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When your world your life and all of your hopes and dreams for the future are ripped out from under you how do you go on? Death without dying is not only the most painful kind of death it's also the most painful kind of life and I don't know if I'm strong enough to live it I spend my lonely days and nights trying to make sense of what my life has become Do I have the strength to move forward into the light or should I just let the darkness take me? I'm Georgia Rae Layton McCarthy and this is the story of me just meI'm no longer a part of an us it's just meAlone By myself

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    FULL REVIEW POSTED SPOILER FREE Starting this book brought back every single raw emotion left over from Carnage Tears filled my eyes and every bit of pain from the ending of the previous book instantly slammed back into me It's hard to describe the emotions that this series evokes They're all consuming They take hold of the deepest parts of your heart and don't let go Reading these books is a crazy intense roller coaster ride from start to finishI alternated between crying and almost crying for chapters and chapters on end But I love that intensity I really do My favorite stories are the ones that make me feeeeeeeeel them and there's no doubt both books in the Carnage series make you FEEL every single thing with every fiber of your beingI'm not going to say anything about the plot at all There's literally nothing I can tell you about this book that isn't a massive spoiler Even character names are spoilers I'll just say that this is not a standalone and is the direct continuation of the story from Carnage #1 However I can assure you that this fully concludes that story with a resolved ending and epilogue that has all the things you will want in it I'm damaged goods You're not damaged babe; you're just You're a beautiful young woman trying to find her way in life after having the most devastatingly fucked up thing happen to her My review of Book #1 ➜ read this 400 page book from start to finish with almost no breaks It kept me up til 5AM with my heart racing unable to stop reading This story just grabs you It keeps you captive and takes over your lifeUnfortunately though and this is where being honest is very painful I had a few major problems with this book But before I go into detail I want to be clear on this first this book contained everything I wanted and needed from this story Everything My issue was that it sadly also contained a whole lot See this is such a boundary pushing series to begin with that I believe that comes the huge responsibility of keeping things believable I really feel like the first book managed to create believable drama in a phenomenal manner I'm in awe of this author for creating a story that intense without falling into the drama for drama's sake trap Sadly though this book didn't fully follow suitMy honest opinion is that the situation that the last book set up had enough natural pain and angst in it to sustain an entire book Even if this book had just been about the healing it would have been emotional enough on its own It didn't need drama So there were 4 plot elements that I felt went way too far and they took away from the story in a big way for me I'm going to explain them here without spoilersThe first two problems were scenes that I felt were totally out of character and only add in for dramatic effect In my opinion doing this sacrificed the integrity of the characters and story for the purpose of adding unnecessary angst And I'm sorry but stupid drama is literally my #1 pet peeve of all timeSo the first one was something she did in Australia And just no to that whole situation This story did not need that It was too soon too much and even though she stopped it uickly it just really sat wrong with me While the scene didn't ruin the book or anything I really didn't like it It felt unbelievableThe next thing was what he did in that airport bathroom OMFG That whole scene was just wrong Why? Not because of what happened but because he would NEVER have done that in that situation No fucking way He has way  class than that and he's not that desperate Like REALLY?? Ugh And yes I know that he's a fictional character But I've spent 800 pages getting to know him and he would not do thatHonestly I was angry but I was loving the rest of the book so much that at this point I was just planning to mentally delete this scene from my memory and move on I thought this would be as bad as this issue got But no In the last 15% of the book this whole thing was brought back in a huge overdramatic way and this unbelievable issue was thrown into the spot light causing unrealistic pain drama and angst sighOk next up was a plot element that I felt was too much to begin with but my actual issue was that it was taken too far like waaaaaaaaay too far That type of plot twist is just eye roll worthy to begin with My reaction when I found out about it was just really???  But I can deal with it existing What drove it too far was the way it kept being used over and over and over again as a way to try come between them and the whole vibe around it left me with a sick feeling in my stomach This book this whole story did not need that kind of drama The story was strong enough without it and this just brought it down for meAnd the final big issue I had was an over the top unnecessary source of drama inserted right at the end before the epilogue In any other book it wouldn't bother me at all but you can't play the same card twice Didn't we go through this already?? It was deja vu and we really did not need to go through it againthrows hands up in the air It was just TOO MUCH I loved no adored the first book and I still do I stand by the fact that it was one of the most impressive and stunning epic emotional love stories I've ever read It may have been unconventional and it may have been broken rules but it was done right It was believable And I will always love itI would have preferred this book to be focused on dealing with the aftermath of that situation and on healing The devastating conseuences on her life from the end of Carnage would have already set a dramatic emotional setting strong enough to have easily carried an entire 400 page book This book needed healing It didn't need  drama especially not this kind Just too much But the Australia thing the bathroom thing the 'surprise' thing and the twist at the end before the epilogue were just too much Take those 4 things out of the story and in my opinion you've got a 5 star read Heck even a 5 star readI absolutely loved the first 85% of the book I was pretty much at 5 stars for most everything in that section barring those 2 early things but generally I was loving it However the last 15% went downhill for me as the rest of the issues pretty much just all blew up one right after the other It was too freaking much I felt sick to my stomach and not in a good way So by the time the big swoony epilogue came around I was still feeling so much negative emotions from the last 15% that it overshadowed the ending Even though I was relieved that they'd found their happiness honestly I just ended the book feeling shellshocked I'm saddened by those plot elements because without them this would absolutely have been a top favorite of the year for me But I feel like the integrity of the story was compromised to create this extra drama And that goes beyond just 'rule breaking' for me In my opinion that's a line that should never be crossedThis is of course just my personal opinion You might not agree with what I think or what the characters would do Or you might just not be bothered by it Or you might even love the hell out of all those plot points There's no right or wrong However you feel is right for youIt's important to note that apart from those 4 things I totally loved this book Genuinely LOVED it So I think if you can either look past them or accept them that you'll be just fineHere's the bottom line The story of Carnage has touched many readers' hearts including my own It's been an intense emotional roller coaster telling an epic love story It's been unconventional rule breaking and boundary pushing but it's also taken us on a journey that none of us will ever forget These characters will forever be in my heart They've left their mark on me and are truly unforgettableI commend the author for creating such a vivid world and for writing characters that have come to life so realistically And regardless of the details I have to admit that this is one hell of a story I love the fuck out of you I will talk You will listen We will be together I've waited long enough Rating 4 stars Conclusion to Carnage #1Rating explanation 4 stars is half way between the 2 3 mark and the 5 star mark The reason I'm pushing it closer to 5 is that I loved 85% of this story and disliked 15% of it The majority was fantastic and also the story was complete Meaning if that 15% had been removed the author would not have needed to add anything else to make the story 5 stars for me So I'm averaging to 4 stars For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ 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    I'm assuming Tiger will be the one to put Kitten back together again I'm sort of relieved this book isn't out I'm not sure I'd survive both books back to back The feelings are too fresh from Carnage

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    5 WhOoPiNg StArSI'm Georgia Rae Layton McCarthyThis is the Story of Me my Journey Back I made a HUGE statement at the beginning of the year and 80 odd books later I still stand by my statement The Story of Us is still my NO1 READ THIS YEARI'm not gonna write some kinda long arsed review for CARNAGE #2 The Story Of Me I think all the 5 star reviews speak for themselvesWhat I will say is there was some Ohhhh Nooomomentsand LOT'S of thisIn fact I laughed my way through the whole book it felt like I was doing my own rendition of the Laughing Policeman song I laughed so bloody muchBeing an Essex girl the humour wasn't lost on me I LOVED IToh and my favourite gaff from the book had to be about Nicknames too hilarious for words One last final thoughtYes can't go without mentioning 9 inches ladies Rawrrr Yes indeedie I thoroughly enjoyed it it was blindingLesley Jones is a amazing writer thanks Lesley for sharing Georgia Rae's story with us smooch x

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    DNF 72%Of course the dude with the biggest cock gets the girl Before I started this I already know that I might not like it But I still read this So now pissed Fucking pissed Even in the first book I don't like them Now I loathe themI intended to have a review of this But honestly I already forgotten about all of it What I just remember is this I fucking love the fuck out of you KittenI fucking love the fuck out of you too Tiger ANNOYING FUCKING ANNOYING I hate these dialogue I HATE itBy the way the author's writing improved So much than the firstxx

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    This book really broke my heart I had been team Cam from the start and was so excited that they were finally going to get their chance together But the author has to ruin it by having Cam get a blow job at be airport as he's rushing on a flight to get back to George to prove how much he loves her and can't be without her He's thinking about her as he's getting the blow job and the only reason he accepts the offer is because he was hard thinking about GeorgeWhy not just wait the fucking few hrs to get back to London and have sex with the woman you claim to love? How disgusting It just ruined the entire story for me It was such a pointless and unnecessary thing to add especially since I really liked his character

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    3 35 ★'sI knowI'm shocked I read this too especially given my feelings from the first book but believe it or not I'm actually happy that I did read it I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say things are so much betterbecause they're not but there is closure and that's what I was looking for Georgia slowly comes out of her grief and starts getting on with her life She ends up going to Australia to spend some time with her cousins and not dealing with the media Her cousin Jackson has some experience in what she's gone through so he's a real help She does met a guy while she's there and while there's some connection it's nothing like Sean but at least it awakens something in her So much so that after a wild night she actually texts Cam and of course they then run into each other at a club opening her other cousin Jodie was working at We all know what's comingOf course we do especially after what happened at the end of the first book But it's not an easy road There's been a lot of history in these 10 years and Cam definitely has not been celibate And that's a whole 'nother truck load of drama But I did like this book better than the first Maybe I was better prepared but at least the craziness is not too over the topjust over the top I want to say that Georgia handles things betternaw I'll just let you decide Overall I'm glad I read it I just hate to be left hanging so it was great finding out what happens and if Georgia gets some happiness Favorite uote ♥ I love the fuck out of you I will talk You will listen We will be together I’ve waited long enough

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    I have never been torn between two characters like I was between Sean and Cam Usually I have a clear and unwavering preference for one or the other That wasn't the case with the Carnage series at all I loved both guys and wanted her to keep both I was so torn when Georgia had to choose in Book 1 and then utterly devastated by the tragic endingI wasn't sure I would be able to handle Georgia moving on in Book 2or if it would feel forced and not measure up after the epic romance she had with Sean Carnage 2 did all that and It takes an amazing talent to write not one but two epic love of their life romances for one character without seeming to take away the realness and depth of either relationship Georgia has grown up a lot since her relationship with Cam ended and has had to endure unimaginable grief and loss Once she gets past the guilt of loving 2 men she is able to build a life with Cam It didn't feel wrong or forced but like it was meant to be They had their fair share of drama to work through but they did it This story was beautiful Finally Georgia gets a happy ending

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    3 I Have So Much to Say Stars I don't want to be just someone to help you through until the next love of your life comes along I want the next love of your life to be me My Castings for the series So here's the thing I absolutely LOVED Carnage The Story of Us No other book has gotten to me like that book did in a very long time Coming out of that story I was COMPLETELY invested in every one of these characters and I couldn't NOT jump right into this continuation of the story The beginning started out great and I was immediately sucked back in to the setting and the emotions But sadly that didn't last for long I am totally ok with suspending a level of reality when I read a bookI feel that I already did a good bit of that in Carnage But the story carried itself so it worked and I was ok with it Here? Justno What was done here was the complete use of DRAMA over EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENTSo instead of soul searching mature character development and reflection on the things that had happened to these characters together bringing them to certain realizations and subseuent growth we instead had to endure cheap OTT white trash out of character behavior from BOTH the hero and heroine in order for them to come to certain conclusions Allow me to explain Complete OTT moment #1 view spoiler The almost threesome in Australia Yes I know she stopped it but this was a few weeks from the anniversary of Sean's death and I am supposed to believe that Gia would go an engage in a threesome with two virtual strangers when she has been completely closing herself off from most of humanity for almost a year up until this point? I don't buy it I actually didn't see the point of the entire trip to Australia over all unless it was to introduce us to Roman and Jackson so that a spin off can maybe be written for one of them later it is said that there will be a book 4 in this series at some point and if that was the reason it pisses me off I am ok with a new character and a complete new story line being introduced if it was the natural progression of the STORY; NOT if it was to set up the sale of another fucking book Not saying that this is the case but it felt so unnatural in the story that this is what I am therefore led to believe hide spoiler

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    Where do I start I don't want to say much as I don't want to give anything away Firstly I would like to say thank you to Lesley for giving us a second part to Georgia's story I didn't think she could beat Carnage but she has exceeded all my expectations I love This book so much I have laughed I have cried I have almost choked and spat out my brew all over the place my heart has twisted and sunk and rebuilt so many times I feel like I have lived Georgia's story with her What a fantastic end to her story and I'm so happy and grateful to Lesley for giving it to us I just wish I could rate it 100 stars

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    DNF 69% SERIOUSLY WAS IT JUST ME??? No Rating Don't get me wrong I love book 1 of Carnage I was actually looking forward to reading this one And just for the prologue WOW Magnificently done It takes me back to where the first book ends and that's good I also love how the author never fails to give us a glimpse of what happened to book one for people who tends you forget easily namely me However some events are told than once and it kinda felt repetitive like it was written for the main purpose to make this book long Please stop here if you still haven't read the first book I felt the story somehow turned 360• because the first book shows us just how much Georgia loved Sean with all her heart Cam did hold a portion of it but not as much as how Sean occupied it but with this book it seems that Cam hold a bigger portion it's just that she is in denial of her feelings for Cam and realized it too late that she loved Cam after all I'm beginning to think whether Georgia REALLY loved Sean at all or just the idea of being in love to him Coz it sure feels like itLet me get this straight I'm not naive I know that this book will continue Tiger and Kitten's story but I just don't like how everything turns out I thought everything will start out slow coz it sure feels like it from the start when Cam texted her on her birthday but no Sometime later Cam just suddenly keeps on invading Georgia's mind and all of a sudden she realizes that she is STILL very much in love with him Step aside Sean I'm ready to move on with the other love of my life and hey have I told that all this time you NEVER really owned my heart? Coz half of it or just realised it now belonged to Cam all this time? Even when we're married? Yeah Just want you to know that's all I've done nothing but think about what I feel for him for years especially in the last few weeks Girl I don't think you deserve Sean's love after all WARNING SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD Life goes on I know but the idea of professing your love to the man you cheated your husband with and WORSE on the anniversary of the day he died is just too much for me She just doesn't seem to respect his death any all she's thinking about was her needs and by that I mean sexually Because I'm sure they're gonna do it if Cam didn't insist on just talking I know that Sean was dead but somehow this book felt like cheating All this time their marriage for me was a sham I sure like for Georgia and Cam to get back together on this book but definitely NOT in this manner Despite being happily married and in love with my husband I fucked this man and I thought about him far too often during my marriage and now here I am My husband’s dead and now here I am back in his bed At first I really felt George's sorrow for the loss of Sean in the first book but now I don't know what to believe any I guess she's crying for her shattered illusion of her happily ever after to her supposed love of her life guilt for being unfaithful to her husband and not being honest about her true feelings for CamI'd be honest somewhere along 57% I'm thinking of DNFing this one coz I can't take it I felt like what I read on book 1 were all fake everything just seize to exist well except for everything that happened between Tiger and Kitten I am team Sean It's not that I don't like Tiger he's great too but their timing was just not right and surely who doesn't want an HEA? I know both Sean and G loved each other so much that I want them both to end up together or so I thought coz the love here as I see it now probably just runs one way But despite everything I still continue to read on I love the fuck out of you Kitten” “I fucking love the fuck out of you Tiger I hate reading about this statement so many times the f# word is overly used It makes me want to shout it back to both of them Okay maybe not just Georgia Sean and I had chemistry; ours was borne from knowing each other so well We loved each other and sex was one of the ways in which we expressed our love We had times when things got a little routine but it was never boring We liked to mix things up in the bedroom We travelled a lot and were pretty adventurous when it came to finding new places to have sex planes boats cars backstage offices but what I have with Cam is something else altogether Whatever we do however many times we fuck I want all the time I just want You wanna know why? The answer is simple 9 12 inches that's why That's it I'm done I really don't know why everyone's making a fuss out of this book because I felt NONE I'm not trying to be troll here but this book was just a HUGE let down and a waste of time I guess I'm one of those who judges easily So this book definitely wasn't it for me If you still want to read this then by all means do it Don't say I didn't warn you though