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Are your fears weaknesses doubts and anger keeping you from intimacy with Christ? Do you struggle with despair? Let St Therese teach you perfect trust Learn how Therese of Lisieux trusted God through tragedy scruples spiritual darkness and physical suffering Connie Rossini pairs episodic stories from the saint’s life with memories of her own quest to trust With Sacred Scripture the Catechism of the Catholic Church and insights from psychology Rossini leads readers to surrender their lives completely to JesusPractical and accessible Trusting God with St Therese includes questions for reflection that make it perfect for book clubs and faith sharing groups

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    Trusting God is easier said that done at least for me I always seem to think I know better Or that I can do it myself which puts me at about the same level as my three year oldOver the years I’ve become quite a St Therese fangirl though I will admit that I struggle sometimes Her Little Way doesn’t seem little in terms of effort or difficulty Her philosophy trumps me And yet I keep coming back to herSo I was intrigued by Connie Rossini’s new book Trusting God with St Therese Four Waters Press Rossini seems to be a highly practical person so I didn’t expect a lot of flowery advice that I won’t be able to follow anywayRossini manages to make St Therese the great Doctor of the Church into someone accessible and she does it in part by sharing her own story in conjunction with Therese’s Suddenly the Little Flower becomes not just a saint who either bordered on whiny or who was so perfect I stand no chance of being inspired but someone who I can turn to in prayer and maybe even hear speaking to me as I read about herAt the end of each of the 13 chapters there are reflection questions that would be ideal if you were using the book for a study group or even for journaling inspiration Rossini has also included at least two and sometimes as many as four practical suggestions at the end of each chapter tooReading about Rossini’s experiences through the lens of St Therese was inspiring true Beyond that though it also motivated me to consider how my own experiences can be viewed in light of the saints who impact and inspire me

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    I am shamelessly giving my new book 5 stars Since I blog on Catholic spirituality I receive several emails a week from readers seeking help in their spiritual lives I estimate that 90% of the problems they ask me about come down to trust I too struggled with fears doubts and frustrations until about 18 months ago when I began to focus intently on trusting God according to the life and teaching of St Therese of Lisieux Doing so changed my life Now I want to share this message with as many others as possible so they too can be free to follow God whole heartedly

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    Many Catholics including this one are struggling in their “daily grind” to attain the happy holy union with God that He intends for everyone but without the benefit of a regular spiritual director While no book can replace the saint recommended assistance of a person gifted by God and trained to help souls Connie Rossini’s first full length book Trusting God with St Therese thankfully comes very close to directing us on this very worthwhile — and challenging — journey Rossini notes that her book is written at an intermediate level and I would agree that Catholics who are not regularly attending Holy Mass and Confession and trying to live their Faith each day will probably find this book unhelpful — until they are at which point it is “full speed ahead” Spiritual growth — like advanced college coursework — assumes that prerequisites have been met I can see re reading this book several times over the course of one’s lifeRossini is obviously well read particularly in the Carmelite Doctors of the Church the list of abbreviations for her source material gets the book off to an impressive start and her book not only captures the reader’s imagination but methodically teaches and provokes reflection chapter by chapter The general format is chronological chapters that begin with a biological sketch of St Therese then continue with a story from Rossini’s own life then draw out spiritual lessons often with the help of secular thought such as psychology and then end with several soul searching questions and practical applications I find the book exciting and challenging it is taking me a while to get the most out of each chapter but it is well worth it I am filling many many pages in my spiritual journal with ink from my fountain pens which may be unduly delaying me but I consider the review e copy of book the author sent me to be God’s precise answer to my prayers to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a novena preceding her feast last month Since then I have bought a hard copy of her book from Prime for around 15 with tax a Kindle copy for only 99 cents so I can have my Kindle Fire read it to me while I work and highlight like mad without violating my strict policy of keeping my personal library of paper books in pristine form for my children and future generations and another Kindle version for a friend for only 399 This is possibly the best 20 I have spent in monthsThough I am exploring Carmelite spirituality I have not yet read St Therese’s Story of a Soul an awful admission I know so much of the biographical information Rossini provides about the saint is new and fascinating to me as it is not part of general Catholic knowledge which tends to treat The Little Flower like a wilting daisy which she certainly was not in the same way it treats St Francis of Assisi like a hippie hardened into a garden gnome which he wasn’t either There are two extremes biography can tend to hagiography and dirt dullness but Rossini avoids both regarding St Therese and herself in fact her description of the fatal problems Therese’s mother had providing adequate nutrition to her nursing babies and the author’s telling of her own family’s devastation by two car accidents moved this reader nearly to tears Similarly though the reflection questions require us to probe the sensitive areas of our own lives it’s the kind of probing that a doctor does to expose and heal something that will otherwise sap our energy or even infect us year after year There is much practical help here too Rossini performs a valuable service by restoring for us the original purpose of the “Therese beads” that are found in the homes of most Catholic homeschooling families When our little ones make them as a craft we are told to instruct them — as Therese and her sisters and many people since were — to pull a bead each time they do some good deed to essentially “keep score” of the good things they do It doesn’t take long of course before our natural vanity takes over and we are preening ourselves on how well we’re doing and perhaps even competing with a sibling all the while fooling ourselves into thinking that we’ve earned God’s love and even Heaven by hitting a personal best score Talk about impeding spiritual growth in the family As Rossini explains the original purpose of the beads was to remind us of our sins when we make our daily examen as recommended by St Ignatius “Oh yeah I pulled that bead when I said that unkind thing and that one when I told that lie” This is of course a far spiritually healthy use of the beads and since there are ten of them we can even use them to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet tooThis book is only one of several helpful resources Rossini provides Her first book was a short e book called 5 Lessons from the Carmelite Saints that Will Change Your Life It is available for free on her blog Contemplative Homeschool contemplativehomeschoolcom which also offers frequent posts about practical Carmelite spirituality and helping our children grow in holiness She also organizes the Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network catholicspiritualityblogsblogspotcom to aggregate blogs that help with spiritual growth Most recently she has begun blogging at the popular site SpiritualDirectionCom spiritualdirectioncomblog as well many useful ideas can be gleaned from the combox there which is not true of very many blogs

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    Looking for a spiritual read which is so interesting that you can hardly put it down but has the potential to change your life as well? Trusting God with St Therese by Connie Rossini than satisfies both these prerequisitesConnie delves not only into the biography of the Little Flower but also grapples with the ramifications of these facts as they affected her spiritually and psychologically Connie then applies these in depth reflections on the saint to her own struggle to trust God applying the same magnifying glass to her life The result is a unique book which captures the reader's curiosity holds our interest and at the same time touches our heart and inner spirit triggering a yearning for our own inner healing and spiritual growthBecause Connie humbly reveals both her own and St Therese's weaknesses and struggles she connects personally with the reader helping us understand that sanctity is possible for everyone To make it easier to apply her insights to the reader's daily life Connie offers Questions for Reflection and Practical Suggestions at the end of each chapter This delightful book reveals secrets of the spiritual life which can transform the reader if they say yes to trusting in God along with Connie and St Thereseby melanie jean juneau

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    This book is a skillful mix of information about Therese that the average person might not know and vulnerable witness by the author Therese is a saint I found a bit treacly as a child and have grown to love The author did a wonderful job of bringing this simple yet complex young woman to life and showing her relevance to us today I also enjoyed the reflection questions at the end of each chapter

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    Trusting God with St Therese by Connie Rossini is a remarkable story of suffering and grace The main theme of Trusting God with St Therese is learning to trust God in the midst of suffering and through God’s grace using our suffering for good purposes following the example of St Therese of Lisieux Why does God allow suffering? What is the purpose of suffering? How can we trust God in the midst of our suffering? Using the Scriptures the Catechism of the Catholic Church excerpts from the life of St Therese and her own personal experiences Rossini answers these questions and analyzes the meaning of suffering as it relates to trusting God giving her readers sound practical advice on how to deal with the trials and tribulations they face in their own livesIn chapter three using a narrative format Rossini describes and discusses three tragic losses in St Therese’s life – the loss of her mother Zellie Martin to breast cancer the loss of her “second mother” her sister Pauline to Carmel and finally the loss of her third mother figure her sister Marie to Carmel Rossini also describes her own tragic suffering as a young child –the loss of her older sister Terri also known as Therese in an automobile accident Like St Therese of Lisieux the loss has a traumatic impact on her life Similar to St Therese's family Rossini’s family were devout Catholics who trusted in God’s goodness At the end of the chapter she uses questions for reflection to assist the reader in understanding and coping with their own pain on a spiritual level and offers practical suggestions for assisting the reader in attaining the peace they seekConnie Rossini writes with clarity wisdom and keen insight about suffering As a lay Carmelite she applies St Therese’s Little Way of spirituality as a method of growing in grace and rising above the pain of suffering This book is a real treasure and I believe it would be particularly beneficial for teens or adults who want to understand the meaning of suffering and how to deal with it in their lives Christian counselors for use in grief counseling and for Christian support groups which deal with chronic physical or psychological pain Overall I found Trusting God with St Therese to be an amazing book that will capture the hearts and souls of a wide audience I highly recommend it

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    I've always loved reading books about Catholic spirituality and Trusting God with St Therese is THE best book I've read all year Not just the best CATHOLIC book I've read all year the best book I've read all year period And I read A LOT of booksOne of the things that really struck me as I read Trusting God with St Therese is the amount of spiritual ground Connie Rossini covers in this book She makes it very easy for the reader to grasp the spirituality of The Little Way I'm not sure I've ever read a book quite like this The format is unique in that it not only leads us through defining moments in the lives of both St Therese and the author's but also shows us how to incorporate the way of trust and love into our own lives The book breaks away from formats used in traditional saint and spirituality books while at the same time giving the reader a big glimpse into the life and spirituality of one of the greatest saints in the Catholic Church There are many books on St Therese out there BUT NONE LIKE THIS The chapters in this book cover areas such as the three spiritual stages signs of a lack of trust in God despair and how to overcome it forgiveness suffering dealing with emotions scruples presumption etcI can't count the number of times over the years I have read a book on Catholic spirituality and at the end have felt as if I am still in the dark as how to integrate what I have learned into my own life Not the case with this book I found the Questions for Reflection and Practical Suggestions at the end of each chapter extremely helpful This would be a great book for book clubsTrusting God with St Therese may possibly be the most spiritually significant book I have read in years I highly recommend it

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    I've read many books by and about my patron saint St Therese Connie's book stands out from all of those written about the saint because it brings the faith walk of Therese into our 21st Century life It is a well thought out and well researched book I would highly recommend this book to anyone desiring a closer walk with God regardless of the place they are on the journey

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    A terrific book The author does a great job interweaving her own struggles in life and faith with that of St Therese St Therese is my favorite saint so it all really came together for me in this book I highly recommend it

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    Excellent ReadTrusting God with St Therese is an excellent unfolding of the mystery of the Little Way in practical language A great read