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Throttled is now available in the back of the Hook Me ebook paperbackIt's no longer available as a separate novellaShe’s about to become his – Mrs Joseph Gallo All she wants is to be his but his possessiveness days before the wedding has her uestioning the reality of a happily ever after He’s not easy He’s territorial and doesn’t share well with others City’s staking his claim making Suzy his forever Their future teeters precariously on the cliff of matrimonial bliss Will their love survive his alpha nature or will it all unravel before she can say ‘I do’?

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    Beautiful short novella^^ it was good to see all Gallos brothers together expect Thomas I can't wait to read Antony's book He's for sure an italian man It was also a nice introduction for Izzy and James's story D Meet City Meet Michael Meet Izzy Meet Thomas not date yetMeet Anthony not date yet

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    Every time I think about reading this I burst out laughing honestly I can not help it The witty banter and humour are completely faultless and I read it in a matter of hours Absolutely fan fucking tastic As well as the humour there was drama there was passionand there was Izzy lolEveryone know's what Izzy's like so I don't need to say much The writing was flawless the jokes were hilarious the drama was wall punching and the passion made you blushI LOVE CITY And I LOVE SUZY Match made in heaven They're perfect for one anotherI'm still laughing7% in I was laughing really loud maybe a bit too loud P Chelle really pulled this off The novella was amazing and I will probably be reading this again I love it like I love ALL of Chelle's books 3

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    Enjoyed City and Suzy's short novella I liked the build up between the two and the growth if small in Suzy's character The ending was just what I needed Definitely a feel good ending I absolutely will be continuing the series

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    This was a fun surprise after I finished Hook Me I liked seeing Suzy and City's relationship come together with their marriage City was a bit of a dick at one point but he made up for it so if Suzy forgives him so do I haha The main point of this novella for me was actually that we learned a little about the missing brother Thomas and saw the possible beginning of a relationship for Izzy I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the Gallo family find their matches

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    Why does anyone still go to bachelor and bachelorette parties? They're just an excuse to behave badly and expect to get a pass Suzy is completely wrong in this one Joe had total right to be pissed off Yes they went to a strip club but there was no mention that the woman or any woman came anywhere near him He didn't come home with glitter herpies he didn't smell of some other woman's perfume Suzy not only allowed a man to sit on her lap and get very close to her she allowed another man to put his hands on her and she smelled of another man's cologne If that had been Joe and he had allowed some woman to put her hands on him she'd have had a fucking cow The idea that he had to grovel to get back into her good graces nope This one was a total miss for me

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    I wanna be a part of the Gallo familyI love Joe and Suzy and seeing a glimpse of their future and of their start is so amazingI love their love their passion and chemistry thier fights and reconciliation I love that they hurt each other and apologize I love that they get hurt and forgive I love that they love each other so much they can't control themselves To say I was proud to call her mine was a complete understatementThey could be polar opposites and have so much in comon They have different backgrounds and families but together they start their own reality They complete and add to each other all the good things City's an artist a romantic a loving partner a cook and an amazing person The most diverse and well rounded person I know He wasn't easy or simple but he was mineI want from this couple I want their happily ever after their struggles their arguments and peace their babies family and dreams I want their lives to be shown and for them to be real

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    Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss 1 Throttle Me2 Hook Me25 Throttled 3 Resist Me35 Resisting4 Uncover Me45 Rebound5 Without Me25 Throttled The addicting Gallo family Suzy and City are getting married and will definitely live happily ever after I liked that City wasn't some jackass uber caveman in Throttle Me In this one he makes up for it Once again the Gallo family was there in all their glory Izzy was fabulous as always Mike and Anthony gave Joe a hard time and supported him all the way while Mia adjusted to being a part of the group Beautiful short novella^^ it was good to see all Gallos brothers together expect Thomas This is a great couple and I can't wait to find out what happens next

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    The power is in the snuggleChelle Bliss what have you done to us? Us women readers who used to be so powerful have turned into a pile of goo our hearts ripped out by these big bad dirty talkin' Gallo brothers They fight so hard and love so soft taking care of their women in every way ruining them and us How are other men supposed to live up to our new expectations? City just keeps getting better and better his mouth is his best feature he makes me laugh and blush This series is raising the bar where can you go when you are already at the top? I can't wait for I'm smiling just thinking about what is in store for Anthony Thomas and Izzy

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    This was so good I loved City and Suzy Looking forward to of this family

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    Throttled is the follow up to Throttle Me The first book in the Men of Inked Series  It picks up where TM left off   If you fucking loved TM like I did  Throttled is even better because you get of Everythi