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The union between a wizard and a demon is impossible It's also undeniable Chloe has always been there to clean up after her little sistera wizard who doesn't use her powers responsibly But when she must search for her wayward sister after another prank gone terribly awry Chloe finds a demon insteada demon with taut muscles irresistible dimples and eyes burning with desire Ever the good girl Chloe tries to ignore him but the mere sight of this demon undoes herMarax is searching for Chloe's sister too Just like Chloe he's driven by duty And just like Chloe he can't resist the fiery attraction that burns between themWhen Chloe and Marax give in to one night of passion they find themselves bound in ways they never could have imaginedand battling a demon powerful than anything they imagined

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    Book started off well Chloe is intending to meet her sister to bail her out of yet another scrape Chloe runs into Marax who is also looking for Chloe You have the insta attraction between the twoThe book fell short for me as there could have been delving into the relationship between Chloe and her sister The way Chloe and Marax get together and vanquish the problem just felt rushed