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Thirty two year old Richard Franchitti didn’t believe in love at first sight until he met free spirited Catherine and started a brand new life A devoted father and husband Richard fought to keep his family together when it would have been easier to walk awayTragedy left him with unfinished businessNow a disembodied spirit Richard relives his most important days From the beginnings of unconditional love to the joy of his daughter’s birth and all of the difficult times in between each treasured moment brings him closer to answering the uestion“Why am I still here?”He was born Richard Franchitti but his friends call him Ricky Welcome to his funeral

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    Disclaimer I was provided a free copy in exchange for a review And I am also a friend of the author’sHaving said that Funeral With a View is one of the better books you’ll read this yearThe story of Richard Franchitti will of course immediately bring to mind Frank Capra’s timeless classic film It’s a Wonderful Life But instead of seeing what life was like without him our guy looks back upon his life and wonders what’s left for him to doRichard Franchitti is an ordinary man And as we all know there’s nothing special on this earth than an ordinary man He rises and falls stumbles and carries on triumphs and fails He toasts little victories and drinks away small failures ok he actually chews his fingernails but you get the pointAfter a momentary lapse of reason that ends up costing him his life Richard’s soul somehow fails to move on Something’s keeping him tethered to both the world and his family and he needs to figure out what it is and come to terms with himself and the choices he’s made To finally be at peace with himself albeit after the factMatt Schiariti has an amazing talent for characterization dialogue and making the plot flow smoothly so his books are very easy to dive right into You get to know his characters through their words gestures and little uirks “Glenn? Glenn” Their laughter pain and tears are real to you because you can identify with their struggles; situations we’ve all been in at one time or another or know someone who has And you’ll want the characters to overcome them because of it Which makes FWAV all the human because you already know Richie didn’t make it But he has a chance to set a few things rightFuneral With a View is a story that’ll draw you in and hold you close You can’t ask for anything than that

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    A Five Hanky Read I cried while reading the ARC On a construction site In front of 30 guys And that's probably all you really need to know about the book Rick Franchitti is happily married man trying to talk to his wife on the cellphone when he has an unfortunate encounter with a beer truck that leaves him dead but still tethered to his body During his funeral he relives the many high and low points of his courtship and married life Without going into too many details Rick is a character who adores his wife and child and filled his short but well lived life with love and friendship Secondary characters fly off the pages and you can feel not just his grief but theirs at having to say goodbye to such as good friend If only they knew he was hovering in the background able only to observe not knowing why he's unable to pass on This was in the vein of The Lovely Bones and If I Stay but the key character is an adult man not a teenage girl For the record I enjoyed it than both those books

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    This novel raises one uestion is death something that makes an ordinary life interesting ?My personal answer would be no

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI've been waiting for this blasted thing for a year Okay over a year I was part of both the beta and ARC teams but I always prefer to read the final version of a book so I know how it ends upI loved it a year ago and I love it even now Matt Schiariti is one of my favorite authors for good reason His stuff is hilarious but not in a cheesy way and it has enough drama to keep you glued to itWARNING This book has feels Strong ones I cried I also got upset with some characters and I wanted to kick a couple in the butt They know what they didThis is a fabulous book and was well worth the wait55 Platypireshttpwwwplatypirecomj hooliganf

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    I was given this book from the author in exchange for a fair review thank youWhen the person over the blog that I submit my reviews to ask me to review this book I was likeugh it's kinda paranormal isn't it? I don't do anything paranormal ever I read Twlight but that is as much as paranormal as I ever got Jude was like noooo not really So I went into this book with a preconceived notion that I wasn't going to like this book I read a little bit oh great he is a ghost Ugh Well if you know me which you probably don'tI do not leave a book unread especially if someone is counting on me plus this was going to broaden my genre So it's Halloween night spooky right good time for a ghost book I start to really read this book To my surprise and delight this is a romance novel now we are talking Jude knows how much I love my romance novels what a good friend Funeral With A View by Matt Schiariti proves to me that not only can not judge a book by it's cover but not by it's genre either This is one of the best love stories At times the characters made me want to throw my kindle across the room for being so stupid and others they were so sweet and loving I was cooing no joke This book goes through Rick's and Cat's relationship all the ups and downs From beginning to the end you travel along as Rick remembers all the important stuff While he is trying to figure out why he is still here on Earth or in this Realm See I don't know the jargon here so please excuse me I loved this book I wanted to know these characters and be their friends He brought them to life for me well almost all of them heehee I cried at the end of this book which surprised me too It made me teary eyed and I was not prepared for that I'm now a fan at least of Matt's here but can't say I can accept the whole genre it scares me and I have to sleep alone too oftenI give Funeral With a View 5 PlatypiresBama Love Roll Tide and Keep Reading Y'all

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    As I read the opening scene of Funeral with a View I braced myself for a depressing read After all it’s hard to expect a happy ending when the main character starts off the book by dying But Matt Schiariti’s second full length novel surprised me by being both less gloomy and heart wrenching than I expectedRicky and Cat are ordinary people and their story is an ordinary one with a few twists What makes it extraordinary is the way it’s told Ricky is the narrator of his own story from beyond the grave—or to be accurate slightly above it The chapters switch between scenes of Ricky observing his own viewing and graveside service and extended flashbacks of the years before his untimely death by beer truck Schiariti ties each flashback into the current events in such a way that the story flows smoothly past and present each inform the other adding emotional depth to the story as a wholeAnother distinguishing feature of the narrative is Ricky’s voice Even when he’s observing the events taking place rather than participating in them it’s impossible to mistake him for some nondescript voice over; his individuality comes through in uniue speech patterns expressions and metaphors that both fit the character and enrich our view of himBy the end of the book I was invested engrossed and as Schiariti no doubt intended a bit wrecked The story did manage to end on a slightly uplifting even hopeful note which somehow made it all the gutting In the hands of another author this tale might have fallen tragically flat—in Schiariti’s it’s one that I’ll no doubt pick up again the next time I need a cathartic cry

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    There is so much to this wonderful book that it’s hard to know where to begin a review Funeral with a View is a poignant tale of one man’s life and experiences When Richard Franchitti’s life is brought to an untimely end by a freak accident he finds himself in an out of body experience as he attends his own funeral and relives the memories – both beautiful and tragic – of his all too short life Ricky is not a perfect man but I think he epitomizes a good man; a man that others would look up to and admire This book drives home so many of life’s experiences from the highs of being in love with that one person who completes you and the birth of your child to the lows of loss and death as well as everything in between The writing style is fluid and is incredibly well done while the editing is excellent The imagery is vivid and the story sucked me right in Many times I found myself either laughing out loud at the antics of some of the characters like Ricky’s mother – she’s a hoot or wallowing with a broken heart at the unfairness of it all Something else I really enjoyed seeing in the book was the character growth as they grew older and mature These are not two dimensional characters that are established early on and never change these characters seem real They are people that grow learn and change as time goes on and as they gain life experiences They have fears flaws and emotions and I think that many of us could stand to learn a few things from them especially Ricky Life is just too short and we should all make the most of every momentI wholeheartedly recommend this book and award it 5 platypires

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    This is a 3 12 star read for me I heard about this book through a friend who was constantly posting about it and then I was in the same facebook group as the author This peeked my interest I already read Words with Fiends but that short story was not in a genre that I normally read in Funeral with a View on the other hand was defiantly my genre but I was still hesitant because I am not a fan of the cover Yes I judge book covers and I'm honest about it Anyways I picked up this book and started reading it and I can see the author has talent At first I couldn't help but compare him to author Jonathan Tropper who is also a male author who writes contemporary fiction with male leads and who has written books with funerals as the setting I couldn't help but compare especially after a risue scene in the beginning of the book feature 3 of the main characters but after that the similarities ended The book had strong opening but then fell flat for the first half of the story I couldn't get into how perfect the characters were to each other and how they lived perfect lives It was too neatly packaged for my taste and I guess I preferred characters who are a little bit flawed Well the story definitely picked up somewhere around the midway point and I was engrossed with the characters lives Even the most perfect marriages have issues and nobody is that perfect Overall I thought this was pretty good read and like I said before the author has talent Can't wait to see what he does next

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a tough review for me; usually as I read a book I keep a Word doc going so that I can easily keep track of my thoughts both negative and positive Reading this book I was just so bored I didn't have any productive thoughts worthy of noting; nothing good to say but nothing terrible to say either The book is fairly well written though could use a little help with grammar at timesThe characters while horribly boring are very well developed and consistent The descriptions are well designed and I was easily able to develop a clear image while reading this book The plot it has completely been done before I've seen read this very plot in media than I can list here I kept reading and waiting for it to take a turn that would have some sort of originality but it never did I predicted every step of the way and every aspect of this plot has been done before and than a little 'There isn't any grand adventure or action or anything like that and that is perfectly fine as a book can have other aspects of course However the drama that there was felt canned emotionless and redundant I was tempted to give up on this book but I kept on hoping for some drastic turn or some originality however there was noneNot a bad read just not an original or exciting read either It is hard to find originality these days and I do not fault the author I suspect that many people would like this book and get into the family dynamic it has going on

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    This is the first book that I have read from this author and I can tell you it won't be my last Matt Schiariti has captured so many emotions that are true to the human spirit in just this one bookRichard Franchitti has been hit by a truck at the beginning of this story and dies the end But it's not the end it's only the beginning After his death he relives his life from the time he was young and getting to know his future wife till his death Such a true to life story not drama so many of the experiences that happened during Richard's life happen to normal people and the author seems to be able to interject all those feelings I laughed cried got really mad found a new best friend in Richard's mother cussed at Richard's friend Bill and on and on but then the book did end at the right time It left me feeling good about what was going to happen to this family I loved this story and will probably read it again Wonderful book Matt I give you 5 well deserved stars