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New Standalone book from New York Times Bestselling author J S Cooper Rhett Madison and Clementine O’Hara were best friends for years before they decided to give dating a shot Everyone around them thought they were perfect for each other but neither one of them realized just how much their relationship would change once they got together They’d only been dating for a couple of months when they decided to move across the country and live together Neither one of them were prepared for all the trials and tribulations they would face as a new couple living in sin as Clementine’s Nanna called it Rhett’s still acting like he’s a bachelor and Clementine’s not sure if going from friends to lovers was the best decision they ever made So they decide to enroll in a relationship course to see if they are meant to be together Only it seems like Rhett’s interested in the passionate side of their relationship as opposed to the deeper emotional side Hilarity and chaos ensues when Tomas and Jake come to visit and Rhett and Clementine are both faced with uestions that could change their relationship status once again Neither one knows what’s going to happen but no one ever said that the pathway from friends to lovers was going to be an easy one Rhett in Love is a standalone seuel to the New York Times Bestselling book Rhett

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    I liked this so much than the first one The video that Rhett made on youtube was just too freakin' amazing Gosh Rhett is just so damn amazing The only thing I was kinda bummed out about was Clementine She's so fucking annoying I thought she would be better in this one and in some ways she was but still OMG this chick drives me nuts Overall I enjoyed this story and I'm hearing there's gonna be an epilogue I'm really pumped for that

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    I love their relationship but I prefer the first book

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    This was a fun seuel to Rhett If you enjoyed the first one then I think you'd enjoy this follow up Although it seemed short it was fun to see Clementine and Rhett in Boston together adjusting and living together Also jealous tendencies tend to play a part Not too deep or anything but just a uick enjoyable read

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    3 starsI love Rhett I mean the 1st book so I was sooooooo excited to read Rhett in Love The moment I started reading it I was like 'What is Rhett all about?' I tried to remember any scenes from book 1 but I couldn't remember any not a single thing I've read 153 books after Rhett so that's one of the reason why but still for someone who loved book 1 and to remember nothing is justweird maybe it wasn't memorable enough? maybe Anyways Part 1 wasNAY I got bored I skipped and I didn't like the story that much Part 2 it got better that's why I gave it 3 stars Part 1 was just about Rhett going on and on about Clem not being enough to fix his shit or he's a jealous asshole and shit It was about the transition of being BFF's to Loverswhich was kinda lame I didn't feel shit so for me Part 1 deserves 1 or 2 stars

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    Huge disappointmentI loved the first book loved the character developmentbut this one was so juvenileI felt no chemistry The story was lame and disjointed They didn't even feel like the first book characters at all I am not even sure what the story is about let alone why the author turned it in to series in the first place I did like the creative touch of the video at the end and that is the only reason I gave it the second star

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    Rhett in Love Part 2 was amazing Add to it that the author had David Berkeley actually write a songvideo of something that happens in the book well that just was the icing on the cake of a wonderful tale of life happiness despair hopesorrow and an unconditional love between two children that grow up to mean everything in life to each other This book was so good that it actually made me cry and that does not happen to this 62 year old lady For just a moment I want to digress to the prologue of book 1 and this will show you what I meanIt all started with a note and a piece of candy when we were seven years old She sat next to me in class and as the best student in the class she was always winning pieces of candy from the teacher One day I'd had enough of watching her eat candy I wanted to share in the candy with her so I sent her a note do you want to be my friend? yes noShe responded with a maybe and that was the beginning of our friendshipRhett and Clementine are in love and this is the second book in this series In the beginning of book 2 we see Rhett and Clementine living together in Boston Even though Rhett is the typical southern gentleman and one of the good old guys he moves with Clementine and finishes his last year on line He wants to be with Clementine all the time and her leaving to go to school just made him realize his feelings for her went way beyond just best friends any but love between a man and a womanThis is all new to Rhett in the past we see him as the typical rich and handsome blond haired blue eyed young man who is always hooking up with women and never seeing them but once and then moving on His friendship with Clementine is so much they have been best friends since 7 years of age and he never felt urges towards her that had to do with sex as they were friends Now this had changed When they were 21 Rhett's feelings towards Clementine changed and he did not want that to happen as he always wanted her in his life and he was afraid that if they became lovers things may change and they would no longer be together Clementine is also 21 and she loves Rhett has loved him always they were inseparable as children and even though Rhett had not realized it he has always been the romantic knight in shining armor to her She loved him when he was growing up and dating all the girls and watched him go through one night hook ups all the time But she still waited Then one day she realized she needed to move away to grow up and hoped that by doing so she would make Rhett realize that even if it was not her he did need to have someone in his life Clementine knows why Rhett is this way she has been there when he was little and his mom no longer paid attention to him and her family adopted him as part of the family he was Clementine's best friend Clementine loves Rhett so much she can feel the hole in his heart due to his mother's abandonment of him Clementine always knew when he was feeling bad and whyThis book is full of emotional situations feelings that both Clementine and Rhett feel towards each other and others as well Even though they are living together now this is a whole new situation and adjustments need to be made Through a series of events Rhett finally realizes that he can run from his past but he can't hide and if he wants to be the man Clementine needs him to be he has to go back home and do something about his mother and move on to be a good person for Clementine be that man she has up on that pedestal Although Clementine is sad to see him go she knows in her heart it has to be this wayRead of the journey of Rhett and Clementine as they move to Boston and then Rhett goes back home and see what happens see how she knew that only being there less than a week Rhett fell into despair and he did not say anything but at the end of the same day of his utter despair he looked up and she was standing there standing there for him Intuitively she knew that he needed her This is a touching tender story of first love for both of them and the journey is rough at times but in the end read and see if it is worth it or notHere is the link to a video song Rhett made for Clementine and it explains a lot of what happens take the few minutes to watch it you will be glad you did gave this book 5 stars and it was worth every single one and I am so glad I picked this series up I take my hat off to you JS Cooper you touched my heart with this series and i am sure you will touch other's hearts as well

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    4 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadIt was a sweet romantic storyline It showcase the insecurities adult children of alcoholics face when they choose the bottle over family Plus it ended with a HEAMy only disappointment was the link for the engagement video doesn't work I would have loved to check it out

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    Just OkayThis is a good addition to Rhett and Clementine`s story They both have doubts and problems like new couples do Growing pains so to say Rhett though am starting to have my doubts about him in this book I don't want to give anything away I think he tried to redeem himself at the end Hopefully that will be it He also kind of suddenly changed his mind about stuff no spoilersFinally I think this should have been labelled a novella It is not a full length book and the plot linestory was brief Even though the author tried to make up for the brevity with a part 11 that is supposed to be interactive it did not work for me Just good because it is Rhett and Clementine I love these two Just okay read for me

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    One sec so I can wipe away all the tears That ending What a heart felt giftI'll admit this was a hard read for me I thought they were both immature Rhett really needed to grow up Clemie got on my nerves But they are young characters and needed the time to grow together as a coupleWhat won me over were the little sweet moments and the journey Rhett was to take I would have loved to see Clemie acknowledge there were things she could work on as wellThe video is a tear jerker The song is PERFECT What a uniue addition to a book