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Every New Year’s Eve since 1946 Nate Meyer has ventured alone to Times Square to listen for the ghostly church bells he and his long lost wartime lover vowed to hear together This year however his grandson Blaine is pushing Nate through the Manhattan streets revealing his secrets to his silent stroke stricken grandfatherWhen Blaine introduces his boyfriend to his beloved grandfather he has no idea that Nate holds a similar secret As they endure the chilly death of the old year Nate is drawn back in memory to a much earlier time and to WalterLong before in a peace carefully crafted in the heart of wartime tumult Nate and Walter forged a loving home in the midst of violence and chaos But nothing in war is permanent and now all Nate has is memories of a man his family never knew existed And a hope that he’ll finally hear the church bells that will unite everybody—including the lovers who hid the best and most sacred parts of their hearts

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