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Introducing White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras, Who Is Rising And Sleuthing To The Top Includes Recipes For A Complete Presidential Menu Never Let Them See You Sweat That S White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras S Motto, Which Is Pretty Hard To Honor In The Most Important Kitchen In The World She S Hell Bent On Earning Her Dream Job, Executive Chef There S Just One Thing Her Nemesis Is Vying For It, Too Well, That And The Fact That An Elusive Assassin Wants To See Her Fry

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    . Introducing White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras, who is rising and sleuthing to the top This was a very interesting and informative tale of the life of the White House kitchen staff The main focus is on Oliva Paras, who demonstrates the ability to keep her wit and uses whatever is available to protect herself and others from danger It captivates and compels readers to jump in and enjoy the experiences first hand White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras you can call her Ollie faces challenges aplenty a heated competition for the soon to be vacant top chef s job, the sneering antagonism of the president s newly appointed sensitivity director and, of course, the mysterious intruder she unwittingly stops on the White House lawn with a couple of swift blows from a frying pan an unarmed man with news of a threat to the president Though the Secret Service disapproves of her interference, Ollie soon takes on the mantel of amateur sleuth, which could endanger not only her life but her cozy relationship with handsome Secret Service Agent Thomas MacKenzie The tension mounts as the president negotiate a major peace plan for the Middle East, Ollie stumbles on the path of a nearly invisible enemy known as the Chameleon, and obnoxious TV celebrity chef Laurel Anne Braun shows up to threaten Ollie s career Julie Hyzy did an incredible job in drawing the reader into the story and compelling them to stay focused as long as possible as they rode on her roller coaster adventure of a lifetime This was a cozy mystery that didn t seem to be formulaic at all I would recommend this choice to anyone interested in a clean and wholesome cozy mystery I look forward to reading from this author.

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    When I first started to read this book I was extremely irritated with the main character I mean, when one works in the white house one obviously has to be aware that sensitive security issues are just that, Sensitive security issues So this charcter just tosses it all out the window and decides to go all curious and stick her nose where it had best not be I mean, you just don t muck about with that kind of thing I was so irritated I almost chucked the book But then I reminded myself that a reader loving and associating with a character is not the only sign of a good book a good book is also found when the reader passionatly irritated with a character as it is another form of connection with the book And I was most pointedly irritated with dear chef Ollie I wanted to reach into the book and smack her up side the head However, limited by the laws of both physics and reality, I merely sucked up my irritation with the main character s extreme character flaw and kept reading And I am glad that I did, because I really did enjoy the book It was interesting, informative, exciting and had me hooked from the first irritating moment the heroine decided to play at being secret Secret Service agent chef.

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    3.5 stars, quite a fun book overall I loved the DC and Northern Virginia location, and of course the White House Those locations were all as real as possible, but the foreign delegations were from fictional lands, an interesting choice that I m sure could be debated, but felt like the right choice for this book which wasn t meant to be political commentary but primarily entertainment.The only problem is that the Ollie suffers from cozymysteritis, closely related to the dreaded TSTL too stupid to live disease People with cozymysteritis just can t help getting involved with things that are clearly none of their business and are horribly dangerous, and then handle those things in ways that prove that they may, in fact, be TSTL But it is a standard in the genre, so I generally only pick at the degree to which my suspense of disbelief made my enjoyment of the story less Sometimes I can shake my head and move on, other times I throw the book across the room on annoyance This was much the former The book is really kind of half way between a fluffy cozy and a serious mystery, well written and with some serious elements, but also with recipes and office politics and lighthearted elements I like the middle of the road approach of not being too silly or too scary or suspenseful, but it does make for a balancing act It makes me expect solid follow through on plots and for Ollie to be mature I would have preferred a solid reason for Ollie to have gotten involved with this mystery all together The opening really fun chase scene across the White House Lawn, ending in the big Pan Slam, was a great way to start things off, but the idea that this guy needed the assistant chef s help never made sense Her nosiness made perfect, if irritating, sense But she was idiotic to follow up with him and not trust the Secret Service to take care of matters What did she think she could do And when she did the normal cozy novel mistakes to draw things out and add to confusion on their end but having already giving hints to us as readers of not giving complete information because she was too embarrassed or didn t want to involve her boyfriend or whatever like not reporting an attempted break in to the Secret Service , it was infuriating because it wasn t just her life on the line, it was the President s and possibly many others, not a topic you can just be casual about and certainly not her call to make I seldom get that worked up in reading about dog walkers or caterers, their mistakes won t change the fate of the world But in general, she did get caught up in somethingway beyond her pay grade as they say and other than a few idiotic moves managed to conduct herself well The overall story was very readable, with an intelligent and welcoming style that made me feelcomfortable with the characters and their world rght away, like I really was getting a peek into backstairs at the White House.

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    A White House chef must be less concerned with the state of the union, and concerned with the state of the onion The first of Julie Hyzy s White House Chef Mystery s has been on my TBR list for a while Intrigued by the premise with a mix of political background blended with a culinary underlay clenched my interest The overall bake, was to be expected Light hearted and at times a bit absurd but overly refreshing The way the book played out was never going to be a heavy, soul searching read but was easy and enjoyable In terms of a Presidential banquet this is the first course of nine Hail To The Chef is being served next and while something a bit substantial may be required to be consumed before hand it won t be long until that too has been indulged.

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    Great story that kept me interested and hungry the whole time

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    A great start it s not actually strong in mystery, although there s a surprise and some tense moments the thrill is the behind in the scenes in the kitchen, all the food, the competition between her and another chef, the hostility from the new sensitivity director, her bond with her mentor, the weirdness with her security boyfriend, the taste testing with the First Lady Seriously it s all about the food, but throwing in a mystery was a good idea THe end of the book is loaded with great recipes I want to try most of them , but I was dismayed the stuffed brussel sprouts didn t make the reveal cut.Full review to come

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    2.5 The first in the White House Chef mystery series introduces the readers to Ollie Olivia Parus, and the rest of the staff in the White House kitchen On her way back to work after running an errand, Ollie happens upon a serious breach of security an apparent madman is running across the White House lawn, pursued by Secret Service But when the man is on the ground right next to her, he pleads for her help The Secret Service members she s always been on a first name basis with are now distantly professional and she can t get any straight answers, even from her Secret Service boyfriend In the meantime, Ollie is in competition for a promotion she s up against a TV celebrity chef who is from the same home state as the first family And to add further stress, the kitchen is given only a week s notice of a major state dinner Ollie irritated me no end Not quite too stupid to live, she is annoyingly nosy, especially given her position in the White House kitchen I had a hard time believing she was a trained professional when she wasn t behaving professionally most of the time Her romantic relationship doesn t ever get off the ground either they spend all their time mad at one another and not speaking Hyzy includes a fair number of red herrings multiple people are described with particular physical characteristics that might make them the lead suspect One particularly unlikeable character was a lead candidate, as far as I was concerned at least until he completely disappeared from the book in the last 30 pages Hyzy also has a tendency to repeat herself I got it the first time she told me that additional staff would be brought in for a state dinner, or the first time Ollie opined that she was sure the TV chef would get the job over her I had previously read a later book in the series and gave it 3 stars The plot in that book was also thin, and despite the framework of the White House Kitchen there is very little emphasis on food Still, I was reasonably entertained, and decided to go back to the first in the series to start at the beginning Basically we have a reasonably interesting premise framework for a cozy mystery series, but not the best execution I m not sure I ll read another.

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    This book started out with a bang literally but then had too many ups and downs to make it a strong read I give it 3.5 , but did like it enough to get the next book in the series,

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    This was a fun and light read, and better than I expected Ollie Paras is an assistant chef in the White House Kitchens she is competing against a talk show host for the position of Executive Chef, a job Ollie has worked hard to obtain After a quick shopping trip to purchase a new skillet which will be a gift to the outgoing Executive Chef at his retirement, Ollie finds herself on the White House lawn, in the middle of a pursuit by the Secret Service The culprit who is being pursued makes the mistake of running in Ollie s direction, where she quickly beans him over the head with the newly purchased skillet The Secret Service agents are furious with Ollie, for interfering in their pursuit, none so than Ollie s boyfriend, Tom All three of these story lines, the future chef position, the possible terrorist on grounds, and Ollie s relationship with Tom, are woven together, to create an enjoyable read.This book meets challenge 1, to read a book with something edible in the title, in the group A Book For All Seasons.

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    Great culinary series debut I found it fast paced and very entertaining What an interesting setting for a cozy mystery plot the White House kitchen Ollie and Henry are wonderful characters, and are supported by a delightful cast of secondary characters Some you ll like some you ll dislike I wouldn t hesitate to buy this book and start reading today LOTS of fantastic recipes after the story, too Yum