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When Cara Lee Greene finds that the glitz and glitter of casino life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be she divorces the Lake’s self proclaimed King of Tahoe and tries to separate herself from the rich and powerful Alexander familyIn her uest for a new life Cara is able to reconnect with some old friends She finds a new home a new love and a new piece of jewelry around her ankle Under house arrest and accused of a crime she didn’t commit Cara must rely on a funky group of misfits to uncover the truth and set her freeBelieving himself above society’s morays Duncan Alexander doesn’t know what he has until his beautiful college professor wife walks in and finds him in bed with another woman Losing Cara is not an option and Duncan will do anything to get her backWith a family whose wealth was built on profiteering during the Prohibitions years Duncan is not above doing what he deems necessary to retrieve his ueen His family sits on the side lines They have given Duncan free reign but in the end will Duncan be able to retain his throne?

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    Tahoe Blues was a page turner Couldn't put it down Aubree Lane has a gift with words Cara is an independent woman trying to figure out who framed her Will she figure out who? Can she trust Duncan the man she is falling for? This book is suspenseful and epic

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    Aubree Lane does it again This is a wonderful mixture of romance suspense and mystery Tahoe Blues keeps you guessing until the end the twist that are thrown at you only make you eager to solve who set Cara up? Who can she trust? Tahoe Blues is great book worth the time to buy and read Don't miss out on the chance to read this you won't regret adding it to your library

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    Tahoe Blues is another incredibly awesome book by Aubree Lane It's suspenseful romantic a mystery to solve and great characters I love the way the story melds together everything in a seamless storyline that ties it all together in a pretty bow at the end Cara is a biology professor married to a sexy casino owner who's a cheating dog of a husband When she divorces him after a big fundraising gala she finds herself being accused of embezzling funds from the proceeds TJ is the hot maintenance man for her building but he's not just a tool man he's also the very wealthy owner of the building and a contributor to her fundraising cause With an interesting cast of friends they solve who really stole the money and free Cara Will this stress of the accusation cause the budding romance between TJ and Cara to end before it gets a chance or will their bond be stronger in the end?

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    This story has it all Mystery romance intrigue and twist after twist and I just kept changing my mind about what I thought was really going onI know that rich influential families tend to have their fingers in a lot of pies and their hands in a lot of pockets but I didn't even see this coming This large cast of characters are all well developed and the story really moves along and flows steady never lulls so it keeps you just a little off balance as to what the end game truly is for some of the players who each with their own agenda end up all on the same side or do they? You'll have to make up your own mind because I thought it was all good in the end right up to the last few sentences then wham Not so much Really Really Well Done

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    Awesome book ITa a amazing read I dont give away the storySO Dont miss this book BUY AND READ ITYou will love it Thanks Aubree Lanefor another exciting READ

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    Tahoe Blues is a winner The writing is terrific the pace is perfect and the characters are a combination funny acerbic witty weird paranoid lovable and detestable; and all play their parts perfectly in this well developed story by Aubree Lane Cara has finally divorced her wealthy top of the social heap philandering husband Duncan Alexander and is looking forward to starting her new life as unmarried woman Cara Greene She has a strong launch because she is much than a socialite wife She is an accomplished professor who is invested in the ecological health of Lake Tahoe The author does a great job of sharing interesting facts about the Lake and surrounding area enough so that we feel we learned something but we did not feel as if we were sitting in one of Cara's lectures Her new and sizzling romance with Tanner hot hot hot her fledgling friendship with best friend Leah and her contemptuous relationship with most of her ex husband's family all combine to give us delicious drama Add to that the mystery of missing funds from a gala the accusation of Cara for same and a band of friends and two slightly oddball private eyes who are searching for the truth and you have a book that that keeps you turning the pages until the immensely satisfying conclusion Definitely worthy of a five star rating

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    I received this book for an honest reviewI absolutely loved this book The premise is uniue and captivating The characters are uniue and intriguing The entire story was suspenseful and so much fun to read There is humor and mystery along with a budding romance Cara is a smart and well developed main character She learns a lot about herself throughout the book and by the end the reader is impressed with her journey The dialogue amongst the characters is fantastic It feels like a true conversation rather than a script Aubree Lane is a creative and powerful story teller I have read her previous works and this one is my most favorite She knows her facts when building a character and makes her characters as real as possible The story is plausible and realistic enough that even though it is fiction the imagination is not stretched into make believe The reader is able to learn something from the book be it about biology and the environment or about human nature This is one of my top books of the year

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    I found this book very entertaining to read even though it was not a genre that I normally read From start to finish there is a lot of hopping around following the clues people jumping in to help out and as always in the end there is always the evil plot twist nothing is as it seems to be and all heck is gonna break loose at some point Cara is flighty at best but her hearts in the right place She makes you want to strangle her with her uick crazy assumptions and over active imagination and how her boyfriend put up with her without shaking her at least once or twice is beyond me But even with all that I still couldn't put this book down I had to keep flipping the pages to find out what crazy stunt she was gonna pull next and where the next clues to the scandal were going to come from This is a must read and you won't be disappointed in it