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We are not guaranteed anything not even this life Rivers Young is the popular guy untouchable by reality He is like a star—bright consuming otherworldly The thing about stars though is that they eventually fall and he is no different He falls far and he falls hard Delilah Bana is the outcast enshrouded in all of life's ironies Alone in the dark like dusk as it falls on the world When Rivers hits the ground she is the night that catches him In the darkness they meld into something beautiful that shines like the sun Only the greater the star is the shorter its lifespan

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    I Chose You This is one of those reads I won’t soon forget I would categorize it as a slow burn romance Like really slow burn that packs an emotional punchI found myself sighing one moment laughing the next and then reaching for a tissue or two or three This is a definite “feels” kind of readRivers Young is forever scarred do to a recent boating accident and has shut down His football scholarship to the University of Texas gone His dreams gone His confidence gone Rivers used to excel at everything Most popular guy in high school Gifted athlete Extremely good looking with the prettiest girl on his arm but not any That life is goneDelilah Bana is the girl who has no friends to speak of the girl who is always bullied or else ignored But also the girl with the biggest heart in the world Rivers and Delilah end up spending days and nights together but I won’t give away the reason why In the process of discovering each other they find themselves as well   I smile as he shudders against me feeling empowered in the desire of Rivers I feel beautiful like I was never anything but I feel like I am perfect as I am and always have been I feel like I never thought I would feel especially with him I had no idea this was YA when I started it as I went in completely blind Both Rivers and Delilah act very mature for their 18 years of age It was totally refreshingI don’t think I have ever said this in a review before but I really suggest tissues be nearbyThis is a beautiful love story without steam without foul language Goodness that epilogue

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    Genre emo NADepression city It's wordy and meditative and I stopped reading as soon as I realized where this was going DNF 35%Going off to eat a vat of ice cream now Cliffy? Well technically no but it aint a happy ending if you know what I mean

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    Ok 5 stars are not enough for this book I started reading and could not stop until the book ended This book had me hooked from the very beginning all the way to the end I laughed ugly cried ugly cried some and just balled my head off the rest of the time This book is so beautifully written and utterly heartbreaking Amazing writing and characters you can't help but fall in love with this book Must Read

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    Lindy does this to meevery stinking time Reading her amazing work is exuisitely painful Her words so powerful they gut you They cut away all of the insanity and focus on one singular idea Each story is different and holds such powerful truth it brings you to your knees This first happened for me with Take Care Sara The astonishing beauty between those characters I never thought would be toppedAnd then I met Rivers and Delilah The enormity of their coupling was so profound for me Delilah touched a part of my soul that I didn’t even know was there You know you read to open your mind explore new worlds Be reminded what it’s like to just feel Feel on a deep level somethinganything That’s what Delilah and Rivers did for me It took an impossible situation where hope and love should be replaced with anguish and despair and it turned it on it’s head Delilah wouldn’t stand for anything less and her truth and the power and conviction of that truth was the bright shining light that shone thru that one fateful summerDelilah and Rivers had just graduation from High School Rivers was in a terrible boating accident and was feeling completely lost He thinks his life is ruined That there is nothing left to live for All that he knew and all that he had was stripped from him and he has chosen to shut down He has cloaked himself in despair and pity and shielded himself from anyone and everyone that cares for himIn walks Delilah Delilah with her care free attitude and her crazy hair Delilah with her wonky smiles and impromptu dancing Delilah with all her flair but most importantly her beautiful heart She goes to work as a summer housekeeper at Rivers’ house She does her job but slowly starts to break away that wall surrounding Rivers And the most beautiful partthey choose each other and their love story begins Within their love they find themselves Delilah doesn’t have to be the social outcast and Rivers doesn’t have to be the popular jock They can just be who they were meant to beDelilah saved Rivers and helped him to live and breathe and feel But Rivers did the same for Delilah Their love is epic It’s profound It expands space and time Their truth is so beautiful it’s blinding If you wish to be touched by characters that will imprint themselves on your soul then pick up Unlit Star and enjoy the beautiful bright light that is Delilah and RiversNicole

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    She was like the sun the brightest beacon of light in the whole sky one of the biggest stars This book could have been perfect This book could have been 5 shining stars It could have been big like The Fault In Our Stars by John Green because it had almost everything great unforgettable books have beautiful evocative almost poetic writing bittersweet inspiring touching storyYou already know there’s a big BUT following right? But before the bad stuff let me tell you first about the things that made me highlight almost every fifth page First what you have to know is that this is actually a YA story yes even though it sounds unbelievable I do occasionally read Ya too P even though some readers labeled it as NA and I really don’t know why Yes some of the subjects the book’s dealing with are uite dark and there is a bit non explicit sexual content but that’s it I’ve definitely read darker and sexually charged YAs than this one The MCs of this story are 18 year old Delilah Bane Rivers Young whose life paths get intertwined by one tragic event Most of the story is written from Delilah’s pov with the exception of the epilogue which is written from Rivers’s pov “You always thought you were so important” I say carefully setting my fork down His eyes lift to mine “I don’t think you ever realized how unimportant high school and your role in it really was High school is what happens before your life begins You can be the top dog in that big brown building and a nobody outside it You and your friends thought everyone wanted to be like you because you were so self absorbed you thought everyone else loved you as much as you loved yourself You were wrong” They both went to the same high school but they never talked to each other The biggest reason for that is that one of them was a social outcast who had her own principles and didn't care what others thought about her and the other was a popular jock and a football star who only hung out with the so called high school “elite” That’s all I’m gonna reveal you about the book because this is one of those stories where the less you know the better His body may be filled with imperfect fissures but all I see is something beautiful by tragedy Like an ocean formed from a meteor Something remarkable can always be the result of something devastating if you choose to find that one positive in a nest of negatives This is in its way a beautiful at time tragic love story which I think no matter its flaws won’t leave anyone indifferent It revolves around likable and relate able characters and approaches to the themes of family friendship love life and death in a very realistic and vivid way The characters are only 18 years old but most of the time they seemed like really old souls with the way they were thinking and the way they acted The romance was sweet and slow building It became a bit cheesy in the the 2nd part of the book but I still liked it enough Why I rated it 3 stars In my opinion its biggest flaw is that the author tried too hard to make it perfect which unfortunately resulted in its imperfections Yes the writing style was better than good at times even beautiful There are parts of the story which made me want to rate it with not 5 but 10 stars but then again after some chapters every second line became some type of a metaphor about life and world around us so that for me the beauty of it turned soon enough to exaggeration and cheesiness This especially applies to the development of the romance The book would have probably ended on my favorite shelf if the author had kept it down a bit with the constant usage of different figures of speech There was some cheesy content towards the end and as you know my tolerance level for cheesy lines is almost non existent The dialogues of the MCs in the 2nd half of the book sounded at times like over prettified sonnets or odes which only made me roll eyes and think nooo not againDon’t get me wrong there’s great depth to this story but parts like this kind of ruined it for me It’s a shame it ended up imperfect with all its perfections when it could have been magnificent but it’s still worth reading I liked the first half of the story better than the 2nd half with the exception of the ending and that touching epilogue which I loved If you are a fan of emotional heart wrenching and touching love stories and have bigger tolerance for cheesy content than me you should definitely give it a try There is no stopping this I don’t think I could if I tried Whatever this is whatever we have I am choosing to look at it as a gift One I may have to return but a gift all the same I will treasure it while I can

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    If I could give this a million stars I would This is a beautiful healing heart breaking masterpiece of fiction I am still processing the magnitude of my emotions and will post a full review closer to release day but make sure you keep your eye on this treasure

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    At 25% I knew this book was going to break my heart I'm not sure if I should give it 1 star for making me cry so much or 5 stars for doing it so beautifully A deep contemplative inspiring story

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    “Don't tell me some philosophical crap that's supposed to make this all okay It isn't okay It will never be okay” This line from the book sums up everything I felt

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    OMG I loooove the sound of this book We are not guaranteed anything not even this lifeRivers Young is the popular guy untouchable by reality He is like a star—bright consuming otherworldly The thing about stars though is that they eventually fall and he is no different He falls far and he falls hard Delilah Bana is the outcast enshrouded in all of life's ironies Alone in the dark like dusk as it falls on the world When Rivers hits the ground she is the night that catches him In the darkness they meld into something beautiful that shines like the sun Only the greater the star is the shorter its lifespan

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    3 Emotional Bending StarsI wanted to like Unlit star because I love the plot so much however I felt the story fell a little flat for meSummaryDelilah is cleaning Rivers’ house for the summer Rivers is the popular guy in school but after a boating accident leaving him disfigured has put him in a depression Somehow Delilah forges a friendship with Rivers to help him look on the brighter side in lifeReasons why it didn’t work out for me The narrative writing is a bit much I think if 30% of it was cut out I could have endured it better Also I started to skim because it got too much There was a simple plot but only a few times it was touched There’s a lot of “nothingness” going on There’s a lot of random dialogue and random scenes I understand it’s for character development but I also wanted something that would draw me in I didn’t like the little hints the author gave throughout the book on Delilah’s issues I understood she has issues but it should have been stated bluntly or just revealed later on Continuing I liked the relationship Delilah and Rivers forged I guess I just had a hard time with their execution I kind of wanted some banter back and forth with a little tension Sure they are playful but I felt like it really didn’t amount to anything big until the ending I understand the five star reviews and why people loved this one so much It’s a really emotional read and it grips your heart You really feel for the two characters It’s also a very sweet romance between two young kids I could call this a YA read than anything I think if I liked the writing style this could have easily been a hit for me