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Secrets Lies BetrayalHow much heartbreak can one heart take?Melisa Dane has made it through the worst Her heart was broken but Florian Dane better known as “Heat”—and the man of her dreams—returned to mend it Now with her family almost complete Melisa is ready to sit back and enjoy lifeBut fate isn't done with her yet The perpetual smile on her face freezes when the second man to steal her heart shows up in her life once again Scott Bergfeld the husband she buried and grieved for years ago is not dead and he comes back bearing secretsHeartbroken and confused Melisa tries to find answers to uestions she never thought she'd ask but what she learns throws her life into turmoil Soon cracks start to form in her marriage with Heat As her heart is torn into two halves—between the man she loved first and the man she married first—she comes dangerously close to having her whole life destroyed again How many people will end up getting hurt? This time does she have the strength to make it through?

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    Whether you have read the previous Moments In Time books or not but I strongly suggest you do Entangled Moments can be downloaded FREE from major retailers you will find all the answers and background you need in this bookDori Lavelle grabs you from the first page and your emotions are going to go for a bumpy rideMelisa Dane has not had an easy life After her first husband died she gave up on life and sunk to hard to imagine depths With the help of a homeless shelter and good friends she found reasons to live and love again When her second husband found out that they had a child together who Melisa had given up for adoption Heat her husband now was not sure how to keep their marriage togetherIn Defining Moments that marriage is tested again when Scott Melisa's first husband and Heat's best friend appears in their lives again NOT dead and at a moment when their marriage is already experiencing a devastating eventEvery time you think something can bring joy and peace to Melisa's life fate intervenes How much can one woman take?How does one decide where loyalties lie?I was excited to get an advance copy of this novel because I could not wait to see what was going to happen in Melisa and Heat's lives after all they overcame in Bittersweet MomentsThese characters have become dear friends and I am emotionally involved with them I hurt when they hurt When good things seem to be on the horizon I hold my breath and wish the best for them Even though I know Dori Lavelle will make them earn every happy endingShe writes a complicated story that is easy to follow but you can't see where she is taking you

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    has seen too much sadness felt too much grief and despair and lost hope many times in the past but she has always managed to fight her way back to happiness only for it to be taken away again Finally married to Heat her first love Melisa felt that life had at last started showing happiness to her and maybe just maybe she had overcome all her difficulties but just as she is trying to reconnect to her long lost son and find peace with Heat her first husband whom she had buried years ago comes back to haunt her Will Melisa be able to come back unscathed this time or is this event the final straw in pushing her over the edge of despair and hopelessness? There is so much happening in this book While you are enchanted by the beauty of the cover which gives the soothing feeling of that first honeymoon and makes us sigh in anticipation of the next holiday that we have planned the blurb also makes it difficult not to get intrigued by the storyI have loved all the previous books in the Moments in Time series but without doubt this one is my favorite While you can read Defining Moments as a standalone I will advise you to read the books in order so that you are able to know the characters' historyThe story is new and fresh Dori throws well calculated and strategic twists and turns that make the reader gasping in surprise and totally invested in the book till the end Even after finishing the story I felt like I was still inside the book and could still feel the happiness of a well deserved happily ever after that Melisa and Heat gotDori's writing style is simple yet very fresh She keeps the readers' interest maintained in the story and also manages to keep us hooked til we have finished the book It is a record with her that I have had to finish all her books in one sitting The settings people and the emotions; all are so admirably and expertly developed and portrayed that everything looks real and I felt like I was right there seeing and feeling everything felt by the characters I cried laughed felt angry and then pissed and finally liberated with Melisa and Heat I felt angry with Scott first and then sorry for him Melisa and Scott had a good life which he threw away Spoiler Alert She and Scott might not have had a future together but she had wanted him to live even with someone else Maybe he had been wrong Maybe she hadn't been the love of his life What if there was someone out there who would have proved him wrong? Now he would never know Crying and feeling like he had been cheated of a happy life I also realized the importance of time and trying to live each moment to the fullest As Melisa thinks Some tragedies couldn't be stopped and there was no point wondering about what could have been They had to take the gift they had been left with The characters in this series have become like family to me They feel connected to me I feel their pain their happiness and their strength to endure all difficulties and yet seek happiness Kudos to the author for creating such memorable and real characters that will stay with me foreverI absolutely loved Melisa and Heat They complement each other and are the perfect partners for each other understanding supportive and completely in love with one another They deserved a happy life together End of the Spoiler All in all this is one of my favorite books and I strongly recommend this series as well as Defining Moments to you 5 on 5 to it from me and I hope to read from Dori in the future She is a talented and promising writer and now on my list of favorite authors I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced

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    Defining Moments by Dori Lavelle is the fourth book in her Moments In Time series but CAN be read as a standalone It is such a great series however that I think all should be readMelisa and Heat are together happy and about to meet the son that Melisa gave up for adoption over 18 years ago Now that Heat has forgiven her for never telling him about the baby they have come together again to meet him Pretty intense right? This is just the opening of the book the story heats up so much form there The synopsis already teases about her seeing her dead husband and finding out he's not really dead after all but the manner in which events occur will leave you utterly gob smacked and probably very teary eyedThank goodness for happy endings Dori's latest book in this series will take you on such a roller coaster thrill ride through love life and unpredictable circumstances So seat belts on get your wineglass in hand and have the tissues ready to go

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    Defining Moments can be read as a stand alone but I suggest reading the prior books in the series to get a better understanding of the characters in this storyMelisa and Florian's story is a remarkable journey of heartbreak lost love regrets and second chances Melisa is one of the strongest heroines I've ever come across She has been through hell and back many times over and still she fights to find the will to live and loveNot only has Melisa persevered but she thrived after each heartbreak life has thrown at her And through it all Florian's love and devotion has been there to pick her up every timeFlorian is a hot firefighter who is a melt in your mouth kind of man pun intended He's made a few mistakes along the way but he is older and a bit wiser now He knows what he wants and he refuses to give up The love that these two have for one another will take you on an gut wrenching and emotional ride Please buckle up

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    ARR Advance Reader Review copy provided as a gift in exchange for an honest review475This is my favourite book from Dori It's an emotional roller coaster and a fast easy read If you have read the previous ones then you need to definitely read this one If you haven't read the previous ones then you should nowCheck out my full review as part of an ARR release tour September 6th

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    Wow what a story Melisa Florian aka Heat Scott and Ben When I started reading the first few pages Melisa and Heat was nervous about something okay? I started to feel the anticipation too Mind you someone enters their life someone unexpected the similarities uncanny Who could this person be? Why all the tension and nervousness AGH I was coming unglued here waiting to hear Now this is an issue both Melisa and Heat must face head on and the tears will flow from here The the story moves further the tears will come down again and againThe author managed to grab a hold of my mind and fling me inward into the story Here you have a couple in love young love Mistakes were made not your everyday kind of mistake but one that will forever impact your life A heartfelt decision is made and finality to it will well up in your conscious mind Melisa made that choice but for what reasons? Heat is her second husband a fireman who happens to be her first boyfriend yeah the young couple they were so in love so inept to know the adult world let alone take on the responsibilities of an adultMelisa moves on and meet husband number one Scott they fell in love and he was in enad with love for her Did I mentioned he was a fireman too? Now this web threw a tale spinning out of control with all three main characters The lies and deceit entangled their lives but where did the lie start and the deceit begins? There's much to tell but if I do I will ruin this awesome story Here grieving and trust comes into play Issues Melissa brought upon herself not the grieving part but the trust part She lashes out at the closest person to her Heathere I wanted to shake Melisa In a way she blamed him for the decision he had to make She suffered but Melisa hadn't thought it through not only she had suffered but Heat was going through it too I was angry and so disappointed with Melisa she got me all frazzled Heat undying love for her is and was the only reason he came to that decision and by doing so it caused a riff between them They lost something both of them didI was teary eyed and felt heart sick along with them Melisa lost something precious not once but three times I can't divulge what she lost you have to read the story to find out for yourself because when I found out I wanted to comfort Melisa in her time of need As the story moves on she see's something so profound that I felt the shock reaction like Melisa Did she really see what was apparent to her a trick? He was standing there no way in hell Yes it was Scott but how could it be? He had died and left Melissa broken She spiraled downward a drunkard gambler Who brought her out of the hell she was in her knight Heat Here he enters her life again this time a mature responsible person He had to win her back always loved her and still did From here their lives weave a web of dysfunction tales are told truth must be told but how much can be told? Ben begins to enter slowly into Melisa and Heat's life but another person threatens the happiness of it Yes Scott My heart never felt so heavy and angry not at Scott but what had happened to him and reasons why his life took a turn to Mexico incognito I felt every drop of tears that Melisa shed and I felt Heat's anger and pain just as much I was a basket case the author's way of writing caught my emotions and I did cry because I felt Scott tortured past too The end turned out perfect for such a brilliant awe inspiring heartfelt tale Geez this story will be a perfect movie just bring the tissues Excellent read excellent tale of emotions excellent everything a good story should have Thank you Darlene Cruz Received this free ebook for a review

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    This book touched my heart poor Melisa has been through so much Dori does it again with a heart touching tear jerking love story All the series are stand alone but to read them all makes the series outstanding I would have to say Defining Moments is my favorite of them all If you have read the series then you already know Melisa has had hard times She lost her husband in a fire the same day she lost the baby she was carrying and she lost her life when she turned to gambling and drinking She was as low as you could get Heat an old boy her dead husband best friend and the father of her only living child comes back into her life They rekindle their lost love and almost lose it again when she tells him about his child she gave away They deal with that and find their way back together only to have this book pick up with her dead husband coming back to life The above alone should have you wanting to read this book and the one before it that goes into most of the above This is one story that brought tears to my eyes and just about had me crying like a baby which is hard to do Just when Melisa and Heat get it all together and have a wonderful life with finding out their son wants to meet They have so much to look forward to so much to be thankful for and it is about to fall apart again Can this couple ever get a break? It seems not for her DEAD husband is alive and wants to explain and see their child She has to deal with one husband and the devastating event that just happen only to turn around and deal with her not so dead husband Along with explaining to him that he can’t see their child because she lost it due to the stress of his death The son she gave away hates her and oh my the list goes onThis story broke my heart so much is going on so much pain can there be a happy ending? Will Melisa and Heat find their way back to each other again and just what is Scott’s story? Who will she pick and can she forgive the two men she has loved for their rule in her heart break?I love this author’s style in writing she knows how to bring the pain heartache and love out Each book is better than the last The author has grown in her writing style and knows how to bring a tear to even the strongest person Her characters are strong but weak and always seem to find their way through the toughest of heartaches They say what doesn’t kill us makes us strong and you see that in Dori characters I find Dori’s stories to be believable and very realistic Dori you top yourself on this book it was a job well done and had me seating on the edge of my seat thinking NO WAY OMG the poor girl Oh the poor boy I didn’t know who to feel the sorriest for I wanted so much to dislike Scott but I couldn’t I love all these characters I am still setting here in awww of this latest read this book lives up to its name Defining Moments is a delightful add to the Moment In Times collectionI have read all of the Moment In Time books Dori hook me with the first book of this series Entangled Moments which is a short read that gives you so much background to the books ahead I believe it is free so you do not have anything to lose by giving it a read You do not want to miss a single book this author writes I can't wait see what Dori has for us in the next installment of The Moments In Time SerieshttpwwwDori Lavellee

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    Melissa had a baby at 16 with Heat which he never knew about She gave him up for adoption She finally marries Scott who was a fireman and died in a fire Melissa doesn't cope with losing her husband and becomes an alcoholic and gambler Heat is also a fireman and comes back into her life helping her to find her way They get married and try to start a family As a tragedy occurs and they are struggling with their marriage the child Melissa gave up for adoption comes back into their lives He is now 19 An amazing twist happens in this story when Scott Melissa's first husband comes back Turns out he did not die I don't want to spoil the book so you will have to read it to find out about thisDefining Moments is a good story with lots happening all the time You have to really focus on the story so you don't miss anything I was a bit confused with the relationships at the beginning of the book and I couldn't tell who Melissa was with or in love with due to the real time and remembering past experiences sections Melissa drove me crazy with her obsession with having children She is a very selfish person I didn't like the way she needed to be alone in her grief without considering that Heat was also greiving and probably would have liked her to be with himI liked the ending a lot It tied up everything and added positive scenes which showed everyone in a very good lightPlease note that I received a complementary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Loved this conclusion to Melisa's story When we left Mel in Bittersweet moments there were still some things left to be discovered and Dori delivered in this conclusion I have grown to love these characters and their relationships with each other There was a couple times I thought I was going to have to smack Mel through out the story but who is to say what someone should do unless they have been through it them selves There are some emotional spots and plenty of secrets and issues for her and Heat to work through Can their love survive? This one sure was a roller coaster of a ride and I could not put it down from the time I started until I finished I devoured it in a matter of hour because I could not wait to see how it ended Will she finally get her happily ever after or will the past stand in her way? You will have to see to find out ;

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    to you by OBS reviewer AndraSpoilersthough I did leave some surprises for the reader to discoverWell Ms Lavelle does not disappoint This is the fourth book in the series and it is certainly packed with punch I was drawn in from the very beginning and could NOT stop reading until I had read the last wordWhile this is the fourth book the reader is given sufficient back story to be able to read this book independently from the remainder of the series Of course I highly suggest that you read all four booksThe story begins where book 3 leaves off – the story of Melisa having found happiness again with her first love Florian Dane – aka “Heat” Unfortunately not all is set for a “happily ever after” just yet for Melisa as the reader uickly discovers Melisa and Heat are expecting their “second” child They are slowly building a relationship with the son Melisa gave away for adoption at birth Unfortunately upheaval loss and surprises are just around the corner One car accident twists this happy family into despair while trying to cope with the unthinkablethe loss of their unborn child Melisa does what she does bestruns away at least still in the same town from Heat to cope with the devastation which is now her life Her best friend Carlene facilitates this move by offering to her a room in an upscale hotel that she and her husband Nick own for as long as Melisa needs really Carleneenabling this running away behavior???During the healing process Melisa begins taking walks around a familiar park where her first husband Scott and she created many memories Low and beholda “dead” Scott reappears As a reader I felt all the emotions that Melisa feltstunned happy sad and mad What the heck Scottrunning away from your life by playing dead? There are many reasons he has done what he has doneand the reader feels the pain Melisa must endure while sorting all of this out After all she loved her husband immensely and grieved deeply and now he is come back to what? That in and of itself is an interesting twistThe reader will also enjoy the evolution of the relationship and all of its inherent twists between Melisa Heat and Ben their first born child I felt this storyline was well written and as it might well be in real life Learning to love and trust new found family members is a slow process and not to be rushedHow long as well as what will it take for Melisa to realize that she and Heat must move past their tragedy together as a couple? Seuestering herself as she has done in the past is not the way to “healthily” deal with and progress from the loss of their child I must admit that occasionally I really wanted to shake Melisadid she not learn anything from how she dealt with the loss of Scott previously? Running away is NOT the answer If it were not for Melisa’s lack of insight from her first loss I would have rated this a “5”but I just could not get past Melisa’s lack of personal development on the whole issue of handling tragedy or should I saynot handling but running awayI give ten thumbs up for Heathe was such a devoted husband He gave Melisa all the space she needed even though what he needed was to deal with the loss of their baby together He was just so much emotionally mature than Melisa Additionally he was understanding when he finds out about the ongoing association of Melisa and her “dead” husband than I would expect any husband to beScottat first I was furious with him Being SO selfish for running away But as the complete story unfolds I become compassionate about his actions This storyline unfolded in bits and pieces and keeps the reader intrigued; knowing there just has to be to this storyI thoroughly enjoyed wept laughed praised and swore – mostly in my head but not entirely throughout the book The high points were great and produced a big smile and the low’s were low Ms Lavelle’s storytelling is gripping and draws the reader in from beginning to end My suggestion is to get all four novellas curl up with a good cup of tea and a box of Kleenex and get reading You won’t regret it I will patiently await further stories from this author