I don t think there is any review that I can throw together that would give this author s talent justice Full of originality and fabulous narrative this English book addict willingly got carried away by this gorgeous tale set in a small stateside town Now begins the painful yes, torturous wait for from the Winston brothers I m already in love with this series and I m sure you ll soon be just as addicted as I am.What s it all about For Jessica James having a long life crush on the one man who can make her knees go weak can be problematic especially when she has never had the chance to show how she really feels It doesn t help matters when the object of her affections has a set of bearded brothers who have never seen eye to eye with her law enforcing family Add into the mix a chance meeting of mistaken identity, a local MC club, one passionate encounter and a desire to leave the small town that she has grown up with and you have yourself one romantic story that leads to the best kind of happily ever afters Jump headfirst into this bearded romantic soir e and not only fall in love with this heroines journey of finding her soul mate but be prepared to fall in love with a set of unforgettable brothers What did I love In addition to having a story line that I was able to fully enjoy and appreciate, I also happily adored the romance of this story I laughed, I cried, I wanted to hug the characters I also may have wanted to strangle them on occasion and ultimately I fell head first into book and hero love Everything and I mean everything including all the full stops, chapter quotes, heroine, hero, beards, bad buys, apple pies, small town gossip, cute American references, family dinners, need me to go on Ok, I ll stop all made this book an absolute winner Every single one of the twenty nine chapters led me happily into the five star rating zone and I knew from the start that I would have zero complaints about this hero who won over my heart and landed himself straight into my favourite lists From steamy start to heart warming finish this novel appealed to my romance addiction and I couldn t call out one thing that didn t have me dying to spend time with Penny Reid and her imagination put to paper Final thoughts If you are looking for a romance novel with a quirky feel to it that will sweep you away and at the same time give you a healthy vocabulary lesson then you have come to the right place Penny Reid combines all that I love about reading a loved up novel and gives it an original, intelligent twist The characters, storyline and swoon factor are all on point and I m desperate to discover about the Winston brothers and the possibility of them all finding their own happily ever after Brilliant plot, simmering chemistry and Duane Winston made for one perfect reading combination Bring on the re read Enjoy readers, kissesARC generously provided by Penny Reid to read and review as a guest reviewer for Reading is sexy book blog The Winston Boys 6 Bearded hotties up for grabs I ll admit it, I m a sneak I actually messaged Penny Reid to complain suck up that her books were too good to have to wait for I mean seriously hot guys with beards and we re not talking about just one either 6 of them and two of them are identical What s a girl to do Well, this little chicky me scored I m sure she felt sorry for me and decided I had the potential to be a stalker if I didn t get my way So here we go I really loved those Winston men This is a family who is getting over the loss of their mother to cancer and a despicable father who showed no love or regard for any of them They are not perfect by any means but they do have such goodness within them that you can t help but love them Duane our H is a daredevil He loves challenging his mind and body with dangerous activities He cares about his family and tries to solve all of their problems Jethro is the oldest Unfortunately, he started to follow in his father s footsteps but realises his mistake and makes every effort to change his ways Cletus OMG, this guy is funny but it s the kind of funny where he s not purposely doing it He s extremely smart and is the one all the brothers go to when they need a problem nutted out Beau, Duane s twin, is the easygoing one Smiles for everyone and manages to manipulate most people into seeing and doing things his way We don t really get to know the other brothers and sister Ashley, that well The one thing that stands out is that they love each other unconditionally and will always have each other s back.The James Family is made up of Daddy, who s the sheriff, Momma who is a God loving mother to Jackson, a police officer and Jessica, a teacher and the heroine of the story TBH, they came across as a bunch of people who lived in a house together We don t see them checking in with each other or finding out how their lives are going We do see Jackson give a brotherly face to Jessica and then turn around and show an egotistical jerk to the Winston brothers Yes, this could be seen as brotherly love, but he never actually asked or took notice of Jessica s desires or wants Jackson and Jessica didn t seem to mind each other but they just didn t feel connected to me The Sheriff seemed quite nice and I respected him for not being narrow minded, but he obviously did not pass these values on to his son There is also mention of an Aunt Louisa in Texas It s not until later that we learn about her and this part dragged down my opinion of the family even.Jessica and Duane s love story spans years Jessica is friends with both Duane and Beau One brother is nice to her, and one enjoys tormenting her Guess which one likes her It s the old pull the pigtails of the one you like, kind of story think Maxwell Smart as you read that You can t help but love Duane and his devotion to Jessica He had dreams and made plans that he hoped one day might come true Jessica made dreams and plans too Unfortunately, their dreams aren t on the same track This story is about finding love and whether sacrificing or compromising can help your dreams meet on the same track.There are some dramas for the Winston s with the local motorcycle club trying to take advantage of the boys The connections between some of the characters to our main characters reinforced the small town vibe Between the teacher friend connected to the President of the MC, Jess s cousin also connected to the MC and a history with Duane, it s got an everyone knows everyone vibe.I really enjoyed Truth or Dare and will definitely be going back for I want to find out who is the perfect match for each of the brothers I have not read Beauty and the Mustache from the Knitting in the City series, which has Ashley the only sister to the Winston s in it I didn t feel like I missed anything but it has now been added to my TBR pile because I don t want to miss any of the Winston s story.This review and can be found at I was always running after her, but this time I wasn t going to let her get away I loved this one I have a feeling this series is going to become one of my favorites, these Winston boys are something special Truth or Beard was one of those reads that had me constantly smiling, I am definitely becoming a Penny Reid fan Her style is a wonderful combination of fun and heartwarming, with relatable characters you can t help but fall in love with.Jessica James has returned home after college, but only plans to stay for a few short years, she wants to travel, to see the world Growing up with identical twins Beau and Duane Winston, she has always had a favorite Beau was sweet, safe and easy going the perfect guy to crush on Where as Duane was broody, argumentative and complicated he was easily placed in the nemesis category Years, later it doesn t seem like much has changed, or has itI hope you wander into a hornet s nest and die of an acetylcholine overdoes, I spat You say the prettiest thingsA moment of mistaken identity is about to open Jessica s eyes Maybe Duane wasn t as indifferent to her as she thought It seems that quite the opposite is true Time is of the essence, with Jessica s plans, but will a year be long enough for this couple I adored this story, every single minute of it Duane was swoon tastic, trying to treat his girl right sigh I did have a few unanswered questions, but since this is the start of the series, I have a feeling I will get answers Also I CANNOT wait to get my hands on Cletus bookMaybe Duane should show you around the house, it might help you cool off Sitting so close to my sausage likely has you overheated and excited, Cletus mumbled as he indicated to the grill with his chin. From The NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY Bestselling Series Beards, Brothers, And Bikers Oh My Identical Twins Beau And Duane Winston Might Share The Same Devastatingly Handsome Face, But Where Beau Is Outgoing And Sociable, Duane Is Broody And Reserved This Is Why Jessica James, Recent College Graduate And Perpetual Level Headed Good Girl, Has Been In Na Ve And Unhealthy Infatuation With Beau Winston For Most Of Her Life His Friendly Smiles Make Her Tongue Tied And Weak Kneed, And She S Never Been Able To Move Beyond Her Childhood Crush Whereas Duane And Jessica Have Always Been Adversaries She Can T Stand Him, And She S Pretty Sure He Can T Stand The Sight Of Her But After A Case Of Mistaken Identity, Jessica Finds Herself In A Massive Confusion Kerfuffle Jessica James Has Spent Her Whole Life Paralyzed By The Fantasy Of Beau And Her Assumptions Of Duane S Disdain Therefore She S Unprepared For The Reality That Is Duane S Insatiable Interest, As Well As His Hot Hands And Hot Mouth And Hotter Looks Not Helping Jessica S Muddled Mind And Good Girl Sensibilities, Duane Seems To Have Gotten Himself In Trouble With The Local Biker Gang, The Iron OrderCertainly, Beau S Magic Spell Is Broken Yet When Jessica Finds Herself Drawn To The Man Who Was Always Her Adversary, Now Dangerous Than Ever, How Much Of Her Level Head Heart Is She Willing To Risk Be with a guy who still opens the car door for you even when he s mad at you.5 CatastrophicEngineFailure Stars Jessica and Duane Jessica wasn t going to break my heart.I was going to break hers.I wasn t all in.I wasn t even half in.I was ready to leave the whole time, looking for a reason.Because every second we spent togetherwas better than the last.BEARDS.BILF Beard I d Like To Fondle Whose beard would I like to fondle To be completely honest ANY of these brothers I LOVE BEARDS I could go on and on about my love for BEARDS Thank YOU Penny Reid for showing others how AMAZING beards can be BeardAppreciation Bearded men vs Clean Shaven viewed as 38% less generous, 36% less caring, and 51% less cheerfulness Based on those numbers it seems as if beard intimidation keeps the less adventurous women away WHICH MEANS MORE BEARDED MEN FOR ME HOO RAH Men with beards are all ALPHA MALE, RUGGED, and did I mention MIGHTY FINE Duane over here is no exception why hello BookBoyfriend or shall I say BookHusband His mission is to court Jessica and he is doing a swell job I may add They grew up despising one another however that s all in the past Definitely hubby material gents need to take a few pages out of this swoon worthy BEARDED man s book.I tried to shrug, but I m sure it looked like a minor seizure Jessica, he whispered, arguing with you is one of my favorite things to doWhat I gotta do for a piece of a pieTell me you feelin alright BROTHERS Six fine specimens I wouldn t mind switching them each day of the week need a rest day The beautiful brotherly love just made the novel even BETTER You can see and feel the love they have for one another and the sacrifices they would make They truly are a great bunch and I am BEYOND excited to read how each of their individual stories play out They are absolutely HILARIOUS and had me laughing through out Duane confided in them when he was unsure or hurt They gave the best advice and helped him realize what truly matters.When a guy sees a car he likes,all he can think about is getting under the hood or taking her for a ride I m not letting you leave this caruntil we make it to second base At least Jess, you know how good I am at baseball, right I can t do anything about the fact that our dreams don t align And sinceI do love you, I want you to live yours.BIKERS.This story line was pretty EPIC It had me on my toes from the car racing to the bikers and all the other PLOT TWISTS in between Without a doubt ALL STAR worthy This is the second novel Penny Reid has made the stakes for rating novels SO MUCH HIGHER This book is pretty close to PERFECTION if you ask me which is why YOU SHOULD and YOU MUST read itBaby, just be comfortableI ll be right here next to youIs this place home No, Duane You are Truth or Beard Penny Reid It is good to have an end to journey toward but it is the journey that matters most, in the end Ernest Hemingway. If only I had one ounce of the cleverness that Penny Reid has running through that mind of hers, I would have that perfect opening line for this review but sadly I don t.So I have to go with good old faithful and tell you that I LOVED IT What did I love about it Let me count the ways I loved the humor Penny s wit is superb I loved the sexy moments They were heart melting and rather tender I loved the other Winston brothers Cletus is pretty funny and sweet I loved that Duane was such a gentleman when it came to Jessica I loved that Jessica attempted to resist Duane..not that she could for too long I loved the story that surrounded them and it provided for some Winston Brother s excitement And finally, I loved that Penny keeps things real with her writing You never have to doubt what you re going to get when you open up her books The wit and originally is always there.Truth or Beard is Duane Winston and Jessica James story Growing up they were each other s adversary Jessica always saw Duane as a trouble maker but his twin Beauford was the one she had a crush on He was the guy of her dreams Jessica returns home after graduating from college with a plan and she was going to stick to it It didn t matter what anyone thought about her plan, she knew that staying in Tennessee forever wasn t part of it But there would be a rather sexy bump in the road for Jessica, one that she didn t see coming.Duane what a sweet, charming and sexy gentleman he was He also had a bit of an edge too Duane had the need for speed and was a lover of cars He also had a need for a woman in his life He wanted Jessica James to be that woman but it wasn t clear whether she had room in her life for him Jessica was super sassy and a lot of fun She was passionate about her dream and knew she needed to explore the world What she hadn t planned on was Duane One night, one kiss would have her questioning this perfect dream of hers After that unexpected kiss Jessica was confused than ever because Duane wasn t supposed to send chills through her body or make her want of him And boy did she want of him They needed some boundaries and some rules because something was brewing between them that neither could deny Duane was all set to do whatever he needed to show Jessica exactly where she belonged But Jessica couldn t let go of her desire to explore other places She didn t want to miss out on that unexpected experience Duane and Jessica are both dealing with some events that the other isn t completely aware of It appears that one of the Winston brothers has gotten himself in a pickle with Iron Order the local biker club and Jessica s life is turned upside down when something happens to her aunt In true PR form.the craziness ensues In the end would they both get what they wanted Within the fist 20% of Truth and Beard, I knew this was going to be another winner I loved the sweet and sexy romanced that blossomed Duane and Jessica s story was a lot of fun to read and to think, this is just the beginning of this series How great is that We have 5 Winston brothers coming our way ARC kindly provided by Penny Reid.