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This ebook contains the following books • The Thrill of It • The Start of Us • Every Second with You The Thrill of It A new adult story of Love Sex Addiction Blackmail And Power When Harley and Trey meet again in love addiction recovery they must confront all their temptations as well as her damaged broken past and his dark family secrets before they face the uestion how do you love with no regrets when regret is all you know? The Start of Us A new adult story of First Times Last Times Connections And No Regrets When Harley first meets Trey she only wants a tattoo What she gets is the most intense connection she's ever had Trey can't forget her either and doesn't want to let her go How can one night be the start of something when tomorrow it has to end?  Every Second With You A new adult story of Sex Love Addiction Heartache Pain And Hope Harley and Trey face new challenges that will make battling blackmail sex addiction and a virgin call girl past look easy

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    The Start of UsI love it I just want Harley and Trey ASAPThe Thrill of ItFull Disclosure I am one of LB's Lovelies street team and she just happens to be one of my favorite authors right now I've loved everything she's written which is why I joined the Lovelies in the first place Her books are the perfect blend of charm and heat Think Davis MiloThen I received a copy of The Thrill of It for review and I was truly blown away This was so different than the usual Lauren Blakely book but eually probably even brilliant The change from her simple sweet stories to this gritty raw story of addiction blackmail deceit and recovery was seamlessI was hooked from the first lineI'm a sex addict and a virginI couldn't Stop Reading With every turn of the page my heart was racing and I just couldn't read fast enough while at the same time I was trying to slow myself down to savor every second I got 50% through it and had to take a break to make dinner for my family but I'm not exaggerating when I say that the entire time I was cooking my stomach was in knots and my heart was all a flutter wanting to get back to it It has been a while since a story has had such an effect on me Usually the male lead or the chemistry of the lead characters is what keeps me reading but in this one the meat of the story had my complete attention Did I believe this was possible this type of lovesex addiction? I've seen first hand what addiction can do to someone and how it affects their lives Does a love addiction really constitute it's own classification it's own meetings and therapy? What could be better than love? The thing that makes life worth living If you're going to be addicted to something it might as well be love right? It's such a better neediness than drugs or alcohol or eating disordersLauren Blakely made me a believer Don't get me wrong I absolutely swooned for Trey Those green eyes and perfectly tousled hair the tattoos and the scarhe's imperfectly perfect His life is made of secrets that he tells no one and instead uses sex to hide from the reality that is his lifeHonestly I think that Harley may be one of my most favorite female protags ever Raised by a mother who put looks and men ahead of everything else Made into the perfect pretty little pony a figurine acuired from Tiffany's she's given up on love and happiness Yet somehow she manages to be strong and sweet beneath all of the pain A chance encounter brought them together for one night their addictions bring them together and change their lives forever You are stupid brave And stupid courageous And stupid amazing And I won't let you go through any of this aloneThe sexual chemistry and tension between them was off the charts I just kept waiting and waiting for it to happen and it just seemed like it never would Then finally when it didJESUS That signature LB steam and humor shined through That's adorable that you whistle after a blow jobI am in love with Trey and Harley being in love Thiers is the most honest and deep kind of love It's messy and it's complicated but it's realMost of all you belong to the ugly beautiful You belong to this messy crazy brave and honest loveI will have a serious book hangover from this and am very anxiously awaiting book #2 Every Second With You Note I'm re reading this review 3 weeks later and my hangover is still going strongWhile some of you may call the ending a cliffhanger I don't think of it like that It's like we are just waiting for a continuation of their story A story that I won't be able to let go of anytime soon If you haven't read Lauren Blakely then I'm not really sure what you are waiting for Go Read This Now I promise you that you will not regret itWhen you're done with this one go read the FREE preuel novella The Start of Us to see how it all began I received an ARC from the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest reviewEvery Second With YouI have been waiting for the release of this book since the second I read the last line in The Thrill of It Harley and Trey have become one of my all time favorite fictional couples and I couldn't wait to see where their relationship went especially after that sort of cliffhangerThis is where the review becomes hard because there is so much that happens that will be spoiled if I recap it even in the slightest I just need to say that Lauren did not disappoint with the heat the drama or the sigh worthy moment and some pretty hilarious momentsWhere does it go when you suck it back in?Honestly there were at least two times that I wanted to throw my Kindle because I was sure that my heart was going to break There is a kitchen scene that was so upsetting and shocking that made me furious This is also where I got to witness just how strong the connection between Harley and Trey was Harley's response was strong and let Trey know that she wasn't going to take any bull from him no matter how much she loved himI'm going and it would be really great if you don't come after meIt snapped enough sense into Trey that he was able to open up and share with Harley his fears and reservations in a way that probably wouldn't have happened if she had just let it goIn this book we get to see Harley and Trey open up to one another attack their demons head on and then use the lessons from their past to help with their growth as a couple and as individuals We get to see Harley get that familial connection she's craved her whole life and Trey's parents begin to slowly heal Did I mention that we get to see what Cam's been up to? Yeah I think that you'll be surprised and pleased to catch up with him Lauren did a great job wrapping up Harley Trey's love story Although she should probably realize that he FLovelies will be trying to get out of her soon If you haven't started this series then there is something wrong with you So go now now and start reading I received an ARC from the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest review

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    NO REGRETS SERIES REVIEWBook #1 The Thrill of It Book Review 5 starsOne of the things I like the most about The Audiobook Challenge is that repeats are allowed The moment I accepted the challenged I thought about Lauren Blakely’s audiobooks that I have listened and that it would be a great opportunity to re listen to them fall in love all over again with all those amazing book boyfriends that Lauren has given me and post a review in the blog for all of them I decided to start with No Regrets Series And guess what? I loved it all over again I think I love it now than when I read it a year ago and I listened to the audiobook back in june Trey and Harley’s story is angsty and beautiful It’s about two young people who struggle with their addiction to love and sex Harley wanted power and control and she found it with Cam He gave Harley what she never had with her mother who in my humble opinion was an awful mother ugh On the other hand there is Trey he wanted to numb the pain with the pleasure of no strings attached sex with older women And just like the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining” they had to go through all this shit in their lives to finally get out of their addictions and the best of it was they met each other became friends they were true to each other always being honest with each other they knew their secrets their weaknesses but also their strengths the beautify of their souls and that’s what made them fall in love with each other I totally love the first book of the series I remember when I read it the first time it tricked me until the very end of the book because when I thought the story was about to end and it wouldn’t have BOOM Cliffhanger One huge Cliffhanger Book #2 Every Second With YouBook Review 5 starsThe second book of the series is even angsty than the first one Trey and Harley have one huge challenge now and it doesn’t only threatens their relationship but it also could have brought Trey back to his addiction There are also some secrets and misunderstandings that added so much drama to the story but I love it anyway because they both handle things very well with maturity and really smartly Their love was big enough to keep them togetherThe secondary characters in both books are awesome Cam Trey and Harley’s best friends Trey’s parents Harley’s grandparents All of them were great support for their recovery and their relationship I’m still waiting for Cam’s book Please Lauren write Cam’s book Pretty please ; I have to mention that I cried like a baby at the end of the book I thought I was going to die but everything was fixed they have their HEA and I could finally breath Audiobook review 5 starsErin Mallon did an amazing job at the narration especially with the dual POV Her voice for Harley was sweet and smooth perfect for Harley’s personality and her voice for Trey was strong deep fitted perfectly for Trey There are a lot of internal conversations and realizations for both characters and when Erin is narrating them she made me feel every feeling they were feeling the sadness the desperation the self doubt but the love the endless pure and immense love they both feel for each other The audiobooks made this series so much better

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    45 ugly beautiful stars“All I hope is that you can someday know that love doesn’t have to be a brutal bitter power game Love can be the ugly beautiful” I have to say the recommended reading order makes no sense In the book it tells you to read The thrill of it book 1 then the start of us book5 and finish off with Every second with you book 2 that makes no sense Harley Virgin high priced high end call girl who has kissed 24 guys and done no but is regarded as a whore Harley loves the power trip that being a call girl isshe controls everythingTrey former cougar slayer Trey loves the power trip knowing he can get peoples wives to come undone for himWhat I hated Trey has emotional issues that I think he placed upon himself I can’t seem to understand thiswhy older women?I am rating the entire series so keep that in mind Lauren can seriously pull emotion from me I cried at the pain of Harley and Trey and their lives the very last book gives you the best HEA that you really didn’t expect Trey has a heart of pure gold New one click author

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    I borrowed this with my Prime membership I admit pretty much solely based on the cover I did not expect much I was blown away by how great this book was Seriously freaking GREAT The first 20% or so is rather depressing because these two characters are very very tortured souls that have been through a lot in their lives and are trying to survive and come out on the other end But it is absolutely amazing and both of them for as little as they see of themselves are amazing people who fortunately see the other as their soulmate It's an incredible story It is vanilla No one is tied up fucked in the butt or in a menage so if you aren't in the mood for vanilla pass However if you are in the mood for seriously hot vanilla with a smoking hot tattoo artist and a romantic sweet side that will make you just go AWWWW this is a great read

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    💞 THE THRILL OF IT I received an ARC for The Thrill of It for an honest Review From the very first page I knew I would be riding a emotional Rollercoaster and they are the best Harley and Trey both have troubled pasts and when they meet they have an instant connection They don't only have a sexual chemisty which by the way is amazingly hot but also a Friendship full of trust and respect They can tell eachother anything and everything about their pasts and present without Judgement It is Ugly Beautiful and I loved it I have read all of Lauren's novels and this one is much edgier and darker with twists and turns There is also a Cliffhanger and that is also a change from her previous books I knew there was one coming but did not see that coming Can not wait to read Every Second of It💞 THE START OF US Great Novella to recap Trey and Harley's first night together Their instant connection An awesome gift from Lauren to her readers 💞 EVERY SECOND WITH YOU I received an ARC for a Honest Review I have read all of Lauren's books and they have all been Amazing The No Regret Series is different from the others and I Love it It has twists and turns and it is a roller coaster ride of emotions that I you will want to get on I laughed I cried and all the emotions in between At times I felt like I was in the book as a supporting character for Trey and Harley They have to deal with many obstacles throughout their relationship and it is not always easy and I enjoy that those times are shown in the book and they not just picture perfect But They have a bond that not many couples have and their passion is both Sweet and Hot Trey sure does have a way of making sweet naughty This series is about the Ugly Beautiful and Every Second With You is all about hope and change It teaches you that if you want to change your path you can if you have hope and if feels amazing to have people around that support and Love you

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    I don't know if this series didn't work for me because it's NA or because it's an earlier book but this isn't the Blakely I know and loveA lot of it was tedious and I struggled to connect with the characters or care about their circumstances I found a lot of it was internalized thoughts and that is aggravating when over used Then there was the drama for drama's sake or when Trey view spoilerwent to Sloan's floor I almost gave up reading at this point And then when he fucked Harley like one of his women Made my stomach churn hide spoiler

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    Great series about living with No Regrets The Thrill of It No Regrets #1 5 stars Some addictions can kill you this one leads them to love Thrilling story of two young adults who have dealt with a lot since their teen years They both turned to love or sex to get control of their lives but became addicted to the thrill of getting caught Based in New York city we get to see how the other side lives their wild sides crazy fetishes etc And now a bit about the storyHarley has been struggling since her father walked out on them Her mother started dating after a while and turned Harley into her prize show horse to have double dates with single fathers with teen sons Now in college she had learned to take control of her own life and use the pretty pony skills her mom taught her She is a high priced call girl She has kissed 24 men but never anything Her pimp has strict rules for her dates Now just before she turns 20 she has decided she wants She gets a tattoo to remember times when her mom treated her like a daughter and not sister and meets Trey They have a wonderful night together still no sex but Harley can stop thinking about the night Imagine her surprise when Trey ends up at the same sex and love addiction group she has just joined Follow Trey and Harley as they learn new thrills aside from those of not being caught by someone's husband or wife the thrills of discovering something new something realFavorite passages My faux school uniform is like a power suit my armor a super hero’s costume that makes me feel on top of the world Short skirt white blouse knee highs and Mary Janes When I wear this I make the rules “I get it I understand I’m just kind of reconfiguring my hard drive now” she says tapping her skull “And finding room for this new data point about you” I don’t know that this is my new favorite thing in the world I don’t know that I’ve found a hobby like knitting is for Joanne but I know this – he likes it “I love you Harley I do I know this is your choice and I don’t like it but I’m still your friend and I won’t stop being your friend even if I disagree okay? You need to know that I will be by your side” I’ve stared down my past and now I’m moving on I am than my past I am my future and it belongs to me The Start of Us No Regrets #05 5 stars They're off to a hot start Preuel to The Thrill of It but to be read after uick story of how Harley and Trey meet Passion sorrow regret and longing are all evident in this novella And now a bit about the storyHarley is changing her life forever and she is starting with her first tattoo Little does she know the night will end in many other firsts Trey is the hot tattoo artist she has an appointment with Check them out to see if she chickens it out or has the best night of her lifeFavorite passages This is a defining moment in my life – the line between the past I leave behind and the new girl that somehow some way I have to become “Sometimes I think things happen for a reason And I think if we’re meant to run into each other again fate will make it happen” Every Second with You No Regrets #2 5 stars Make every second count I loved this story of living life with no regrets Every Second With You started right where The Thrill of It ended Harley is pregnant and scared One of my favorite things about this series is that it didn't follow the traditional he screws up and pisses her off or vice versa When something goes wrong or they suspect something is wrong they are very direct and just ask Many of the miss communications which tear people apart could have happen here but our hero and heroine are strong and are living life with no regrets so they do not let things fester they just ask like You didn't cheat on me did you? and You didn't go back to him did you? I think you will enjoy this follow up be prepared it will have you crying but other times you will laugh and love along with Harley and Trey And now a bit about the storyHarley is very worried about telling Trey he is pregnant Not because of them but because of the 3 brothers he lost She is worried he will fear the loss hitting him again So she pretends to have a headache on her birthday as to not spoil the special day for him After a few days he knows something is up And as he is about to ask her to move in with him she blurts out she is pregnant The short lives of his brothers flash before him and his fear is instant At the same time Trey is battling his fears Harley's mom is trying to get back into her life which isn't going to happen However while she is there faxing a last minute college form she finds a birthday card from her grandparents hidden away Curiosity gets the better of her and she sneaks back to her moms house to try and find cards I hope you enjoy this roller coaster of emotions with Trey and Harley I sure didFavorite Passages I don’t want my present running into my past “I don’t have a clue what we’re supposed to do next” “All I know is I fing love you and I’ll do whatever you need” There’s only one thing that can that can erase uncertainty that can take away pain and it’s calling to me in its siren song that blots out the sounds and noises of old New York “You’re you and you are everything in the world to me Every Single Thing” “We’ve all made mistakes We’ve all done things we wish we hadn’t The goal is to learn and to move on and try to live a life of no regrets

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    You have to read all three and in order because each one ends with a cliffhanger I got the first one for free but then had to keep going to see how the story was going to play out Interesting themes but some I had to cock my head at sex addict virgin anyone? Harley’s mom was beyond creepy and Cam ended being the good guy so that was a nice twist A little repetitive also but still a good enough read to keep my interest

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    Good but not so goodAt first I thought it was boringbut as the story proceeded it began to make sence I am happy with the outcome Only wish her mom would have come aroundglad his parents did

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    Fantastic conclusion for this couple