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My shit was so enormous it hurt my butthole coming out But then I was finished, and it felt good the only life affirming fart joke based metaphor I have ever read Thank you, Lloyd. I can see that this man has the biggest sword in him dug by the entertainment buisness, other than make the B movie empire known as Troma, Kaufman put on the set locations and played the Hobo in Rocky, then Went with John Travolta to several places to find the right disco clubs for the film, as apposed to being the shit boy in production one who cleans the bathrooms on a daily basis and never got one inch of rememberence from it He then with Oliver Stone, Stan lee, and various others go out and create media they thought people would like so It built the first full independent studio which his office happened to be saddly enough a broom closet and changed the face of entertainment even though people didn t want them to Laugh dammit any way, he is the man behind creatig New Jersey s first superhero of superhuman size and strength The Toxic Avenger, as well as poultryguiest, Class of Nukem high, Sgt Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., terror firmer, Surf Nazis must die , Rabbid Grannies, Trey parker and Matt Stone s Cannibal the musical you still reading O K well it is the first Independent movie studio and it lasted forever and still the studio cranks out original fantastic abominations after another spearheaded by Kaufman still to this day This is also the Funniest Auto biography I ve ever read, he is very honest and forcefully goes through the process of even making this book who is questioned by his publisher and Penguin Putnam if it needs to be realeased this way, basically they battle with him as he writes diary like through not only all of troma, but whatever his publisher Barry is thinking, and expaining how the man is losing brain cells over Kaufman independently writing whatever he can on the pages I shook this man s hand, he autographed my book for free To C J., a god then by reading his book, he pulled me to the side then with serious conversation he gave me a card stating the offer of all Troma movies on mobile, then pointed out that film lessons are in the site as well and he reccomended that if I was interested This happened to fast and All I could do was act formally toward the man, he thanked me as well as everybody for the 45 year support for Troma that is still kicking and I thanked him for the said oppertunity, he felt tickled by that, so yeah 5 stars.. From The Toxic Avenger To Tromeo And Juliet, Troma Films Have Shocked, Appalled And Inspired A Generation Of Filmmakers From Quentin Tarantino To Kevin Smith Now Legendary Troma Co Founder Lloyd Kaufman Tell AllImagine Roger Corman And John Waters Crossed With Howard Stern And You Ll Have An Idea Of The Demented Genius Behind Troma Studios, One Of The Oldest And Most Successful Independent Film Studios In The World Lloyd Kaufman S Spirited, Outrageous, No Holds Barred Look At Low Budget, Guerilla Filmmaking Is Truly An Inspiration To Young Filmmakers, A Delight For Movie Buffs, And An Absolute Must For Toxic Avenger Fans EverywhereThis Is The True Story Of The Moviemaking Maverick Who Co Founded An Independent Studio Twenty Five Years Ago In A Humble Broom Closetwho Used Raw Hamburger, Karo Syrup Blood, And Bromo Seltzer Vomit To Create Films Of Questionable Artistic And Moral Valuewho Is Responsible For A String Of Cult Movie Hitswho Was The First To Reject Madonna For A Partwho Defied The Hollywood System And Slapped The Face Of The Industryand Who Built A B Movie Empire Filled With Chopper Chicks, Surf Nazis, Kabuki Cops, Nymphoid Barbarians, And A Lone Hero Known As The Toxic AvengerToxic Ingredients Include Kevin Costner In Sizzle Beach, USA Billy Bob Thornton In Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town Marisa Tomei In The Toxic Avenger Plus Special Tips On Tearing An Actor S Arm Off, Secret Recipes For Fake Gore, And Much, Too Much If you ignore the sexism that was bound to appear, it makes for an amusing read, shedding some light on how the hell Troma manages to stay alive and keep making movies Terrible ones. While this definitely wasn t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was as weird This expectation was of course buoyed by my love of The Toxic Avenger and understanding of the obnoxious and outrageous nature of Troma founder, Lloyd Kaufman Still, there is a heart and earnestness to his advice and worldview that remained entertaining throughout, and it was definitely worth the read I learned a lot about independent cinema in the nineties, though Kaufman often goes off topic, doesn t relate well with his readers, and only wrote this book for hardcore Tromites who already know a lot about these film productions.P.S A word of advice to anyone who wants to take this with them to work, to read on their break Don t There are a lot of sexual and gory pictures in this book, and you will have to cover most of your page with your bookmark. I read this book because my son currently loves the Troma aesthetic I also watched the Toxic Avenger first film with him I kind of suspect, and yeah hope, that he grows out of it, but then again Kaufman seems pretty well stuck to his adolescent shtick The book rolls with a loose humorous flow, and mock battles between Kaufman and his editor, and of course titillation and scatology for all.Just gets old for meI basically hear a huckster in action, although I appreciate the idea of a DIY approach, and I understand why in this age of CGI, my son and others would be drawn to real special effects The book by the way is light on film making tips I wish I still had it so I could find the page where he s talking about his art and then quickly moves to the push for money making.I m sorry but I hear a huckster way than an auteur in this, but I tried The name dropping of some other directors though was interesting, as was the way Kaufman wound up on the payroll for some big ticket cinematic events Frankly, I d be interested in reading his wife s autobiography Or finding books for my son on modern techniques for non CGI work in films, robotic puppetry stuff might be what he ends up angling for, and actors reacting to something actually in front of them as opposed to a green screen, might pay off for a better film for all Or will all actors just end up being CGI d too, then even I may travel the TROMA path. It was okay Reading it made the Troma films a lot interesting There are several funny parts in the book, to me anyway The author has a pretty messed up sense of humor which helped keep me reading A nice, easy read if you like Troma s films. I have always loved this book Laugh out loud funny but always informative and interesting. My old boss, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films, tells tales and spins yarns while sprinkling in some advice on low budget filmmaking and bucking the system I have to promote my own book here, B MOVIE BLUES, a comic picaresque based on my experiences as Lloyd s secretary and script supervisor Lloyd pisses all over script supervisor s in ALL I NEED, but I don t take it personally. I laughed out loud multiple times reading this one I can t say you really learn much of anything about filmmaking, but as a brief history of Troma, this book works Plus, my copy was personally signed by Lloyd himself Definitely recommend.