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Boy, it's been a long time since I've got to sit down with Harry Dresden and his loyal friends. Thankfully, this was like meeting up with old friends you haven't seen in years. Within minutes, it was like no time had passed at all. A lot has changed in The Dresden Files over the years. I love how each book builds off one another and Butcher revisits old foes, frenemies, and plotlines, sometimes years later. Reading these books is such a rewarding experience.

I'm not going to say much about the plot of the book. We're 16 books in, so at this point, you either like these books or you don't. This feels like it may have been one large book that was split into two, especially since book 17, Battle Ground comes out in September. That being said, it's still great. It just that the book ends in the middle of the larger story presented and it looks like the s#!t is really hitting the fan this time. God, I can't wait until September now!

Received a review copy from Ace Books and Edelweiss. All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned. [4.5/5 stars] Peace Talks was everything I hoped it would be and more. Totally worth the wait! ^^ Especially because we’re getting TWO Dresden novels this year (Battle Ground is currently slated for release September 29th!).

The last few Dresden novels have been hit or miss. Ghost Story and Cold Days were byfar my least favorite books in the series. I briefly considered abandoning it, but then Skin Game (possibly the best of the series – PARKOUR!!) came along and fuego! – total reignition. I didn’t know what to expect after so much time between books, but luckily Peace Talks was more of all the things that make this series great: good characters, funny dialogue, supernatural politics, lots of magic, and stakes that keep getting higher and higher. It’s a relief because I wasn’t sure I liked the direction the story has been heading in the last few books. Butcher jumped the shark at some point and I was afraid it was going to get too far from the original essence of the story while dealing with the multidimensional shit. It didn’t. Instead it struck a nice balance between the familiar and the new concepts.

The book did take a bit of time for gentle reintroductions to the characters, but it wasn’t distracting. Frankly I could’ve used more reminders on the differences between the white court, the red court, the winter court, the summer court, etc. I’ve got most of it straight, but still get lost on occasion with anything to do with the fae. That’s more of an attention span thing though – early on in the series, all the evil beings sounded and acted the same so I never bothered to get them straight. Now I’m paying for being lazy because they’ve stuck around. Anyway, Peace Talks wasn’t as actionpacked as Skin game, but it more than made up for it with political intrigue and plotadvancements between key characters. There were definitely a few “omg!” moments. The story arc didn’t feel as robust as some of his other books, but that’s probably why we’re getting another novel this year. I’m ready for that one to knock me on my ass.

Really, the only thing that would’ve made my reading experience of Peace Talks better is James Marsters crooning to me on the audio version. Other than that, it was awesome!

Recommendations: Dresden continues to be an absolute joy to read, and seems to embrace its flaws to the point where it wouldn’t be a satisfying Dresden novel without them (they’re not so much flaws anymore as trademark Dresdenisms). If you haven’t read this series yet and are even mildly interested in the genre, it’s a great pick (give it until at least book 4). Oh! And if you haven’t had a chance to read the novellas yet, now would be a good time to pick up the Bigfoot ones before diving into Peace Talks. ;)

I’d like to thank Berkley Publishing Group, Netgalley, and Jim Butcher for providing an early review copy of Peace Talks – you made my year!

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Peace Talks Is The Sixteenth Novel In The Dresden Files Series And Follows Harry’s Adventures After The Events Of Skin Game Edited 9/23/15
Jim said at yesterday's reddit AMA that the manuscript is due January 1st. Generally a 4 month turnaround is necessary after that, 6 preferable. Penguin has managed to bring that down to as low as 1 month, but that is unlikely. (Props to "Priscellie" for most of the above info).

Here is Jim's 50 word summary of what Peace Talks is about:

"The various supernatural powers are gathering together in Chicago to kind of hash things out in the wake of the Red Court’s destruction and all the chaos in the world. So basically they will all sit around a campfire and tell stories and sing kumbayah and everything will be fine."

Jim announced on twitter that the first line is (view spoiler)